The 2 Stories You Must Tell if You’re Selling an Info Product

Stories are more memorable than facts.

Want people to remember a fact? Stick it in a good story.

People connect with stories by default. It takes a ton of work to make people care about facts (why do you think the news channels have so many entertainment programs?) story word in metal type

So learn to tell stories. Learn to sell with stories. 

The fact is that you have an idea for an info product…or maybe you even have the product already. The fact is that you’ve used your unique knowledge and skills to create something that will change a lot of people’s lives.

The fact is also that you can make yourself a great living off your idea if you know how to sell your idea.

What is the story that connects all these facts?

What is the story you can tell your prospects so that they’ll buy your product and give back some of the enormous value you’re giving them?

I know what the story is, and I’m going to explain to you.

Actually, it’s two stories…

Two stories: the Nightmare Story and the Dream Story.

Think of them a little like Good Cop, Bad Cop… they both have the same goal, but two totally different ways of getting there. And both halves depend on each other.

So let’s look at how to write each one.

The Nightmare Story


The Nightmare Story is about you.

In fact, the Nightmare Story should be a true story from your life…with one caveat.

You can and should rearrange the order of the events to create the best possible story. 

I’ll explain that more in a moment, but first we need to make sure you understand the point of the Nightmare Story.

The point of the Nightmare Story is to position yourself as an expert from necessity who is only slightly better off than your prospects.

Let me break that down a bit…

An expert from necessity is someone who was forced to become an expert in their field because of outside circumstances. This is important to your story for two reasons:

One, it gives your prospect something they can relate to, since they are probably dealing with similar outside circumstances right now.

Two, it makes you look like someone who just barely made it out of their bad situation and has come back to prove that ANYONE can fix their own situation with the right solution.Expert Advice on Metal Gears.

That second point is especially important because it gets you past the “Expert’s Paradox.”

The Expert’s Paradox is this weird little thing where people want to get top-quality, expert solutions to their problems… but they don’t trust people who actually look like experts. Instead, they just get intimidated and self-defeating because they see the experts as something they could never become.

So back to my original point: your Nightmare Story should position you as an expert from necessity who is only slightly better off.

And the best way to do that is to take all the embarrassing and painful parts of your life BEFORE you found your big solution, and describe them in order from mildly annoying to utterly devastating… even if the actual events happened in a different order. 

Then, once you’ve built up all the bad stuff and created this emotional powder keg in your prospect, you hit them with the amazing solution (which would later become your product). This will cause them to experience a huge wave of hope and relief – which puts them in the perfect mood to buy.

And once you’ve got them in that blissful mood, you guarantee the sale by giving them the Dream Story.

The Dream Story


One last note about the Nightmare Story – that story should only appear at the beginning of your sales letter.

The Dream Story is in many ways the opposite of the Nightmare Story.

The Dream Story is all about your prospect, and it should be peppered in throughout your sales letter.


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The Dream Story is also a lot simpler…once you’ve done the research.

By “research,” I mean looking very closely at your prospects to see what they want from their goals. Notice that this is not the same as knowing what their goals are.

For example, a lot of people will tell you that they are looking to lose weight. Great, so you sell them a weight loss solution.

BUT, if you really want to sell that solution effectively, you need to understand WHY they want to lose weight.

Reading develope imaginationMaybe they’re looking for more confidence…

Maybe they they want to feel more energetic…

Maybe they’re struggling to get a date…

Whatever their WHY is, THAT is the thing you need offer them in the Dream Story.

In fact, you can pretty much write half your Dream Story by just listing out the whys with the word “Imagine” in front of each one.

Imagine wearing any piece of clothing without having to suck in, so that you can walk around with perfect confidence.

Imagine leaping out of bed every morning refreshed and wide awake.

Imagine walking into a bar and having the guys form a line to try to get your number. 

The word “imagine” is important here because it psychologically forces your prospect to picture what you’re describing.

Work on those two stories, and I know you’ll see a huge increase in sales.

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Committed to your success,