3 Reasons Why Starting a Fitness Boot Camp Should Be Your Next Step

One of the things personal trainers ask me about most often is how to make more money without giving up what little life they have. If you’ve been a personal trainer for a while, training one-on-one, you know what they’re talking about. You can only train so many clients in a day. Once your schedule is as full as you can stand it, how can you possibly make more money? My answer to these personal trainers is almost always the same: starting a fitness boot camp is your best option.

There are really only two options if you insist on sticking to one-on-one personal training. You can charge more or work more. There are two big problems with these options.

Screen Shot 2014-06-12 at 2.12.33 PMIf you decide to charge more, you’ll have to do it in small increments over a fairly long period of time. No client is going to be happy if you decide to double their fee overnight, so you might have to raise your fees by $5 or $10 per client at a time. It could take a very long time for you to feel any improvement in your income and at some point you’re going to hit the ceiling for one-on-one training in your area.

If you decide to work more hours and train more clients, you have another problem: you have no life. The whole point of making money is to be able to afford the life you want to have; spending time with the people you love, doing things that make you happy and making your own health a priority. If making more money means you don’t have any time at all for these things, then you’re probably better off making less.

These two solutions, charging more and working more, also have one very unwelcome thing in common. They are both finite. There is a definite limit to what you’ll be able to make by charging your clients more and there is a definite limit to the number of hours you can train them. This brings me to the first of three very important reasons why I believe that starting a fitness boot camp is the very best option for personal trainers who want and need a better life.

The money you make from a fitness boot camp isn’t limited by the hours in your day. How many people can you train in a day on a full schedule? If you’re doing one-hour sessions, you might be able to do four, six or eight sessions in a day, but you’ll be exhausted and working long hours, since some of those sessions will be in the morning and some will likely be at night. Even if you’re doing half-hour sessions, like I did when I was still training one-on-one, you’ll probably max out at eight to ten sessions.

With a fitness boot camp, you could easily train that many clients in one single half hour session. Boot camp sessions typically include ten to twenty clients per session. When you’re training that many clients at a time, an eight hour workday can be incredibly more profitable than one-on-one training, even though you’re charging less per person, per session.

Screen Shot 2014-06-12 at 2.35.06 PMWhich brings me to my second reason. Starting a fitness boot camp solves some of the biggest problems people have in regard to their fitness, weight loss and overall health goals. The best way to make money at something is to find a need and fill it. Find a problem and solve it. Fitness boot camps meet several needs and solve several problems.

People are busier than ever. The average person’s schedule is so jam-packed with work, appointments, volunteer work, kids and every other thing that they don’t think they have time to exercise. And they really don’t, if they’re trying to do it in the usual ways.

People are also incredibly impatient. We’ve trained ourselves to expect everything immediately. We have microwaves, GPS, Twitter, the DVR and instant credit, so we expect everything else we want to be immediate, too. In order to build a fitness business that will have clients lined up to sign up, you have to deliver really fast results with a minimal time investment from the client. Fitness boot camp training is intense and has been proven to deliver incredible fat loss and muscle building results in a very short time. It does all this with a much smaller time investment from the client – just thirty minutes for most sessions.

What this means is that the fitness boot camp is in hot demand and that demand isn’t going to go away any time soon. People are unlikely to become less busy. They’re also unlikely to become less impatient. They’re going to continue needing what the boot camp provides and the demand is only going to grow. This is why many of my most successful Fit Body Boot Camp Owners start with nothing and are making six-figure incomes in only a few years, some in even less amount of time.

Which brings us to my third reason. While the boot camp model allows for pretty much unlimited growth, it doesn’t require unlimited time from you. Yes, you will work hard in the beginning, but the boot camp business model is designed to grow with or without you doing the actual training. Once you have enough regular clients, you can start hiring other trainers to lead most or all of the classes so that you can work on marketing and business building. Eventually, you’ve grown to the point where all the systems are in place and the business can run without you being in the studio all day every day. At the same time, you’re making much more money than with one-on-one training.

What this means is that you’re making more money and you have more time for a life. So what do you do? Make the absolute most of both.

When you combine these three things with the fact that starting a fitness boot camp typically costs very little money, there’s really nothing stopping you from accomplishing your goals of making a better living while also having time to enjoy the things that really matter.