What are You Doing to Build Your Fitness Marketing Muscle?

What do you tell your clients about building muscle? What do you remind them week after week, month after month? That in order to continue growing and progressing, they have to constantly challenge their muscles and push themselves past their comfort zones. That they need to vary their strategies, protocols and tools so that they don’t plateau. Right? So let me ask you this: are you taking your own advice when it comes to your fitness marketing?

All of the techniques and training philosophies that we use to build physical muscle are applicable to building our business muscle. By that I mean our ability to continually grow our businesses and keep progressing to the next level.

Screen Shot 2014-09-17 at 10.27.15 PMSo today I want to apply some of the strategies we use inside the gym to building fitness marketing muscle.

#1 – Change it up before you level out.

If you use the same one or two fitness marketing “protocols’ all year long, you’re going to get stuck in a sales plateau. We change our training protocols according to our goals, the results we’re getting and even our schedules. Why would we not do the same for our sales and marketing efforts?

If your results are starting to level off, you’re already running behind schedule for changing things up. If you’ve been marketing in the same places (online or offline) for a while, start targeting new demographic groups or working with different social media platforms. Use the power of Facebook and focus more on your email list. Forget about getting more certifications in more specialties and become known for being the best at what you do in your community.

#2 – Use all of the equipment at your disposal instead of relying on one thing.

Most people have a tendency to like one way of training over another. There are people who will always prefer free weights and those that prefer machines. But in order to constantly progress, you have to learn to be comfortable with and maximize the potential of all of the equipment and also to be open to trying new things. In weight training, that might mean giving wide grips a try. In fitness marketing training, that might mean learning new techniques by trying new marketing programs and systems. It might mean finally getting around to putting out your own fitness info product or doing some marketing videos for YouTube.

The important thing is to have more than two or three pieces of equipment in your muscle-building arsenal.

Screen Shot 2014-09-17 at 10.30.42 PM#3 – Keep learning.

There are always new workout techniques and strategies. Even as a personal trainer, you’re always learning what’s new and what’s working for others. You probably have one or two mentors as well. You should be doing the same thing when it comes to building your business and getting better at marketing and sales.

There are all kinds of learning opportunities out there. You can attend one of the Fitness Business Summits or other conferences. You can get some more direct help (and build some serious muscle) by taking advantage of business coaching. Contact other boot camp or fitness business owners who are very successful and try to build a mentoring relationship. No matter what you do, keep learning from people who have already achieved what you’re trying to do.

#4 – Use role models to motivate and inspire you.

We’ve all been there, especially when we were just starting to train seriously. You see or meet someone whose body is a finely honed machine and it inspires you to work harder and progress faster. Maybe you even pick up a few new techniques or some good nutritional information from them.

You need to be doing the same thing with your business training. Identify some really successful, innovative entrepreneurs and business owners and learn more about where they came from and how they reached their level of success. Let what other people have achieved inspire you to achieve more. Even if they’re outside the fitness industry, successful people can teach you things that you can adapt to your own business, even if it’s just a new mindset.

The worst thing you can do in the gym (aside from quitting altogether) is sit back and rest on your laurels. Getting too comfortable in one place and too used to doing things a certain way is a straight path to mediocrity and even failure. The same thing is true of building your business, so keep challenging those muscles and striving for the next level.

Committed to Your Success,