5 Tips for Creating Tips That Will Convert

What’s the most important part of your info product sales copy not to mess up?

Notice I’m not just asking what the most important part is overall (because every part is important). I’m asking which part will destroy your entire sales copy if you get it wrong.

I’m talking about your tips.

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Seriously, you can do everything else right but if you don’t get the tips right, your copy will fail.


Because tips are where all the different elements of your copy come together. They boost your authority and rapport, and they lead your prospect directly into a sale by giving them a little tease of your product itself.

So here are my tips to you on how to craft tips that will leave your prospect itching to try your info product.

Tip #1 – Keep Them Simple


Each of your tips should feel like an “aha!” moment for your prospect.

Let’s break that down a little… That means that each of your tips should be simple and easy to grasp. In fact, it should be so easy to grasp that your prospect learns it and never forgets it. They should walk away feeling empowered.

Think about the “aha!” moments you’ve had in your own life. When an important idea clicks for you, don’t you just immediately want to act on it? Doesn’t it fill you with an incredible energy and momentum?

That feeling is exactly what your prospect should feel after reading your tip. If you give them a tip that’s too wordy or complicated you lose that burst of energy and your sale goes with it.

Those “aha!” moments are also good for creating feelings of reciprocity in your prospect. If they feel smart and empowered after reading your tip, they’ll feel obligated to return the favor somehow. This is a key part of all sales tips.

Tip #2 – Use the Do-Why-Result Formula


Now I get it – not all tips are easy to boil down into an “aha!” moment. Though I generally recommend you try to come up with “aha!” moments first, there are certain cases where you need to offer up a more complicated tip.

In fact, there’s one scenario on where you MUST use a complicated tip (more on that later).

So how can you deliver a complicated tip without losing your prospect’s attention? Simple: you use the Do-Why-Result formula to break it down into digestible chunks.

Here’s how it works

Do: take your tip and break it down into a series of clear steps that your prospect can follow.results grunge retro blue isolated ribbon stamp

Why: for each step in the tip, briefly describe why the step is important.

Result: describe the result of each step. These step results should add up to a big, useful result for following the entire tip.

Tip #3 – Keep Them Vague


Now this is where things get a little bit tricky, because it might sound like this tip contradicts the first two. However, I’ll explain why that isn’t the case.

You want to keep your tips a little bit vague so that you can build anticipation in your prospect. If they can just read/watch your copy and know everything they need to, then why should they buy your info product?

Of course, you don’t want to be so vague that your tips become confusing, because then your prospect loses interest.

So, the key is to make ACTIONS in your tips clear and specific, but keep the details hidden.

Here’s an example:

“I’ll show you how you can lose weight by eating the right foods at the right time, without having to give up any of your favorites.”

Notice how the idea of that tip is very clear: it talks about how to lose weight by timing your nutrition properly instead of cutting out foods. However, you couldn’t just hand that line of copy to any given stranger and expect them to lose weight by following it.

Because they wouldn’t know how which foods and which times are the “right” ones.

In this scenario, the prospect feels EMPOWERED by the idea of the tip, but they can’t execute on it until they purchase access to the EXPERTISE built into the product.

Tip #4 – Include a How-To Tip


Opportunity Missed and Taken Green Road Sign Over Dramatic Blue Sky and Clouds.This is the big one. This is the most important tip in your copy. In fact, you should even tell your prospect that the How-To tip is the most important, because if you craft it right it is the most important one.

Your How-To tip is where you’re going to hint at the most important piece of info in your whole product (again, keeping it vague).

You’re also going to tell your prospect that all the other tips you’ve given them will fail if they don’t also use the How-To tip.

Remember how I said earlier that there’s one place where you must use a complicated tip? That’s the How-To tip. You want the How-To tip to involve multiple steps and include a few unfamiliar words that you explain to your prospect.

The How-To tips is where you give so much info that you’re almost giving away your product… except you don’t. By giving such meaty tip, you’re maximizing your authority and your prospect’s anticipation.

And that’s when you give them the offer.

Tip #5 – Be Generous


Keeping in mind everything I said about staying simple and vague with your tips, I do have this one last tip which might sound kinda funny (although again, there’s a reason for it).

Be generous.

Don’t worry about giving away too many tips or giving your best tips away. Whichever tips include, you can always wordsmith them during edits to build more anticipation.

Remember, the whole point of offering tips is to build rapport with your prospect and create a feeling of reciprocity in your prospect. They should think “Wow, this person has given me so much value already that I’d be embarrassed if I didn’t give back somehow.”

So go big, use my tips here, and I know you’ll convert more prospects for your info product. And if you want more help marketing your online info product, make sure you check out my coaching program, Online Info Ignition.

Committed to your success,