8 Fitness Business Success Tips

I just got back home from San Diego where we wrapped up two days of coaching with my 7 Figure Formula Mastermind group.

We had over 110 fitness business owners from all around the country attend. All are successful owners who are killing it in the fitness industry.

Fitness Business Summit Day 1 #FBS15What makes these owners so special (other than being part of my awesome Mastermind group)?

Allow me to share eight tactics and tips that my multiple six and seven-figure generating clients use to dominate in fitness business.

1) Win Your Mornings


It’s appropriate to start this list off with a tip for starting your mornings…

You have to win your mornings if you want to have a more successful and productive day.

In fitness, most trainers wake up early to train clients. They work IN their business.

But the most successful trainers wake up early to work ON their business. They look for opportunities to change their business model before they take on the first client of the day.

They work ON their business.

I always write my to-do-list the night before, then plot what I will get done while everyone else is asleep.

That’s the key: When you dominate your to-do-list, you merge onto the fast track to success.


2) Where Do Your Actions Come From?


Another big tip for surefire success is this: Understand where your actions come from.

Actions don’t just happen out of thin air.

There’s always a belief that determines your actions. And your thoughts determine your beliefs…

Your priority is to protect those thoughts and beliefs.

That means you need to surround yourself with people who positively influence your thoughts and beliefs. Your actions will be more productive, and your chances of success will rise.


3) Operate in Your Niche


Another tip I can give you is one I always stress to you guys. You need to find, define, and dominate your niche.

Every successful fitness business owner sees himself as a specialist and not a generalist.

Look, you don’t need to be the expert in anything. I mean, my clients are all far from all-knowing super humans….

But you need to become the expert in a niche. Narrow down your area of fitness expertise and dominate.


4) Focus on Your Unique Selling Purpose


Fourth, you need to figure out your USP – or your “unique selling purpose”.

Everyone has a unique selling purpose, right? But too often, fitness pros get swept up in following every trend and pattern they find.

They become a carbon copy of their competitors. They lose themselves.

Guys, there are so many fitness and fat loss options available today. The market is saturated.

What makes you unique, different, and better than your competitors?  How can you communicate that in your marketing?

I can’t stress it enough guys. When you find your USP, you stand out. You can’t be afraid to stand out.

When you stand out, your marketing becomes much simpler. You worry less about what others do and focus more on what makes your business special.


5) Be a Trusted Fitness Expert


Another great way to increase your leads is to position yourself as the local fitness expert of your area.

Of course, this is easier said than done. How can you get people to KNOW, LIKE, and TRUST you?

Tell your story.Screen Shot 2014-10-06 at 9.23.05 PM

See, when people see your advertising, all they see is your mug on the side of a website or the back of the local newspaper…

But when you tell your story, when you share who you are as a person, something powerful happens…

You appeal to emotions. And emotions are often our greatest influences.

Break down any walls between you and your prospects. The trust you accumulate will pay off.


6) Systematize Your Business


A sixth key to success for any entrepreneur is to systematize EVERYTHING.

When you look at guys like Elon Musk or Tim Cook, do you really think they’re the ones that manufacture Teslas or build iPhones from scratch?

Of course not.

Their companies use step-by-step systems that run without the need for these top guns to be hands-on.

Instead, they work ON their businesses and how they can improve them.

When you systematize, you take the pressure off of yourself. You leave the smaller areas of your business to the rest of your team.

Your focus then is on how to grow your business and maximize your profits.


7) Harness the Power of Social Media


Another way to connect more with your clients and prospects is through social media.

Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, you name it, these platforms can give prospects a peek into your training style, the community at your facility, and the results you consistently deliver to your clients.

Again, it’s all about how you build the KNOW, LIKE, and TRUST factor. Be transparent; prospects love businesses that are honest about the way they operate.

One awesome way of building a rapport with your audience is through live videos. They get to see your personality shine through in ways marketing doesn’t do justice…


8) Does Your Business Have the “Magic” Sauce?


My last tip to you guys is to cook up the “magic” sauce of your business.

Wait B, what?!?

That’s right. The “magic” sauce is when your fitness business has a positive culture, a tight-knit community, and amazing results.

This is the sauce that turns your clients into raving fans. When your clients are enthusiastic about your training, they want to tell everyone they know about you.

This leads to referrals, and referrals lead to growth and profits.

So make sure your business has that “magic” sauce before you even look to expand. After all, you can’t market a product or service that just isn’t any good.


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