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About Bedros Keuilian

What it’s like to have a passion for fitness and training people but be clueless about marketing and getting new clients…

bedrosI was broke. All I ever wanted to do was train people, help them get fit and healthy and make a good living doing it.

But instead I found myself working a side job as a fry cook in a restaurant because I couldn’t get enough clients to pay my bills.

When the fry cook job didn’t pan out I got myself a job at a nightclub as a bouncer while still training clients on the side. No kid grows up thinking to himself; “I want to be a bouncer at a night club when I grow up”. I needed to figure out how to get more clients into my personal training business, or I’d have to kiss my dreams of being a personal trainer good bye.

A lot has changed since those days…

Today I’m the guy that fitness professional turn to when they need better fitness marketing systems and help growing their fitness business.

I’ve been called the “hidden genius” behind many of the most successful brands and businesses throughout the fitness industry.

My clients come from all walks of life… from personal trainers who own gyms and boot camps throughout communities across the country and around the world to top celebrity trainers who you might recognize from popular TV shows featured on ABC, NBC, and Spike TV as well as famous fitness models, professional level coaches, and New York Times Best Selling authors.

I’m not telling you any of this to impress you. I’m telling you this to impress upon you that no matter what type of fitness business you own and operate, you can have the business of your dreams if you’re willing to do get the right information and help, and if you’re willing to put the work in.

If you ever thought that you couldn’t make multiple six and even seven figures as a personal trainer – think again and watch this video…

They say I’m in high demand… and they’re very right.

I periodically take the stage and teach radical new ways to getting leads, prospects and clients into your business.

I’m a fanatical reader and student of marketing, selling, and servicing clients. What excites me the most is helping my clients build a business to massive success from the ground up. Whether it’s a fitness center, a personal training studio, a fitness boot camp or an MMA gym, I’m the guy they trust to help turn their business around.

In fact, I’ve shared the stage with some of the biggest and brightest minds in marketing, business development, and personal development such as Dan Kennedy, Frank Kern, John Carlton, Dr. Robert Cialdini, Joe Polish, Jay Abraham, and Zappos founder Tony Hsieh, just to name a few.

And for the record, I’m not one of those guys who preaches, but doesn’t practice. I’ve could never figure out why someone would hire a business expert or business coach if this “expert” never walked the walk, and talked the talk.

I come from the trenches. I’ve trained clients in their homes. I know what it’s like driving from house to house and across the city in rush hour just to train a client.

I’ve run boot camps in the park on cold dark mornings and I know what it’s like having to motivate your clients to climb out of bed and come out to train.

I’ve owned and operated my own successful personal training centers – ultimately doing what many trainer have never done – building it up and selling it for a massive profits.

In fact, at the peak of my personal training success I operated five locations, and had a staff of 62 personal trainers, managers, and front desk reps. We operated like a finely tuned machine with multiple clients attraction funnels in place, a proven sales process and referral generation strategies that made our clients walking talking billboards for my business.

Just to give you an idea, in just one of my locations alone I paid $16,000 a month in rent and still profited multiple six figures from that location.

Now, all of this success didn’t come easy. As I said in the beginning I struggled a lot and at one point even considered leaving the industry. But instead I stuck with it and committed to becoming an expert in growing a fitness business as I was at helping my clients get fit and healthy.

Today, in addition to being the founder and CEO of FitPro Newsletter, and FitPro Magazine, (two software technologies used by thousands of fitness professionals worldwide to attract more clients, build their business, and boost their profits) I’m also CEO and founder of Fit Body Boot Camp (now one of the top fitness franchises worldwide with hundreds of locations across the globe.)

In fact I still love helping people improve their lives through fitness and working out which is why I own and operate my own Fit Body Boot Camp location with more to open up soon.

However, I’ve discovered that my true calling is to help fitness professionals like yourself who want to grow their businesses and help more people in your communities. And that’s the whole reason why I created this blog, my coaching programs, my live events and my product line of marketing resources and business building information products.

I hope you use this blog to grow your business, boost your income and have more time and freedom to enjoy life.

Committed to your success,

Bedros Keuilian with Andrew and Chloe - my BIG "reason's why"

Andrew and Chloe – my BIG “reasons why”

Bedros Keuilian

Bedros Keuilian

P.S. Still want to know more about me…really? Here’s an interesting (and some might say gross) fact about me. When I was broke, like really broke and couldn’t even afford a protein shake in between training clients… I blended Ice, Diet Pepsi, and the cheap quality can of tuna together and made myself a caffeine and protein rich shake on a daily basis. I told you this was gross.

  • Alec Drew Kassan

    Bedros! I have an upcoming fitness app that i foresee can revolutionize the industry. It would be great to get some guidance and advice from you. Let me know ways in which we can get in contact.