Channeling a Winning Mindset in Business

Today is all about developing your game-changing business mindset.

You are all on a path of domination. There should be no reason why anyone should contact you at a whim and inject negativity into your life, right?

When was the last time you opened up your email and it said, “Surprise! You have a million dollars waiting for you. Come cash it!”

You don’t.

People deliver bad news via email, text, phone call, or even Facebook message. Yet for some reason, we’re drawn to this level of gossip. We keep going back to the Internet and to Facebook and to Instagram to scratch that itch.

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Listen, I make tons of money from it. I reply to your questions. I add to the content of the Internet, especially on Facebook.

However, you have to do it in a way in which it doesn’t detract from your life. That’s why you are here.

You have to know your own value. You’re a go-getter. You change lives for a living.

When you sink too deep into the comment sections, the Facebook posts, the tweets, you leave yourself vulnerable. You look for your validation online, usually from the vocal minority.

See, that’s why you need an internal filter. Know when criticism is constructive and stray away from feedback that isn’t.

Obviously, you’re here to get knowledge and information and increase your skill set. You’re here to become a better entrepreneur, to deliver better service to your clients, and to improve your ability to bring them results. That outcome is so important.

In addition to those skill sets, you want financial freedom and happiness. Don’t we all?

Most of the people that you know have a job and can’t relate to what you do and the life that you live.

Before we get started, though, we have to change your state of mind. I’m a big believer in only working with people who are in the frame of mind that I need them to be in so that they can absorb the information I give them.

See, I used to be that guy who was skeptical and who operated out of a place of doubt and indifference. I would read self-help books and hire business coaches, but that would just lead to self-sabotage or to a lack of taking action.

What I wish those books, starting from the first chapter, had explained is how to set my mindset to be more receptive.

Think about this: If you get a prospect in front of you at your location and they’re leaning back with their arms crossed, do you think that’s the right moment to ask them for money?

Probably not.

What does that say about the state they’re in?

They’re closed off. They’re not in a position to work with you. They have no trust in you, nor do they feel like you’re the expert and authority in your field.

They have some level of skepticism that you need to overcome.

On the other hand, if they lean forward, maybe you finally did something right. You built rapport and trust with them. They finally see you as a person of authority, and they’re ready to part ways with their money in exchange for the value that you’ll deliver.

You influenced their state. Let’s talk about that for a second.

Look, most of you are in an awesome world domination state of mind, but we could all use a little tune-up. If this doesn’t apply to you then just pretend I’m doing it for myself, because I really am. I always like to fine-tune myself.

We want to be in a state of hope, inspiration, motivation, and success.

See, a lot of people will operate out of fear, doubt, indifference and limiting beliefs. Their fear might be a fear of poverty or a fear of not being able to do something.

I know someone who consistently overcomes these fears, and his name is Matt Wilbur. I love this guy to pieces. If I had a little brother, he’d probably be exactly like Matt.

On our Facebook group, he’ll put up a pump-up post and say, “Hey guys, this is what I’m doing and I believe that all of you can do it.” I’ll see a person or two reply, “Yup.”

Of course, I have no doubt you can do it.

For some, they’ll think, “Does Matt have a third leg? Magical wings? Is he a unicorn?”

No, he’s just like you.

Yet people always rationalize,  “Oh, well of course you did it. Of course, you’re on pace for 1.2 million, Matt. You’re MATT WILBUR.”

Here’s the hard truth: All of us can do that.

The best thing you can do is offer to buy him something to eat or drink and sit with him to see that he’s normal.

Thing is, he has an irregular sense of urgency in his life.

The man is so focused on his path of domination that nothing could tear him away from it. He’s beyond obsessed.

Obsession is a bad thing to many people. They’ll wonder, “Why are you so obsessed with that?”

I’m obsessed with success. I’m obsessed with money, because money is the vehicle to freedom.

Don’t be indifferent. Always make a decision no matter what.

I know you might be thinking, “Listen, I’m indifferent on the little things, but I am decisive on the big things.”

What you need to realize, and this is vital to understand, is that it’s the little things that lead to the big things.

Be the first to make a decision.

Screen Shot 2014-07-20 at 10.30.57 PM

That doubt creeping back into your head might ask, “What if it’s the wrong decision?”

That’s okay, because when you make a decision and you realize it’s the wrong decision, you can course correct.

When you are indifferent, you are literally saying, “I’m a drifter and follow wherever the current or the wind may take me.” Others decide your life for you.

See, indifference is actually making a decision indirectly. It’s letting circumstance decide for you. The last thing I want is for you to start your business, then give up any control of your success.

When your mindset is solid, your actions will reflect that. Detractors won’t drain you because you’ll be too busy growing towards higher levels of success.

Committed to your success,