Why are you Ignoring Tons of EASY Money?

I don’t think you realize how easy it is for Fit Pros to profit from an info product!

Our profession is PERFECT for creating and selling information products. You probably already have everything you need to make a pretty nice chuck of change without a whole lot of work.

If you think making an information product is too hard or too complicated then you must not really understand how the whole thing works because if you did you’d be bringing in a whole second income without too much time or effort.

Here's one of my own Info Products!
Here’s one of my own Info Products!

If you don’t believe me then keep reading because I’m going to show you how to take the knowledge and the resources you already have and turn them into an info product that generates thousands of dollars in passive income.

First you need an idea for your product. And before you freak out, this is a lot simpler than it sounds.

Have you EVER had an idea or even some inspiration for any kind of content that would benefit your clients? It could be a book of workouts, recipes, any content or product that might help people lose weight, build muscle, or be more successful at your training.

I’m sure you’ve written out workout plans, nutrition plans, all kinds of resources that your clients use to get better results. You probably just give that away, right?

Well, if you’ve got anything remotely similar to this type of content then your product is already half made.

Look at it this way, if you can think of anything you could write, record, or create that might help people get better results, then you’ve already got an idea for your product.

See? It’s really pretty simple. And I know you might be thinking that workout and recipes books are a dime a dozen. And you’d be right, there are thousands of them out there all pretty much offering the same content.

But here’s the thing… THAT DOESN’T MATTER! Your product doesn’t have to be unique, it doesn’t have to be different from everything else or completely innovative, it just has to work.

Okay, this is going to sound really heartless, but when it comes to successful online marketing it doesn’t matter what you’re selling, all that matters is how you sell it.

And before you jump all over me and accuse me of being a crook, I’m not talking about selling garbage. If you put crap out there and sell the heck out of it people will buy, but return requests and negative attention will bankrupt you. Dishonesty never pays!

Reinvented wheelWhat I’m trying to tell you is that you don’t need to reinvent the wheel here, just recreate what works best for most clients.

But hang on! BEFORE you create your product you’ve got to write your sales copy first.

When you write out your sales copy you come up with benefits that will encourage and convince people to buy a product. After that you simply create a product that supplies those benefits.

Make huge claims and promises in your copy and then create a product that lives up to those promises. That way you’ll have compelling copy and a product that actually delivers on all your promises.

Once your copy is ready creating the product becomes the easy part. Just sit down and do it— GSD. Knock it out in one or two weekends and then spend one weekend fine tuning it. You aren’t going for perfect you’re going for useful, valuable, and sellable.

(I say this because it’s very easy to get caught up and stuck on this stage. Just get the product out there, you can always do revisions after you’ve started selling and making money.)

Once your product is finished and your copy is written (maybe 3 weeks of work at the most) you just need a landing page where you’ll post your copy and a download page where your customers will access your product.

Now all that’s left is to market the heck out of this thing.

If you already have an email list (which you should if you’re a trainer with any kind of marginal success) then pump out emails promoting your product to that list.

Even if you only get a few dozen sales form your list you’ll more than make up for the work you put into the product and you’ll get all the motivation you need to push things onto the next level.

From that initial small launch you’ll get all the money and motivation you need to get into affiliate marketing, pixel tracking, paid Facebook and YouTube ads— and from there your product can really blow up.

Seriously, it might sound like a lot, but this is all well within the realm of possibility.

Sure, it looks like a whole lot of work right now, but how do you think everyone else on the internet puts up ads, sells products and makes money? They just f*cken do it! And you can too.

facebook adsBut there’re obviously still things you need to know, right? You need to write killer copy that converts, you need to know what kinds of Facebook ads work without getting rejected, and you need to know the secrets to getting affiliates.

Now, you certainly can figure all this out on your own over a series of months or you can skip a lot of that by getting some help. Honestly, with just a bit of help you’ll get most of this done in a matter of weeks (I’ve seen people create and launch 6-figure products in about 30 days).

Look, I started this post by promising you that it’s easy to make an info product. And I think I’ve done a pretty good job at showing you how true that is. It’s just a few steps and boom, you’ve got your first product.

And I’ve even shown you how you can get your first sales. But if you really want to bump your product up into the bid leagues you may as well get a hold of the resources that can get you there.

Luckily, all this help I keep talking about, the resource that’s going to help you launch a hugely successful product, is right here.


It’s called the Online Information Blueprint and it’s what fitness professionals like you are using right now to break into the online market and make lots of money while helping tons of people.

Listen, I know you got into this industry to help people and you are making a difference in your training. But even if you do boot camps you’re only reaching a couple hundred people at the very most.

I’m giving you a tool here that will allow you to help thousands of individuals live happier and healthier lives while bringing in some extra income. Can you really say no to that?

At the very least check out this webpage where you can learn all about the Online Information Blueprint and how thousands have benefitted from its lessons and teachings.

It might be just what you’re looking for.

Thanks for reading, I hope I cleared up some of the confusion surrounding the mysterious information product.

Here’s that link one more time: onlineinfoblueprint.com

If you have any other questions about just what it takes to be successful and how you could make this happen for yourself drop me a comment below and I’ll be sure to help you out (I always read your comments, by the way.)

Committed to your success,