Dominate Info Marketing with 8 Simple Steps

I LOVE information products.

And not just because they are  evergreen sources of income, generating revenue whether I’m awake, asleep, working or spending time with the family, but because they allow me to help so many people!

I could never help 20,000 people with the kind of personal work I do. I know I teach you to start group training and boot camp programs, but 20,000 people?? There’s no way you or I could ever individually reach that many people during an entire career of training, coaching, consulting, whatever.

But I’ve reached more than ten times that amount with my own info products and the dozens I’ve helped others create.Info Marketing

Simply knowing there are so many people out there reading my reports and learning from my products is an incredible feeling. That’s why I try so hard to convince all of you that you should start selling your own information products!

I want you to experience the freedom that comes from a lot of extra income and I want you to know how amazing it feels to help so many people.

Now, I understand that it’s not as easy as just waking up and making your own information product. Well, it can be pretty easy, but if it’s something you’ve never done before you might be intimidated by the process. But that’s what I’m here for.

I’ve put together this list of eight steps. These are YOUR eight steps to successful information marketing. I’ll walk you through everything from inception, to creation to sales, and you’ll have everything you need to get started with your own info product.

Step #1 –

Decide on a product that provides a solution to a specific problem that many people experience.

This isn’t just the first step— this is the most important step. Every bit of success or failure that your info product might bring hinges entirely on the decision you make during this crucial step (no pressure, though). See, you can make the most amazing product, do all the marketing in the world, but if no one wants or needs what you’re selling, why would anyone buy it? Sure, maybe a multi-million dollar ad campaign and a Super Bowl commercial series might be enough to convince some poor shmucks to buy junk they don’t really want, but you aren’t going to have any of that.

Don’t get me wrong, you will have your own relatively powerful marketing tools (I’ll teach you these in a minute) but if no one wants or needs your product, no one will buy it.

Recipe hackerNotice too that I emphasize finding a need before creating your product. I’ve known so many people who have sunk their entire lives (and their life savings, for that matter) into creating and perfecting an awesome product that no one wants. It’s sad to watch, but people in love with their useless information product will work and work at trying to sell it, blaming bad marketing for lack of sales, and never admitting that they shouldn’t have created the thing in the first place.

So, make sure there are plenty of people out there who need something, then find a way to satisfy that need.

Step #2 –

Find ways to make your product different from other products that offer their own solutions to the same need you’ve just identified.

If you’ve noticed a major problem that many people need a solution for, odds are, so have many other people. But that’s O.K.! You don’t need to throw out your idea because someone beat you to it. What you should do, though, is make sure you address or solve the problem in a new or unique way. And I don’t mean a new gimmick, either. Find something about your idea that makes it unique or alter it so that it can be truly one-of-a-kind.

A great way to be unique is to be better. Solving a problem better than anything else is a powerful selling point. But the sales pitch “we do it better” is a bit overplayed.

Instead of simply saying you do it better, identify that different feature or aspect of your product that allows it to be better and sell that feature specifically.

Step #3 ­–

Write your sales copy. (That’s right, we’re writing our copy before we make our product.)

While it may seem backwards, you’ll find that writing your sales copy first will ultimately help you produce a better product.

See, one crucial element of your sales copy, what we in the industry call ‘benefit bullets,’ will go a long way toward making your product the best that it can be.

As you write these benefit bullets, listing the many advantages and helpful aspects of your product, you will basically be making a checklist of exactly what your product needs to accomplish.

When you do things in this order, you discover what exact features will make your product most appealing and then you can build those features straight into your product.

Step #4 –

Take one weekend and create your product. (Yes, I said weekend.)

Whatever your product may be, an EBook, a video set, a membership site, whatever, the Nowcontent absolutely CAN be created in one weekend.

You aren’t producing the next Star Wars movie and you aren’t writing the next Game of Thrones novel– you’re making an easily digestible and usable information product.

Don’t get hung up on this stage!

So many people never make it past this step in the process because they get stuck or they take too long or they never even get started!

This doesn’t need to be your life’s masterpiece, it just needs to work.

I understand you want to produce the highest quality product possible, and that is very important. But you can’t let those kinds of expectations hold you back form ever getting off the ground.

Once you start making a bit of money, once people start to buy and appreciate your product, then you can go back and iron out some of the kinks you may have run into. After you’ve had a bit of success you can come back with version 2.0, the new and improved version, and sell even more than your first product.

See how that works?

Step #5 –

Create at least one up-sell.

Create an additional, secondary product that supplements your main product. These additional products, your upsells, should make your main product easier to use, deliver better results, or require less work.

After someone has bought your main product you offer them these additional products as high-value bonuses that can be added to their order. If you do it just right, these upsells will act as a massive source of additional income from each order.

Upsells will also allow you to offer incredibly cheap launch specials. You can offer your product for free, or for a couple dollars, and get tons of people to buy it. But once they’ve committed to such a low-barrier offer, you can hit them with the upsells and they’ll be ready and willing to add valuable items to an already inexpensive order.

That’s how you make the real monies with information marketing.

Step #6 –

Have your sales site designed, hosted and connected to Clickbank.

Find someone to make your sales page and your access/downloads pages. Find an email service or use normal email that can get all of your autoresponders ready to go (if your product requires them). Once you’ve jumped through all those technological loops, you’re ready for the big launch day.

Step #7 –

Get out there and find your customers!

Find out where your customers already are. Are you selling to single moms? Then find where they might be and get their attention. Trying to reach college students? Find out how you can get your product in front of them.

This could mean running Facebook ads, recruiting affiliates and joint venture partners, buying traffic from Google or YouTube, or simply being a content generating machine.

Or better yet, all of the above.

Step #8 – Launch

Click “Send” and make money anywhere, anytime, while adding value to thousands of people’s lives worldwide. 


Committed to your success,