How To Make Your Personal Training Business Stand Out From Competition

I’m one of the few people that not only come from the fitness space, but also I adapted to the internet very quickly. In 1997, I was online with the web business called selling supplements.

While that business failed, I learned so much about the internet, and I saw how quickly the internet was evolving.

Go Where the Attention Is

When I see people go, “Oh man, I’m all about Facebook, but I don’t know anything about Instagram so I’m not gonna do Instagram.” I go, “Dude, you’re nuts. If Instagram is the hot thing right now, you’d better figure it out.”

So my whole thing is that I adapt and I create faster than I can be copied, because I know how quickly the internet works and I know that the internet, social media specifically, is the number one needle mover in most businesses.

I come from the internet marketing world because I started off early on the internet, and so I’ve stayed entrenched in that world and I have a mindset of, I will never be closed minded.

I will be open-minded to whatever the new marketing platform is and I will use that marketing platform to exploit my business, and if more people had that mindset, they would be as successful as well.

Today, more than ever.

Win Them Over With Your Personality

People are buying who you are and not what you do. It used to be people buy what you do.

So I’ll use fitness as an example.

Someone’s walking down the street and they see you business. “Oh, wow. He’s got a business front. The widow says they do personal training. I’m gonna go buy personal training.”

Today, every fucking town has personal trainers in it.

Every town has dentists in it. Every town has chiropractors in it. Every time has plastic surgeons in it. They have donut shops in it.

They no longer buy what you do or what you sell. They buy who you are.

And so using social media, Instagram, Facebook, SnapChat, Twitter, podcasts, blogging, YouTube, I am now showing the world who I am.

I am winning people over with my personality. You either love me or you hate me. You either say, “I love that foreigner and what he stands for and how he runs his business,”


“I hate him because he’s loud, he’s obnoxious, and he’s got a foul mouth.”

And that’s okay. I’m willing to polarize people. But the people who love me and decide to stay me are rabid followers because they’re buying who I am, not what I sell.

We need to adapt, and anybody listening to this that has anything to sell to the world needs to start putting themselves out there. Transparency and authenticity is the currency today.

Committed to your success,