4 Secret Strategies to Take Your Fitness Info Product Viral

Man. I woke up excited to write today!

I’ve spoken at length about this for years, but it kind of hit me today that there is one lane where bucket loads of revenue can be made in fitness—and we don’t even talk about it enough!

Ready for the scoop?

Folks, I’m talking about online fitness info products!

There’s a common struggle in our society when it comes to fitness: people want to get fit, but they often don’t know where to get started.

If you told someone interested in losing weight, getting toned, building muscle—you name it—that you have the EXACT steps and resources they need to get the perfect body, they’d throw mountains of money at you because they value fitness and health that much.

Essentially your fitness information product will deliver what they want the most: a clear path to fitness and health. So many people would KILL for that.

As an online fitness entrepreneur, you have access to millions and millions of potential clients: people who want to lose weight but hate the gym, people who can’t find the right meal plans, people that are looking for narrowed down, specific training regimens.

Plus, online business is super flexible. You can sell books, ebooks, workout plans, nutrition plans, memberships, short term programs, and even high end coaching! That’s opportunities upon opportunities for making more money and a greater impact…  

If you have an info product ready to go, then you, my friend, hold the keys to improving the lives of people around the world. The only question is, how do you sell your product? I’ve got a few secret strategies for you that might just do the trick…


The “One-Click” Upsell

Remember I mentioned my wife earlier? She sold 21,000 copies of her book, The Recipe Hacker, in 4 days!

It wasn’t by luck. We did a little something called affiliate marketing.

See, affiliates are the big-time influencers in our industry. Some of them sell their own online fitness info products while others make their living selling other people’s products, yet others don’t sell products—they just have a lot of followers in the fitness space.

Screen-Shot-2014-11-11-at-9.22.41-PM-300x204-vIQqmL.pngNow imagine your product being plugged on even one of these affiliates’ mailing lists; that’s 10,000, 20,000, 100,000, heck, maybe 500,000 potential clients you’re now reaching!

One of my favorite strategies is to offer potential prospects a book for FREE. All they have to do is pay something like $5.95 for shipping and handling, but the book is free.

Of course, that’s a deal that people won’t want to refuse.

Now you want to get as many potential fitness clients to buy your book as you can. That way, you can start to make money and can convince influencers and affiliates to partner with you to market your book for a commission.

These affiliates are like hired guns that will mail out for you in exchange for a commission—I’ve typically negotiated around 75% commission in the past. That means that 75% of the money you make from each book sale goes directly to these affiliates.

So you go to an affiliate that’s in your niche, you show them why your product will help advance that affiliate’s followers lose weight and get fit, and you figure out that percentage.

Now here’s where you’ll make the majority of your money: once they enter their credit card information, you’re going to send them 3 “one-click upsells”.

Basically these are 3 digital offers they can add to their cart if they’d like. With one click, they tack on an additional purchase for, say, something like $17. These 3 offers can be additional recipes, additional workouts, you name it.

Remember, you want to make the first thing they buy (in this case, the book) a physical product.

Now you’re in the money, which means you can link up with more affiliates, which means your book will get promoted to their mailing lists. Team up with a bunch of affiliates and your product launch is gonna be off to an amazing start!


Front End Products

This next strategy is perfect if you have a membership site—a site where you charge clients by the month for access to exclusive fitness resources.

Most membership sites end up costing clients around $29 a month, which is a big commitment to ask of someone (even when the client knows, likes, and trusts you)…

But that’s just the thing: they most likely DON’T know, like, and trust you yet. This might even be the first time they’ve been exposed to your content…

Enter the front end product: the doorway to authority in your field and upsells galore. This is a product you sell up front to get your client on your mailing list.

Your first step—and this is really important—is to come up with your own front end product, something that isn’t too expensive.

If you’re a young company trying to keep your overhead low, I’d recommend selling an eBook for $9. That’s a killer deal if you ask me.

If you’re a six-figure earner looking to build your brand up, then I would say selling a physical book might be more worth your time.

Regardless, both are great front end products that will introduce your readers to your brand.

Now again, the goal here isn’t to make all your money on eBooks or books. It’s simply to get the client on your mailing list!

That’s when you can start sending them the content that will get them to know, like, and trust you….

That’s how you build their trust enough to close them on your main money-making product or service…

After a few weeks, you go back and pitch your same membership site. Maybe you offer 30 days for just $1…

…because once they see you as a fitness expert, they’ll be willing to put forth the money to get access to your most premium content, because they truly know you can help them with their fitness and health.


The Micro Continuity

Micro continuity. Sounds like a mouthful, doesn’t it?

Don’t be scared. All it is really is a program where your clients pay a small amount for a small period of time.

Sound like anything familiar? (pssst: low barrier offers!!)

This is the way to go for all of you running 4-week, 6-week, 10-week online programs.


You’re creating a lil’ magic, because you’re turning an LBO into an evergreen deal. Yep, you can get clients to sign up and start at ANY time of the year!

You can use this handy little platform called WishList, which can be integrated with WordPress, to split your program into week-long stages.

So once you get a client on board, they’ll start the program on week 1. Once they finish week 1, the content for week 2 will then be made available to them.

Now if a second client comes on board at this time, they can start at week 1 while the rest of your clients are on weeks 2, 3, 4, 5, etc.

No start and end date like a traditional LBO—just sales year-round, baby.

Charge them weekly for the program, but keep that price LOW. Trust: it adds up.

If you charge them $5 for every week of your 8-week program, that’s $40 in your bag PER CLIENT.

Not too shabby, right?

Just remember that this is mainly for short-term progression programs.

Now there’s one last strategy that you can use once you build your name up a bit…


High End Coaching

Once you’ve taken the time to build your name, showcase yourself as an expert in fitness, and win a decent following, it’s time to take your strategies to the next level…

This is your chance to surpass the revenue you’d make with one-click upsells or front end products by multiples and multiples of dollars…

If you have the trust of your following, you can set up an application portal on your website. Once you direct your clients there, they can apply to become a member of your EXCLUSIVE program. You might offer high end coaching, personalized nutrition—whatever you feel is your premium package.

Once they’re approved, you then can sign them up for your high-priced programs and products. Your clients will spend HUNDREDS, even THOUSANDS, of dollars for the chance to get exclusive material from a source they really trust (YOU!).

This works like a charm…and it’s because you’ve positioned yourself as someone with valuable know-how. Your product or service is now sought after, to the point where you need to “screen” people just to join…

“But B, it takes years and years to become a fitness expert! This seems unrealistic for me…”

You’d be surprised, man. You can become a fitness authority in as little as 5 months! Of course, that’s if you grind to put out valuable content on your fitness blog, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and wherever else you can get noticed online.

Here’s my main point: the online fitness info space is still primed for entrepreneurs, like yourself, to come in and make money! Yes, it’s competitive, but it’s still a great opportunity to plant your feet in the fitness industry.

You might not be the most tech-savvy person out there, but you CAN still dominate fitness online. You might not be the most engaging person on camera, but you CAN still become a respected figure in the online fitness world.

Now go and get it!

Committed to your success,