How to Start a Fitness Boot Camp Business That Means Something in Your Community

Giving back to the community in which you do business is extremely important and fulfilling, and it’s one of the things that Fit Body Boot Camps are known for in their communities all around the US and Canada. But being a vital part of the community is also good business. I want to share a few things that will help you know how to start a fitness boot camp business that becomes a part of the community and why it’s so integral to your success.

First of all, people like to do business with “good people.” How many times has someone recommended a local business to you by telling you that they were good people? We like to spend our hard-earned money with people we think are decent and caring. We also like to spend our money with companies that are truly a part of the neighborhood.Screen Shot 2014-09-11 at 9.14.44 PM

Becoming a very active part of your community is one of the best marketing strategies you can employ. It gives you visibility and it builds trust and credibility.

So how do you do that? Here are a few really good ways.

Take Care of Your Clients

Your clients are the community members you spend the most time with and have the most influence on. They are your ambassadors to the neighborhood and you need to make sure that they have great things to say about you when they’re talking to their friends and neighbors.

The most important way to do that is to give them amazing results. Help them set their goals and then make good on your promise to get them there – and then some.

Make sure your clients know they are valued and that they’re important to you as people. Remember and celebrate their birthdays. Talk to them about how things are going and really listen to their answers. If they miss a few sessions, call and check on them.

Believe me, if you do these things, your clients will be talking about how you’re “good people.”

Give Back to Your Community

The second thing you need to do is to become an active part of making your community a better place and helping the people in it to live better lives.

There are very few things that feel better than helping people and organizations that deserve it. But community outreach is also one of the best ways to market your business.

Look for upcoming expos and events on healthy living and become a part of them. There are always events like this going on and they always need vendors. Go and hold a few free boot camp sessions or give a talk on fat loss and nutrition.

If the marching band at the high school is having a fundraising auction, donate five vouchers for six weeks of training. Not only will you get five warm prospects through your door, but you’ll also have a gym full of parents who will hear and see your boot camp’s name and decide that you’re involved in their kids’ school and that you care about local kids and are a part of their community.

If the neighborhood park is asking for the community to come out and help clean up the park, grab a bunch of your members, dress them in your boot camp’s tee shirts and go. Gain visibility and build trust. Getting involved in your local community is one of the things that will set your fitness boot camp apart from the rest.

Screen Shot 2014-09-11 at 9.21.32 PMBe Visible to Local Businesses

Give and take with other local businesses, especially the ones who cater to or employ your clients. It has a marketing domino effect that shouldn’t be underestimated.

Trade vouchers and gift certificates with places like beauty shops, tanning salons, coffee shops, restaurants and nail salons. They hand out yours to their best employees and clients and you do the same with theirs. Practically free, but very effective and it gets other businesses talking to their clients about you.

Take part in events involving businesses in your neighborhood. If there’s a group cleaning up the neighborhood, join them. If small business owners get together once a month for breakfast, go. If there’s a softball league for local businesses, start a team.

You can even have some fun while promoting your fitness boot camp business to other businesses in the neighborhood. Every now and then, celebrate a milestone or just make your clients feel good by taking transformation or contest winners out to a local coffee place, restaurant or other hangout. Make everybody wear their shirts. That businesses customers and employees will see that you and your clients are a true community themselves, that you have fun and support each other. Pretty soon, you’re signing up servers and baristas who want to be a part of that.

There are so many things that you can do in your community to build visibility and market your business. But the main thing you should know about how to start a fitness boot camp that means something in your community is that your community, inside and outside your boot camp, has to mean something to you.

Committed to Your Success,