3 Traits That Help Entrepreneurs Avoid Mediocrity

Don’t be a copycat. Especially as an entrepreneur.

So many times we get caught up in the whole, “Well, this person’s doing that, so I should do that too.”

No, just get into the curiosity mindset of how and why and what if. Start asking those questions about the product, the service, and the industry that you’re in.

You might find a better, more effective way to deliver the end results. Because at the end of the day, the end result is the only thing people pay money for.

Wanna do that too? Then you better be curious, have a purpose, and serve.


Entrepreneurs Are Curious

Curiosity is really why we become entrepreneurs.

It’s just that we tend to play it safe after a while. We go, “Well that’s what the industry does, so that’s what I’m gonna do.”

In my industry, personal trainers usually say, “Well, we offer 60-minute workouts and it’s always one-on-one, and we just sell 5, 10, and 20 block sessions at a time.” I said, “Well, what if I could deliver results in 30 minutes, and what if I got you to buy 12-month programs from me?”


This is where curiosity needs to come in. Why can’t I train the average human to lose weight and eat right and exercise for 30 minutes in a group?


Entrepreneurs Have a Purpose

I believe that if you truly feel you have a gift within you, that you have a purpose, that you’re here to be more than just a cog in the wheel, then your purpose is gonna be your driving factor.

If you just do it for the fame or for the money, it’s gonna be a tough road when the suck factor comes. But if you do it out of purpose and obligation because you wanna fulfill your gift to the world, then you’ll keep going no matter how tough it gets.

That’s what I instill in my clients, and that’s what my father instilled in me when we escaped communist Armenia and came to the United States.

When we got here, he opened up a little tailor shop. That was his purposeā€”he wanted to be a tailor and make form-fitting clothes for affluent people.


Entrepreneurs Serve

If I had to characterize my entrepreneurial spirit with one word, it would be service.

Not money, not legacy, not fame, but service.

Again, this might be genetic. Maybe it just comes from seeing my mom and dad serve people.

My dad always said, “The more people we serve, the more we can achieve what we want.” So we just had to serve and be good, and we grew.

So for me, it’s service. If I can serve you, I’ll go into business.

If someone buys a course from me, and let’s say it’s an eight-week course, well you’re not buying time, you’re buying the outcome.

So I deserve to get paid more if I can find a way to deliver my message to you in six weeks instead of eight.

Ultimately, I like to look at things and go, “How can I make this better, faster, and different?” That’s the key to being curious, having purpose, and serving others as an entrepreneur.


Committed to your success,