How To Over Deliver in Business

So you’re at a restaurant…

The waiter overhears your friend rave about how much she loves spinach dip. So, he decides to bring the entire table a complementary spinach dip to share.

As the entrées come out, you discover that your salmon is missing a side of rice. To make up for the mistake, your waiter brings you a side of rice with roasted vegetables and mashed potatoes.

And as your table gets ready to pay, this waiter brings you a chocolate lava cake on the house, just to get back into your good graces..

Sounds over-the-top, right?

But do you think the members of your table thought that was over-the-top?

Of course not.

Chances are, you don’t get the chance to go out to eat too often. Your waiter’s efforts shine through as far above standard.

See, simply serving the requests of your clients doesn’t fit the bill anymore.

You have to go above and beyond. You have to over deliver.

A lot of people have fitness goals. They’re always on the hunt for that one fitness center that will meet their expectations.

Options concept.

So why would they choose to work out at your facility?

Now, I know some of you always think about what the competition does. You constantly have your finger on the pulse to get an edge on every other fitness center or boot camp in town.

But doing that just lowers your own standards.

Listen, the people who kill it in business are the ones who try outdoing themselves. Because the truth is, when you succeed, you could care less about what the competition is doing.

The cool thing about over delivering is that it forces you to compete with yourself. What can I do better for my clients? How can I make them feel appreciated?

Your focus should be on two things: keying into what your target audience wants and centering your business on delivering those desires.

If I’m a 45-year-old stay-at-home mom, I probably want to join a gym that fits into my busy schedule of managing my kids’ lives.

But if I’m a 26-year-old former football player looking to get back into playing shape, I might want to join an entirely different type of gym than the woman above.

When you know what your prospects look for in a gym, you can narrow down your weekly emails, your Facebook ads, your mailed pitches, all to fit those expectations.

Then, and only then, do you start to over deliver. Because you can’t over deliver when you don’t have a strong product in the first place.

Now, you want to leave a lasting impression on the prospects you market to. Make it a habit to do far more than what they expect of you

What’s also important is to never waver from pursuing your target demographic. Figure out who you want to market to, then design your fitness programs around that audience.

THEN, you can focus on over delivering a memorable experience for your clients to enjoy. Something that redefines their idea of working out entirely.

If you mail out promotions, include wristbands or energy bars with your pitch. When you’re crafting emails for your email list, throw in videos, jokes, extra tips, etc.

You have to let your prospects know that you truly care about them.

Hopefully your facility will be filled to the brim with eager clients soon. But in that shuffle, each member still wants to feel special. They want to know you see each one of them as a unique individual.

So making it a habit to over deliver goes a long way.

Say you start giving out awards at random to deserving clients. What will the rest of your members think?

They’ll love being a part of an environment where others recognize you for your hard work and camaraderie.

And building that environment inspires more prospects to check out your gym.

And more prospects trying your facility out means more leads to close.

I say it all the time: Build the right habits. That’s so important.

Say two of your clients end up fighting with one another. Now, both want to leave your facility and get a fresh start.

As a fitness professional, your first job is to tackle to problem head-on. You want to assure both clients that your facility is a great place to reach their specific fitness goals. Let them know you will do everything you can to maintain a positive, stress-free workout environment.

Then, you over deliver.

You could take the entire group out to an escape room, for instance. That would promote team unity and get everyone on the same page.

It all goes a long way in retaining your clients and cultivating an atmosphere anyone in your target demographic would want to train at.

Happy women relaxing and talking after fitness training

It shows your clients that you care about them beyond the results and the workouts.

Trust me, people can sniff you out when you don’t care. You can’t dupe your clients into liking you.

Now, this doesn’t mean you reward the group whenever drama rears its ugly head. But those small sacrifices pay off huge. You’ll discover that the crowd you keep is loyal to you. They’ll commit to your training and will drive referrals in your favor.

After all, I’d rather have a good amount of loyal clients over a larger amount of clients that are wishy-washy on staying long-term.

One extra tip: You have to make sure you always keep these gifts fresh (or as fresh as possible).

When you give out a free water bottle to every prospect trying out your gym, you make your business seem too streamlined…

Go the extra mile and hand out something original to each prospect instead. Maybe one gets a free t-shirt, one free protein powder, and one a free hat.

You can even tailor these gifts to fit your prospects’ personal interests. Whatever you can do to make their experience as seamless as possible.

That’s how you build goodwill. That goodwill adds up to encourage prospects to commit to your training.

So go out there and be over-the-top.

Committed to your success,