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Starting a Personal Training Business

Looking into starting a personal training business and don’t know where to begin? You’ve got a lot to consider and the thought can be a little overwhelming for some. What should you focus on first? How do you get it off the ground? What’s the best way to attract new clients? How do you operate a fitness business successfully without much of a business background? This is just the tip of the iceberg, but with some preparation, organization, and some solid business and marketing advice, you’ll find that starting (and growing) a personal training business is much easier than you thought.

In this section, you’ll find some of my best solutions for everything fitness business related from learning how to open and operate a successful business to creating a fitness information product to sell to the masses to marketing and closing clients and everything in between. If you’ve ever dreamed of opening your own personal training studio that runs on autopilot and living a life of freedom- doing what you want, when you want- then you won’t want to miss out on my most powerful business building systems.

System 9

system9Most fitness trainers I talk to nowadays are doing all the wrong things and ultimately wasting a bunch of money on dead end marketing. Tactics that just don’t work anymore. Listen, life is so much better when you have a predictable marketing system that gets you all the clients you need and want… System 9 brings you nine of my most effective, proven, and low cost fitness marketing tactics that are guaranteed to bring new clients to your door.
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The Art of Selling Fitness – Personal Trainer Business Course

The PT Business courseDiscover exactly how to double and even triple personal training or boot camp fitness profits within 30 short days, and learn how to run your fitness business like a multi-million dollar company. Get the secrets of attracting, selling, and retaining clients that’s helped me sell over 20,000 personal training sessions a year for five years in a row! In this program, I reveal my most guarded secrets that have helped individual fitness trainers and some of the nation’s largest personal training companies generate over $40 Million Dollars a year in revenue! If you have a personal training business or are thinking of starting one, this is the blueprint to your success.
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How to Close 9 Out of 10 Clients Sales System

Close 9 Out of 10 Training ClientsNeed to learn how to close more clients? Close Clients is a bona-fide proven sales system for fitness professionals of all levels. It’s not a marketing system that requires additional expenses. This system is developed to take your existing prospects and convert more of them into loyal paying clients. It completely takes the guesswork out of selling and teaches you how to close bigger session packages and retain clients on long term, 12 month plus agreements.
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Fitness Studio Formula – How to Open and Operate a Multiple Six Figure Generating Personal Training Studio

fpmFitness Studio Formula is THE most detailed blueprint for starting a personal training studio that attracts boatload of clients and generates multiple six figures. Best of all, this program is designed to teach you how to work ON your business and not IN your business so you have more time and freedom to do the things you love. Whether you’re ready to open up a personal training studio or already have one and just want to make it a LOT more successful – this program can help. In this multi DVD and two manual course, you’ll learn how to find the perfect location, negotiate the lowest lease, get the best trainers, attract clients who have money and you’ll get never-before-heard-of tactics for generating clients, stimulating referrals, and positioning your fitness business as the ultimate personal training studio in the area. This program is complete with done-for-you marketing material, sales scripts, and presentations. Fitness Studio Formula is the ultimate “paint by numbers” blueprint for starting a wildly successful personal training studio.
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Fitness Info Blueprint – Creating, Marketing and Selling Fitness Info Products

fpmWant to make more money online? You’re about to discover how to take your fitness knowledge and turn it into an online info product that actually makes you money, even while you sleep… In this step-by-step program, you’re going to learn everything you need to know to go from idea to actually selling your fitness info product to the masses in only 60 days.
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Fitness Business Breakthrough – Get Inside The #1 Fitness Business Mastermind

fpmEver wanted to know what goes on during one of my Masterminds? Now you can be a “fly-on-the-wall” as I work with my mastermind clients and help them uncover more client getting strategies and income boosting opportunities without ever leaving your home and getting all of the ideas, resources, strategies and tactics you need to take your fitness business to the next level.
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Six Figure Fitness Blueprint – Reach Six Figures in 60 Days

fpmThis “no fluff-no hype” program is designed to do one thing… to put you on pace for earning $8,333 a month – which is exactly what you need to make each month to hit the $100,000 a year mark. This is the blueprint for systems, operations, and procedures that all serve as the FOUNDATION for building a six figure earning business.
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Get 12 Months Of Coaching, Consulting, Mentorship, and Masterminds with Bedros

Bedros Keuilian CoachingPersonal Trainers always ask how much it would cost for me to work with them- in order to multiply their personal income, systematize their fitness marketing, and see their way to massive success. Until recently I was unable to work with you, the independent trainer, studio owner, and rising fitness entrepreneur so I would turn down the opportunity because you couldn’t afford to pay my $4,800 a month consulting fee and I couldn’t afford to turn down the big multi-million dollar personal training facilities who could afford to pay me what I’m worth. But then I found the solution – and here’s how you can get 12 months of private fitness business coaching from me >>

Personal Training Business Marketing

One of the biggest challenges faced by most personal trainers and fitness business owners is which marketing tactics to use. Often times the best systems for attracting clients are actually free or low cost. However, most new entrepreneurs still use “traditional” high cost-low return marketing methods like newspaper, print publication, and even direct mail. While these tactics work there are plenty of low and no cost personal trainer marketing solutions available and you’ll find many of them here.

FitPro Newsletter – Automated Fitness Marketing

Automated Fitness Marketing
Want to get more publicity, stimulate referrals, generate additional revenue, and position yourself as the community fitness expert? Then this hot new technology that automates your entire client attraction system is the program for you! FitPro Newsletter delivers four content rich personalized newsletters to your clients and prospects every month on your behalf. Best of all- you do no work! The entire thing is on autopilot. Watch the four minute video and see how this hot new technology will change the way you attract and retain clients!
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FitPro Magazine – Your Own Online Magazine

Ready to increase website traffic, convert more leads into paying clients, build a loyal list of subscribers, and get more personal training clients? FitPro Magazine is your own private-labeled online health and fitness magazine. With 16 fresh articles each month and hundreds recipes and exercises demonstration videos, FitPro Magazine seamlessly integrates into your personal training website to instantly drive traffic, generate leads and increase client retention. Sign up for a $1, 30-day trial!
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Get Ahead Faster and Grow Your Business Quicker with Coaching and Mastermind Programs!

Whether you want to grow your personal training or boot camp business or if you’re ready to take your fitness knowledge and nutrition background and create an online info product – there’s no better and faster way than by joining one of my Mastermind programs.
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  • Real

    Business Training Tools: Starting a new business, or marketing an existing one, is a daunting task nowadays. With so many options available

  • Wise Women Fitness

    I’ve been ‘lurking’ on your various websites, youtube videos and really like your no-nonsense personal and professional style! I’ve had my storefront for a little over a year now and am ready to take the business to the next level. Would like a recommendation on which product(s) would be best to start with in building the business. Thanks!

    • Andrey Naranjo

      ALL OF THEM! But honestly, get the Whole Enchilada! I bought the entire Fitness Business Course and it changed my life! I used to struggle with sales and marketing.

      I currently work for an all women’s gym and sales intimidated me. I followed the PT Business Course to the letter and I was the #1 Personal Training Studio in my company, Get in Shape for Women. We have over 90 studios nationwide and some studios have an assistant manager. So it is me versus 91+ managers and I brought in $46,000 in February. And February has only 28 days so my selling days on my deadline were cut by 2-3 days and ontop of that we had to close down because of the snow, 4x! So my 28 day turned into a 24 day and I also don’t come in on the weekends. So really, I didn’t come in during 8 weekend days, so I was really present at the studio for 16 days. $46,000 divided by 16 days, I’ll let you do the math on the pace that I was going out on a daily basis. :-) HOPE THAT HELPS AND GOOD LUCK!

  • Lesley

    Andrey, which is the entire Fitness Business Course you’re referring to?

  • Charmaine Heard

    Hi Bedros, can you tell me the difference between the online info blueprint and the fitness info blueprint? The two look like pretty much the same product, however they are on different websites and there is a cost difference of a few hundred dollars. Just want to make the right choice. Many Thanks Charmaine

  • Brittany Burnham

    I absolutely want to purchase one of these tools but unsure which one to start with? Any help or recommendations?