The Best Personal Trainer Marketing

I think we’ve discovered the holy grail for getting new clients into your boot camp and personal training business.

See, a few times a year I go through these spells where I’ll just spend a lot of time trying out new and out of the box ways to get more leads, prospects, and clients…

…that’s why I haven’t been sending out a lot of emails to you in the last few weeks.

I guess you can say that I’ve been in the “lab” experimenting, lol.Screen Shot 2014-07-01 at 4.56.40 PM

Most of my experimenting has happened with my own Fit Body Boot Camp location (we’re getting an average of two new clients each day, which I’ll tell you about in a moment).

Of course with over 160 coaching and consulting clients and hundreds of Fit Body Boot Camp locations worldwide I get to test out my most successful experiments across a bunch of different types of fitness centers around the world to see how they really work.

And the three client getting things that have been working best across the board right now are Facebook marketing (NOT BUYING “LIKES”), email marketing, and referral generation contests.

With Facebook we’re running ads to fans of our location as well as targeting them by gender, age, and zip code/code. I know I just said that we’re not buying “likes”, and we’re not. But we do have a fan page and our fan page has organically gotten a couple hundred likes that we’ve gotten organically, and they’re super targeted prospects.

Plus, we’re inviting folks who are on our email list to “like” our fan page as well (which is another way to grow your fan page without buying likes) so that we can market to them via email and through Facebook ads.

The thing we’re offering is a 21 day summer slim down program. So folks will go right from our Facebook news feed ads to our 21 day summer slim down sales page where they can buy the offer.

Right now we’re spending $10 a day and getting an average of two sales a day at $39 each.

Fifty percent of these 21 day clients are converting into long term 6 and 12 month members so the ROI on this promo is through the roof.

Screen Shot 2014-07-01 at 5.22.56 PMEmail marketing has probably been the most consistent and THE “go to” client getting system that’s been working for me, my coaching clients and for FBBC owners.

We’re always building our email list and delivering great content and value in the form of a weekly email newsletter. Our goal with email marketing is simple… get your list of local residents to know, like and trust you and to position yourself as the local fitness expert.

Then a couple times a month we’re making them low barrier offers with email campaigns like the ones mentioned on the bottom of this page.

And finally referrals… for most fitness pros this should be your best source of new clients, because if your clients are happy with your service and the results that they’re getting then they’re going to tell others about you.

Sure there are things you can do to help increase referral generation like hand written thank you cards to your clients, referral generation contests, and letting your new clients know on the day then join that the best compliment they can give you is to refer their friends, family, and co-works to you.

You can use any one of these three client getting strategies this week to get more clients.

Or if you’d like me to help you out, then you may be a good fit for my coaching program. You can learn about the 7 Figure Formula mastermind here.

Talk soon,