Are You Selling Personal Training or Are You Selling Outcomes?

Are you the most popular, in-demand personal trainer in your community? Are you able to charge top-dollar for your services? Have you actually gotten to the point where you’ve stopped focusing on selling personal training because people walk through your door ready to sign on the dotted line?

If you’re not quite there, let me tell you about the type of personal trainer or fitness business owner who IS.

This trainer is known throughout his community because he’s established himself as an expert. He’s built a reputation as the #1 personal trainer in his area by sharing what he knows on social media, on his website, in his emails and through his own information products.Screen Shot 2014-10-06 at 9.23.05 PM

This trainer understands the 80/20 rule of fitness marketing and applies that rule by making it his number one priority to give his clients incredible results and actively pursuing their referrals. They tell everyone they know that he’s responsible for their transformation and those friends, family members, neighbors and co-workers are already sold before they ever walk through his door.

Because this trainer is so in-demand, and because his clients sell their friends before he has to sell them his services, he commands top dollar for his training. He doesn’t even concern himself with pricing competitively for his market, because he’s delivering value and his prospects know that.

In one simple sentence, this person isn’t selling personal training; he’s selling outcomes and that’s why he doesn’t really have to sell at all.

This trainer knows what the most successful people in business know: the key to incredible sales isn’t selling a product; it’s selling how that product will change someone’s life or help them reach their goals.

This is why he can charge what he feels his personal training is worth, instead of trying to price his services according to the area market. While all of his competitors are cutting their prices to compete with each other, this guy is consistently raising his.

Screen Shot 2014-10-06 at 9.28.03 PMFerrari would never think about staying competitive with Toyota because Ferrari is in a class of one. It doesn’t need to compete with Toyota or anyone else for that matter. And people pay crazy money for a Ferrari because they want what driving a Ferrari will make them feel.

You probably think that this ideal personal trainer, this guy who is in a class of his own and doesn’t compete with every other fitness business in town, is just a product of my imagination – but he’s not. I see and talk to this personal trainer every day.

That’s because there are a ton of Fit Body Boot Camp owners who are dominating their communities and standing head and shoulders above the rest. People like Sean Barker, Stephanie Flynn, Shawna Kaminski, Sonya Gonzalez, Josh Carter, Jeff Sherman, John and Cara Eckerman, Riccardo Scala, Butch Nieves, Rebecca Tabbert, and Sean Francis just to name a few… all of these people are earning multiple six figures and even seven figures annually. All of these people are THAT personal trainer.

If you remember nothing else you hear from me all week, remember this: you are not selling personal training – you are selling outcomes. If you’re not the trainer I’ve just described, you’re probably still trying to sell a product. Stop it. Refocus. Redesign your purpose.

Committed to Your Success,