Why Having Your Clients on Recurring Income Will Grow Your Fitness Business

One of the biggest lessons you can learn as a personal trainer is that there’s people’s ability to buy, and then there’s their desire to buy.

But as a service professional, we often think that, well, because they have the ability to buy, they’re gonna buy our services.

Your desire, your willingness to buy, makes you a client.

How to Avoid Putting on the Sales Hat Every Time

Your job is to sell them the vision, the experience, and to overcome objections before they ever give them to you.

That way, when it’s time for you to ask for the sale, the only answer they can give you is “Yes, I’ll take the three or the four times a week.”

You win and they win. You win their money and they win their life and health back.

In the mid 90’s, personal training was sold like this:

Someone would come into your fitness gym and say, “Hey, I think I’m interested in personal training.”

You would put them through one free workout, then you would say, “All right, you wanna buy a 5 session, 10 session, or 20 session block?”

Whether they bought 10, 20, it doesn’t matter. When those sessions are done, you have to take off your personal trainer hat, put on your sales hat, and go, “All right Mrs. Jones, do you wanna buy 5 more, 10 more, 20 more?”

And it’s always this uncomfortable situation.

There’s so many weird businesses out there right now that should have their clients on a recurring income.

If you have to convince your clients to sign up for more sessions every couple of months, you’re running the risk of potentially losing your client.

Which means you’re also losing income for the following months.

You Can Charge More For Your Service

For my case, because I was a broke personal trainer and because our industry didn’t make this a standard thing, I just assumed that nobody would pay $500, $800, $1200 a month.

When I opened up my personal training studios, all of my clients were on recurring income.

I had over 600 clients on recurring revenue for a 12-month commitment. And so they were buying my receivable.

It was because of that that I had my first multiple, six-figure buyout in my late 20s, which to me seemed like a million dollars at the time.

Build your business with the assumption that if somebody wants to buy it, it is a desirable business to be bought.

Committed to your success,