Fitness Business – 10 Steps to Success

Reaching fitness business success has everything to do with planning, building systems to reach your goals, and MINDSET. That’s right, in order to win you’ve got to plan for it, work hard, and expect it to happen or it never will.

Now, you’ve probably heard me say over and over again that fear and self-doubt are the two most limiting emotions ever. And I’ll say it again because it’s so incredibly true: cut the fear and self-doubt and focus on how you’re going to turn your business into the success it was meant to be. You’ve got to have it in your head that you can and will be a success, then work your ass off to get there.

fearselfdoubtIt’s such a simple thing, but one of the hardest obstacle to get over. So the sooner that you realize that you deserve success, and face up to work that you’re ultimately going to have to put in, the better off you and business will be.

With that being said, starting a fitness business may not be for every personal trainer out there. It’s not for the faint of heart and it’s not for your “average” personal trainer who only gets “average” results. Starting a business from the ground up is for those of who you are brave enough, patient enough, and persistent enough to overcome whatever life throws your way. Drive and bounce-back-ability is what I like to call it.

So with mindset being the #1 thing you need to work on the most (if it’s not already wired for positivity and success), here are the other 10 steps to fitness business success:


Just like developing the mindset for success is important, so is the company you keep. Are you fully supported by your friends and family? Do they want you to start this business? Are they backing you 100%? Do they think you can do it?

You’ve got to ask yourself these questions and evaluate the people in your life. The ones you love influence almost everything you do, so if they’re not 100% behind you or just really negative in general then maybe it’s time to cut your losses and limit your interactions with them. It’s not only good for your mindset, it’s good for you business too. As tough or as harsh as it may sound, you’ve got to be willing to let go of what’s not working in order to focus on what is.

Support should not only come from your loved ones, it could come from peers and other personal trainer and small business owners. Networking and meeting people who are at the level of success that you want to reach is like a major wake up call. They inspire you to do better and prove that it can be done.

Start going to fitness business events and investing more in yourself and your education in fitness. Put yourself out there and join or build an accountability group. That kind of support is seriously priceless. So is hiring a fitness business coach or a mentor- they’ll let you in on all the mistakes that they’ve made and help you to avoid them. That’s the kind of support you should be after.

Figure Out Cost

Have you really sat down and thought about how much starting your business will cost? This is crucial to deciding whether or not it’s time to go all in or not. Starting a personal training business or boot camp does cost money. It doesn’t have to be a whole lot, but you do have to have some change to get started.

calcFactor in things like rent, air conditioning or heating, internet and phone connection, a computer to work on, equipment, the build out process including paint and fixing up the place, marketing, and whatever else might come up.

Tip: Start small and scale it up. Don’t go overboard and overspend on your new gym or boot camp like it’s your only chance to make it look nice. Take care of your necessities first. Once you grow your business and get a steady stream of clients in there, then you can build out your dream gym.

Pick Your Location

When it comes down to picking your location, you’ve got a few options here. Decide on what you’re rent budget should be and contact a commercial realtor and have them show you around a few places that are in your budget. Don’t immediately think that you have to be in a highly visible place in order to get clients. Let your marketing do that for you.

Your goal should be to find a light industrial to industrial area like a business or office park. Try not to go for places with thousands upon thousands of square feet unless you know you can afford it. Like I said, start small then scale it up.

Research your area well. Use the realtor that you contact to help you with that as well. Try to figure out where your potential clients live and work and you’ll be much better off, especially if you’re selling big ticket fitness programs. Which brings me to my next point…

Focus Your Marketing

Find your target market and focus the hell out of your marketing message. What kind of personal training do you specialize in and what group of people will benefit the most from it? Think hard about who your ideal client is. What are their deepest desires? What keeps them up at night? How does what you provide solve their innermost issues?
The reason it’s so important to narrow down your training expertise is because you need your marketing to be tailored to your audience in order for it to affect them in such a way that they’ll seek you and your service out.

Do you already do something like women only boot camps or training? Great! But that’s kind of broad, so narrow it down even more. Specialize in rapid fat loss? Go with new moms! They’re a great group to focus on because you can learn to speak their language. New moms are concerned with getting back to their pre-pregnancy bodies quickly so with this in mind, you can craft an amazing marketing message that is sure to get their attention.

Brand Yourself

Don’t drive yourself crazy with trying to come up with a fancy logo right off the bat if you don’t have any good ideas yet, but it is a good thing to think about.

Branding your business will help set it apart even further and give your clients something they can be proud of. Don’t just put your name all over it either, like John Doe’s Fitness Gym, unless you’ve already built up your authority online and in your local community.


Picking your target market will help with your branding too, if you’re struggling to come up with a sexy name for your new boot camp or personal training business. Don’t just stop with the name of your business. Name and sexify your fitness programs too. Like the 14 Day Fat Furnace or 21 Day Rapid Fat Loss. Make it specific and sexy. Always sexy.

Web Presence

Get your business online now, if it’s not already. Start your Facebook Fan Page, Twitter account, Google Place page, any and everything you can think of. Your clients are online and if you’re not marketing to them and keeping constant contact then you’re missing out big time.

Post helpful and useful content that helps your clients lose weight or go through your training easier. Share testimonials and case studies to prove that you’re the best in your area when it comes to training.

Get a nice looking website and start a blog. Keep up your web presence or hire someone to do it for you if it’s not your favorite task. Learn a little SEO (search engine optimization) to help get your website to the number one page on Google. Get your business’ name online.

Local Presence

Not only should you get your business online sooner rather than later, you also need to develop a local presence and build your authority.
If you’re known around town as being the best, then clients and referrals will start automatically coming to you. Start contributing to local publications and writing columns on getting fit and losing weight. Whatever your expertise are- share them.

Get involved with your community and the things that matter to you and your clients. Support local charities and rally your clients to support them as well. Host charity events and fundraisers and show how much you care about the community around you.

Hire an Assistant

Screen Shot 2014-03-25 at 1.01.58 PMAn assistant will help you to focus on the things that grow your business the most, like marketing. Hiring one will not only make your life easier, but it will help your business run as smoothly as possible.

Can’t afford one yet? Trade training for a few hours a week. Over time and after a few more clients sign on, you may be able to afford them full time.

Get and Keep Clients

Marketing will get you leads and prospects, but selling is what will really get you the clients you need. So invest in learning how to close clients better, if selling isn’t your strong point.

Keep in mind that retaining clients for longer periods of time is a lot more cost effective than it is to attract new clients. Start by selling them what they need. If you know that they’ll need at least 6 months of training to lose 20 pounds and however many inches then sell them that. Don’t try and sell single session packages because it’s not worth having to attract new clients over and over again to profit.

Be good to your clients once they sign on and keep them happy. Send them little gifts here and there, just because. Host parties and bbq’s every once in a while. They’ll love you and appreciate you for it and be more likely to refer their friends and family.

Don’t Forget Insurance

Need I say more? Don’t get caught without it or your brand new business will have to pay the price.

Committed to your success,
Bedros Keuilian