Should You Shut Down Your Fitness Business?

Maybe you should just quit.

What’s the point in running your own business if you’re hardly making enough money to survive?

If you’re just going to make a mediocre income trying to run your own business, then you may as well work at the big box gym and not have to worry about any business logistics, right?

I quitAt least as an employee you won’t have to deal with the day to day BS of running a business – you can just work, get paid, and maybe even get health insurance or something average like that.

If you’re okay with being neutered, having your dreams of success stifled, and having others tell you what to do and when to do it, then this is a totally acceptable alternative for you.

I hope by this point you’re catching my sarcasm.

But if you decide to give up on your gym or boot camp and end up quitting and getting a day job then make sure you stop reading my blogs and get off my email list, OK?

As far as I’m concerned you’re not allowed to quit, give up, or throw in the towel.

You’re also not allowed to be broke, barley make it each month, or struggle to get clients.

You’re an awesome fitness expert and you deserve you to have a boatload of clients, charge a premium, and make really good money each month!

But for that to happen you’ve got to start investing in yourself. 

You can’t just go out and get another certification and think that you’ll magically end up with more clients- it doesn’t work that way.

You’ve got to give up ‘control’ and embrace leadership.

You’ve got to value yourself and your clients enough and invest in programs like this course to find out exactly what you’re doing wrong with your business, fix all of your marketing and sales issues, and maximize your income while reducing the amount of hours you have to work every week!

Nothing wrong with making REALLY good money and still having time to enjoy it, you know?

Seriously though, there’s never a good enough reason to train at the big box gyms because you can ALWAYS do better on your own if you can just get out of your own way and actually invest your business.

I mean you expect your clients to invest in you and your services, right?

What have you done in the last 60 days to invest in your business, marketing, selling, and referrals generation?

And if you bought something like a course or program – have you read, watched, and used it?

Listen, the business of fitness is not complicated…

Over 80% of the population are fat, sick, bloated, tired, stressed out and eating like crap.

There’s no shortage of prospective clients out there – you’re city is full of potential clients who are willing to pay you an obscene amount of money to train with you.

enchillada2013You simply need to implement the right marketing and selling tactics and strategies that will boost your business and flood it with new clients.

And what’s so great about this is that it’s not all that complicated.

It isn’t rocket science, it just comes down to having the right knowledge— knowledge that you can easily learn and study if you have the right resources.

And that’s what I want to talk to you about today in this email: fitness business resources.

If you’re just starting your personal training or boot camp business, or you need to systematize and revitalize your aging business, then you’ll find the 21 tips below to be infinitely valuable.

Marketing & Lead Generation 

1 – Learn Direct Response. Don’t bother with making a business card or trying to brand your business.

2 – Learn to write sales copy. You’ll never afford a professional copywriter and you don’t need to, just figure it out yourself.

3 – Engage with your community. The best marketing doesn’t reach everyone, it reaches the people who matter and who want what you have.

4 – The Giving Hand. Always come with an offer, a gift, or something free. Start every new relationship with generosity and kindness, and you’ll do better than your competitor.

5 – Master Email Marketing. This is it. There is no marketing channel more important, more powerful and more effective than email marketing. In fact you can try the #1 automated email marketing program for trainers for a $1 on this site

6 – Social Media. Be active. Share client success stories and before and after picture. Post fitness and nutrition tips. Forget about getting “likes”, get LEADS instead. Offer Low Barrier Programs to folks who follow you or who you target to on Facebook.

7- Spend Money Wisely. I’m willing to wager your marketing budget isn’t all that sizable. That’s fine, just don’t waste in on crap that doesn’t work. Every dollar you invest should produce results.

Client Interaction

8 – Be the absolute best. If you aren’t the best, then become the best. If you are the best, stay there with constant improvement.

9 – Create a family atmosphere. Your clients aren’t at the gym or a studio or any uncomfortable place— they’re at home. Make them feel like this and they’ll never stop coming.

10 – Exceed expectations. Don’t get hung up on petty issues like contracts or disputes. Give your clients what they want, even if you have to take a hit, and you’ll establish a reputation as a wonderful businessperson.

11 – Use EFT. You NEED this. If you aren’t using Electronic Funds Transfer get ready for your life to be transformed. Don’t you want predictable, reliable income?

FBBC Results12 – Guarantee and deliver results. You need both or you’ll never make it.

13 – Master the referral. If you aren’t getting referrals then fix whatever is wrong and start getting them before your business goes under. Here’s the formula for referrals: Results + Community + Follow up = Referrals 

14 – Energy, Enthusiasm, Encouragement. Pretty much everything we do boils down to these three Es.

Selling and Closing

15 – Use a process that works. You need reliable results and they only come with a reliable process that closes 9 out of 10 prospects.

16 – Always ask for the sale. Never imply and don’t chicken out right at the end but don’t push too hard either or you’ll scare them away.

17 – Decorate your place with social proof. Use posters, flyers, scrapbooks or videos, whatever it takes to show the newbies how amazing your clients are. Then they’ll want to be amazing too.

18 – Don’t be afraid to do free. Sometimes you’ve got to give them a taste and that means one or too free workouts— don’t be stingy!

19 – Low Barrier Offers. These are the ultimate funnels for getting tons of new clients. Remember our little chat about the 14-Day Fat Furnace? Yeah, go use that if you haven’t already.

20 – Customer Service 101. Make them feel welcome and wanted before they even step foot inside your facility. Serve them and they’ll serve it up— serve up their money, that is.

Info Marketing21 – Become the Closer. Yup, that needs to be you. You’re the designated hitter, the ‘sure thing’ the team calls when the bases are loaded and there are two outs. Conquer the close, get good at selling and you’ll always have more clients than you know what to do with.

Look, I can only go into so much detail here. But I can turn you onto three of my programs that will have your personal training or boot camp business busting at the seams.

1) The PT Business Course – every marketing, lead generation and business system you need.

2) Close Clients – the #1 fitness selling script and process on the planet (no joke).

3) FitPro Newsletter – automated email list building and email marketing. Does all the list building for you.

Invest in yourself and in your business.

If you have a fitness business then it may as well make you 10X the money and get you 10X the clients.

It’s not going to take any more efforts to 10X your business. It’s just a matter of focusing the effort you’re making now in the right place and in the right way.

Talk soon,