3 Awesome Boot Camp Marketing Ideas You May Not Have Tried Yet

Even though you should always have a boot camp marketing plan in place and tried and true tools that you use repeatedly, you also need to shake things up a bit from time to time. You’ll never find great new strategies that boost your business if you’re not looking periodically for new things to try.

The various boot camp marketing strategies that I share with you on this blog, in my videos, during Fitness Business Summits and in my packaged marketing products all came from trying out new ideas and seeing how they worked. You need to do the same thing with your business.

Screen Shot 2014-07-15 at 3.56.25 PMIt’s easy to get stuck in a marketing rut. It’s easy to keep working the same four or five marketing programs and neglect new strategies that might breathe new life into your marketing plan and multiply your membership and your income.

I want to share with you three boot camp marketing strategies that have done very well for me personally and for some of the highest earning boot camp owners I know. There’s a decent chance that at least one of them will be something you haven’t tried yet. For some of you, all of them will be new. They’ve proven to be extremely effective and you should consider implementing them ASAP.

The Gift Card Promotion
Several years ago, I realized that I was ignoring the marketing strategies used outside the fitness industry, which meant I was neglecting a potential goldmine of marketing that would set me apart from other fitness businesses and their marketing strategies.

Fitness boot camps, gyms and personal trainers tend to copy each other when it comes to promotions and marketing. Pretty soon, every fitness business in town is doing the same thing and your boot camp is lost in the crowd. But if you look outside the fitness industry, to businesses like beauty salons, tanning salons, even restaurants, you’ll find they’re doing completely different things, things that can be adapted to your business, things every boot camp in town isn’t already doing.

This was how I hit on the idea of using plastic gift cards as a marketing promotion. I had a bunch of them made, right down to the magnetic strip on the back. They were good for $100 off of a training package. I passed them out to prospects and I handed some to each of my clients to give to their friends. They had a much higher perceived value for those people than a paper coupon or voucher, because to those people, it was like a gift card with $100 on it. These cards did very well for me.

Not only should you consider having some of these made (with whatever value you want) but you also should look at local businesses outside the fitness industry. What marketing tools are they using successfully that you could adapt to your boot camp?

Screen Shot 2014-07-15 at 4.07.51 PMFacebook Marketing on Your Clients’ Pages
You probably already have a Facebook page for your boot camp and I hope that you’re posting on it daily, whether it’s an announcement about your next transformation challenge, a low-barrier offer or just pictures of some of your sessions that day.

But you should also be marketing on your clients’ Facebook pages. I’m not talking about your posts showing up on their timelines, I’m talking about posting right to their pages. Take a great picture of Mary weighing in that morning and post it on her page with a comment about how proud you are of her progress and your gratitude for being allowed to help her reach her goals.

Then when anyone posts a comment (you should ask Facebook to notify you about additional comments on the post) cheering Mary on, you should comment to that person, thanking them for supporting Mary and inviting them to come down for a free session or even a free week of training. You’d be amazed at how many people you can reach and how many new clients you can acquire this way, and it doesn’t cost you a dime.

Conditioning Your Clients to Refer Friends…..right at the sign-up
A lot of boot camp owners wait until a client has been with them quite a while before they ask for referrals. Or they sort of hunt and peck at the idea of referrals by mentioning at the end of a session now and then that referrals are always welcome. This is a huge waste of a potentially huge market. Referrals are the sweetest low-hanging fruit there is.

Instead of halfheartedly asking for referrals or waiting months to ask a client to refer you, why not condition your clients to give you referrals right from the get-go?

When clients are in the process of signing up, they’re excited, they’re positive and they’re feeling great about training. Take advantage of that by asking them straight-up if they would commit to referring you to their friends, as you commit to helping them reach their results. Explain that you’re excited about helping them get what they want and ask them to help you get what you want in return, which is to grow your business and help even more people.

When you address this at the very beginning, you not only have a chance to get a few names right then and there, you also make it much easier and more natural to ask them for referrals later. They will expect it and you will feel more comfortable with it as well, decreasing the chance that you’ll let too much low-hanging fruit fall to the ground and rot.

If you aren’t using all three of these boot camp marketing strategies, you should be. Write them into your marketing plan today and start implementing them tomorrow. Every week you let them collect dust is a week of wasted potential income.

Even worse, the boot camp down the street might beat you to it.