3 Rules that Make or Break Every Sale

Hey everybody, quick question: are you closing 9 out of every 10 prospects that walk through your door?person going to do fitness behind magic doorway background


Well, my friend, you need to fix that.

The fitness industry is growing every day. It’s a HOT market, which also means it’s a TOUGH market. It’s a market where only one kind of person survives: the closer.

And if you want to be a closer, you need to close 9 out of every 10 prospects.

And whatever your closing rate is now, I want to help make you a closer.

That’s why today I want cover 3 simple rules that make or break every sale. If you aren’t closing 9 out of 10 already then you DEFINITELY need to review these rules and keep them in mind for your next sale!

Rule #1 – Let Your Prospect Do 60% of the Talking. 

Now I know this rule can be tough… to be honest, there I times where I still have to remind myself of this one.

So, yes, you need to let your prospect do 60% of the talking. I don’t care what you’re selling, I don’t care who you’re selling to; let them do 60% of the talking.

I know, it’s a little counter-intuitive… after all, aren’t YOU the one doing the selling?

Yes, you are.

That means you don’t really have much to say.

Oh, I know that you offer an amazing product and you could talk to ends of the Earth about how great your training is. BUT, your prospect only cares about one thing…


Specifically, will your offering make your prospect’s life better, happier, and healthier? Of course it will – so now you need to help them recognize this fact.

And I can tell you that the way to do that is NOT by explaining how it works – your prospect does not, and probably will not ever, care how it works. They just want the benefits.

So how do you communicate those benefits?

You listen to your prospect carefully so you can discover what their objections are. Only then can you tackle those objections and make them see ONLY the huge value in your product.

benefits red square grungy vintage isolated stamp

THIS is why you have to let them do 60% of the talking. You see, prospects aren’t in the habit of cutting to the chase like you are. They need time to grow comfortable with you, sort out their feelings, etc.

Besides, if your prospect has bothered to sit down and meet with you, that means on some level they already know the benefits of your product.

Think about it: who in the right mind would sit down for a consultation with someone who kinda sorta knows how to burn fat? Your prospect walked through your doors because they think and hope you can GUARANTEE fat loss!

Your job as a closer is to help your prospect DECIDE on joining up, and you can easily do that while only talking 40% of time… or less!

And if you’re really serious about closing clients… boy have I got a system for you.

Rule #2 – Sell to Your Client, Not Yourself

Again, this one is tough, partially because it’s very easy to break this rule without even noticing.

Let me give you an example:

If you could have the workout of your dreams, what would it look like? Seriously, the sky’s the limit – imagine anything.

Now I don’t know exactly what you’re imagining, but I’m guessing it includes some pretty advanced, specific stuff. Maybe there’s a magical machine designed to perfect your calves, or you’ve got the most delicious, nutritious protein shake ever waiting for your post-workout.

Attractive young woman with a protein shake holding thumbs upIt’s such a wonderful dream, right? If it were real, you could probably sell it to anyone, right?


Here’s the thing: whatever you’re imagining is way too complicated for most prospects. In fact, if you tried to sell them on your dream program they would probably get freaked out and run away just out of confusion.

You need to figure out your prospects’ dream workout and sell them that.

Want to know what their dream workout is? It’s incredibly simple:


Seriously, that’s it. That’s the program that your prospects are looking for, and if you can prove that you have it you will close 9 out of 10 clients.

Want to know what else will help you close 9 out of 10 clients? My expert sales system honed over my many years of building 6 and 7 figure businesses. This is HOW I GOT MY SUCCESS! You owe it to yourself to learn more.

Rule #3 – The Rule of Seven

This is one of the oldest rules in marketing… which means it’s also the one of the most tested and true.

The Rule of Seven says that you need to ask your prospect to buy seven times before you’ll get the sale.

Remember in Rule #1 how I said you should only talk 40% of the time? Well, in case you’re wondering what to do with that 40%, let me tell you.

Ask for the sale.

Use the test close. 


That should add up to 7 asks every time.Golden number seven on white

This part of how you help your prospect decide to buy the thing they already want. This is how you become an “assistant buyer” as I like to say.

You gently but firmly remind them that you can give life-changing results, and you ask them to give YOU the equivalent value.

Now are you ready to follow these rules and become a real closer? I know some you still need more… some of you like to learn by example.

Good news: I have a program where you can watch me, step-by-step, walk through my ENTIRE sales formula, then watch me role play a sales presentation. For you learn-by-example types, this is best sales education tool you’ll ever find. Come over to Close Clients now to learn more.

Committed to your success,