The 3 Things You Need to Get Rich in Fitness

Here is how most people make their living and end up broke when they reach retirement age:

jobThey go get a job.

They put in an acceptable effort at that job every day. Not an outstanding effort or even a great effort, just an acceptable one.

They manage not to say or do anything stupid, and they never bother moving to a new city or trying out a different career path.

So, pretty much by default, they get a little pay raise each year.

And that little raise is usually NOT enough to keep up with inflation, lifestyle changes, or emergencies.

This is called “linear income.” And unless you happen to work in an absurdly wealthy industry, linear income WILL NEVER give you enough money to live a better lifestyle now or take care of yourself when you get old.

Now look, I’m living proof that you can make BANK in the fitness industry…but I don’t need to remind you that the linear income for most personal training jobs sucks.


You need to start building exponential income for yourself. “Exponential income” is when your income goes soaring upward each year and, heck, maybe each month.

It’s when you have enough money to lead an awesome lifestyle right now, while also saving enough money to protect yourself and your family in the future.

Basically, exponential income allows you to have riches and wealth at the same time.

Doesn’t that sound great?

Sounds great to me! And that’s why, many years ago, I made the decision to turn pro and become a fitness entrepreneur.

Because the path to exponential income IS to become a top-performing entrepreneur. Sorry, pal. It’s just not possible with a day job.

So today I’m showing you the THREE CRUCIAL THINGS you need to have if you want to get rich and build wealth in the fitness industry!

Thing #1 – Speed


The entrepreneurs who succeed in any industry, at any point in history, no matter where they come from, are the ones who move FAST.

That’s not to say that you have to be the absolute fastest or that speed trumps everything else. It is possible to go speeding straight into the gutter…but knowing my audience, the vast majority you reading this have the exact opposite problem.Turtle Slow Dollar

You’re moving too slow.

Or, even worse, you’re waiting.

Frankly, I don’t even care what you’re waiting for – the economy, feeling “ready,” a sign from the heavens – GET YOUR ASS MOVING!

In the life of an entrepreneur, there are opportunities everywhere, but they open and shut so quickly that you just gotta reach in and grab them the second you see them.

No, you will never have “enough information.” That’s okay. All the information you truly need to know you’re going to learn by doing.

If you’re working in a box gym and there’s even the tiniest part of you that thinks you can be an entrepreneur – quit.

I’m dead serious. Quit the false safety of your linear income and go make something happen. Open your own studio. Where? Anywhere you can. Just do it.

When your name is on the line for your business, you will have your mind blown by how much you learn. And your areas of weakness will become extremely obvious…meaning you can seek out the exact education you need.

(Let me take an educated guess here: it’s selling. You are going to struggle hard on your own to sell clients on your training. Trust me – I was terrible at it when I first started…and because I feel for you as a new entrepreneur, I’ve created this incredible program that will teach you my 9 out of 10 closing strategy. That’s right – I close 9 out of every 10 prospects I meet. Get it here!)

OR…maybe you’ve already got a fitness business humming along comfortably with a decent flow of new clients and a tidy little profit.

Good for you! Now make it uncomfortable. Commit to closing twice as many clients in the next month. Double your marketing budget. Try out that wild, crazy idea you’ve had brewing in the back of your mind.

I’m not talking theoretical stuff here. I mean it.

Do it. DO IT. Now. Today.

Every time you take massive action, you get one of two possible results:

1 – It works, and you get a massive boost in income.

2 – It fails, and you learn a priceless lesson about how to run your business.


Thing #2 – Scale


There’s really two sides to scale that I want to talk about here…one side is pretty obvious.

Scale means making the numbers bigger.

3d rising arrow formed by numbersLike I was just saying, you can double your marketing budget at any time.

Same goes for your closing rate.

Same goes for the length of your marketing promos.

Same goes for your targeting radius on Facebook ads.

Same goes for your prices.

Basically…any number that measures your impact on the community and the profits you get in return is a number you should constantly be pushing upwards.


What matters is that you commit to make the push and back it up by doing whatever it takes to keep the push going.

If you decide to raise your prices, then you commit to providing an even better service to your clients than you were before.

If you commit to making your marketing promos longer, you make sure you close those new prospects coming in at a high enough rate to cover the increased investment.

If you decide to scale up your closing rate, you study the master selling techniques I have ready for you to make sure you’re truly mastering the craft.

Now the other side of scale is much subtler…

If a business is going to scale, it needs to be scalable, right?

So what makes a business scalable?

A business is scalable when the things that are working are easy to repeat, AND the business doesn’t have any leaks.

Did you craft an email series that sends people flooding through your doors when you run it? Great! Keep it and plug it into your marketing calendar every year.

Have you mastered the process of closing clients? Awesome – now train your staff to become closers just like you (or start hiring sales people).

Watch out for leaks though! A leak is anything in your business that sucks time, money, and energy out of you and your team without doing anything to serve you.

Once you’ve spotted a leak, you need to delegate it, outsource it, or cut it completely as soon as you can.

Thing #3 – ROI


You’ve probably heard of Return on Investment (ROI) before…but most people I’ve noticed look at ROI in a far too narrow way.

For example, let’s say you run a Facebook ad leading to a $50 LBO and spend $500 on it.Pixelated ROI

And let’s say you get 6 people to sign up for that LBO, earning you $300.

Pay attention, because this where most people screw up big time…

The silly trainer will look at that and say “I just lost $200 on that ad! I’m never running this stupid thing again.”

His loss. Here’s what the smart trainer says:

“I’ve got 6 people coming in for this LBO…and I bet I can close at least 3 of them on training. I charge $175 per month, and my clients usually stay for 8 months…

“So that’s $4,200 in revenue for me after I spent $500 on my Facebook ad. What an amazing deal! I’m running this thing again!”

THAT is how you calculate ROI. THAT is how you build wealth, riches, and exponential income.

By the way…I’ve found that there’s one particular thing that pretty much has higher ROI than anything else on Earth…

This is one particular asset that will NEVER let you down, give you enormous boosts in profits, and require only a tiny investment on your part…

I’m talking about investing in your own knowledge and skills!

And since you’re a badass fitness entrepreneur, your top most important skill will ALWAYS be selling! Get Close Clients today to learn my all-time master selling system that I have used to close 9 out of 10 clients and close them on HUGE, long-term, big ticket training packages!

Committed to your success,