5 Tricks to Help You Master the Facebook Ad

Facebook can make or break your marketing strategy, so you need to learn how to use it well ASAP.

My buddies and I have created tons of successful Facebook ads, and let me tell you…

There’s a lot of art that goes into crafting a great Facebook ad.

number signsPart of that comes from Facebook’s bizarre standards for what makes an acceptable ad and what doesn’t. Sometimes they’ll reject your ad over the smallest detail, even if that detail is something they let slide before. 

So unfortunately, there’s always going to be an element of trial and error… but don’t worry, because I’ve got 5 awesome tricks that will help you master the Facebook ad quick. 

Tip #1 – Practice Your Copy with Promoted Posts


If you’re new to Facebook marketing, or even just copywriting in general, this tip will help you get past your initial nerves…

There are two main types of Facebook ads we’re going to look at in this blog post: promoted posts and link ads. There’s lot you can do with both types, but you’re gonna get your feet wet with promoted posts.

Before I tell you why, let me explain what a promoted post is.

A promoted post is when you take a normal old Facebook post with a pretty image and some great copy and you “promote” it either by hitting the “Boost Post” button or by going into Ads Manager and setting up a “Promoted Post.”

For the purposes of this blog post, either method will work. Using “Promoted Post” gives you a few more pricing and targeting options, but you can experiment with that later.

When you promote a post, you pay Facebook to send that post out to people who wouldn’t normally see it. This is how you generate leads from people in your area and in your demographic.

And the best part about promoted posts is that you can edit your copy later.

Is nobody responding to your ad? Or worse, is it getting a negative response? Tweak it!

Remember what I always say: take imperfect action. Use promoted posts NOW to start generating leads and hone your copywriting skills by putting them to work.

Tip #2 – Streamline Conversion with Link Ads


Copywriting flat illustration conceptOnce you’re writing copy like a pro (or hiring someone to do it for you) it’s time to start using link ads.

You can’t edit a link ad after you post it, which is why it’s so important to trust your copy going in, but they do have one huge advantage…

Every part of a link ad is a clickable link.

The image, the copy, the headline – wherever your prospect clicks, they’ll go to your landing page.

Remember, people on the internet are impulsive – sometimes a single extra click is too much effort for them.

So you want them to reach your landing page with as few clicks as possible.

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You can create link ads through Ads Manager, and unfortunately, this is where Facebook’s standards get really weird…

Tip #3 – Remember the 20% Text Rule


Like I said, there’s a lot of trial and error that goes into figuring out Facebook’s restrictions.

HOWEVER, I’ll save you a lot of time by pointing this one easy to follow rule:

For link ads, you can only have 20% of your image filled with text.

That’s an easy one, so don’t let Facebook reject your perfectly good ad over this silly technicality.

Tip #4 – Use the Split Test


As you get more comfortable with promoted posts and link ads, start using split tests to figure out which images and which copy are the most effective at driving leads.

A split test is when you make multiple different versions of the same ad, publish them side by side, and keep track of which one gets the bigger response.

There’s plenty of room to experiment here: maybe you’ve got some killer copy but you have no idea which image to pair with it. Or, maybe you have two totally different ad ideas but your long-term budget only has room for one.

You can change bits and pieces of your ad between splits, or you can test with completely different ads.

Whatever you do, the idea is to always keep what works and trim away what doesn’t.

So split test away – use these tests to hone your craft.

Tip #5 – Contact Your Opt-Ins ASAP


Remember what I said about Internet people being impulsive? Guess what: same thing is true for weight loss consumers. That means you’re dealing with some seriously short attention spans.vecchi telefonini

To counter that, you need to IMMEDIATELY contact anyone who opt-ins on your landing page.

Have their email? Send to it. Have their number? Call it. Sometimes a mere 24 hours is all it takes for a prospect to lose their motivation or give up on themselves.

You have a responsibility to reach them right at that crucial moment when they’re dissatisfied enough to change but hopeful enough to follow through.

Hey, you know what can really help you out with this? FitPro. FitPro comes with a notification system that will contact you whenever you get an opt-in on your landing page. Sounds great doesn’t it? Check it out now: https://fitproconnect.com/

Use these tips to dominate Facebook – I’ll see you there!

Committed to your success,