5 Tricks That Will Take Your Video Sales Letter to the Next Level

I can make your video sales letter get more sales than it’s ever gotten before…

I just need to you pay attention to the 5 all-important tricks I’m about to give you.

I’ve noticed lately that a lot of you fitness business owners are going for video over everything else. You don’t want to blog, you’ve already automated your email, and you certainly don’t want to mail out letters.

Retro TV with an antenna, wooden Cabinet, vintagePersonally, I’m all about having as many poles in the water as I can get…

But I understand – video is fun! And it’s getting a lot of attention right now. You probably already know this, but I’m big on YouTube marketing.

But I gotta tell you…video sales letters require just as much care and technique as any kind of written content.

That’s why I’ve put together this list of 5 amazing tricks you can use to take your VSL to the next level.

Trick #1 – The Benefit Headline


What, you thought headlines were only for articles and blog posts?

Nope, headlines are just as important for videos – if not more so.

Think of all the millions upon millions of videos on the internet. Why should anybody watch yours?

You’ve got to grab their attention with the title – or headline – of your video. And I’m going to show you a simple, proven formula for doing that. 

Here it is:

# Things + Amazing Result – Pain Point(s)

# Things is an odd number of some powerful object that your prospect will get from your video. It can be “Tips” or “Ways” or “Steps” or “Secrets” or, hey, even “Tricks.”

Amazing Result is a very clear benefit that is important to your prospect. “Lose Weight” or “Get in Shape” or “Shed 40 Pounds” – something like that.

Pain Point is something that your prospect doesn’t want to do OR doesn’t want to lose. Maybe your prospect doesn’t want to lose “Eating Ice Cream.” Or maybe they don’t want to “Spend Hours on the treadmill.”

Put those all together and you have a must-click headline! If you want to see an example of an effective headline, check out this video of mine. (Since this video isn’t exactly a VSL, I only follow part of the formula. Still, it worked!)

Trick #2 – Paraphrase


Odds are, you’re going to have text in your video at some point.

If you’re camera shy, maybe you’ll just talk over a PowerPoint-style slideshow, or you’ll have an animator draw little doodling over a white screen while you talk.Print

Or you’re like me and you consider it part of your 5% to hop in front of the camera and get your face out there.

You’ve probably noticed in my videos that I usually have a wipe board behind me where I write or draw out whatever I’m talking about.

And if you listen really carefully, you’ll notice that what I say out loud is different from what I write on the board.

This isn’t just me be lazy or forgetting my lines – there’s an important reason for this:

When you paraphrase the text in your video, your prospects pay more attention.

Weird, isn’t it? But it makes sense when you think about it…

If the words you speak and the words on screen match up perfectly, that means your video becomes predictable.

In other words, your video becomes boring.

BUT, if the words on screen and the words you say are different, your prospects’ brains will naturally pick up on that and try to reconcile it. As a byproduct of this effect, they’ll absorb more of your pitch and have better odds of converting.

Trick #3 – 3X Your Money Back Guarantee


You probably already know that your video (along with everything else you do) needs to include a money back guarantee…

But HOW are you including that money back guarantee?

Let me tell you: if your prospect only has one way to get their money back, you’re making a huge mistake.

Remember, the whole point of a money back guarantee is to build trust with your prospect. The last thing you want to do is make it look half-hearted for feel like a formality.

So that means you need to give your prospect three different conditions for when the guarantee kicks in.

The first one is obvious, and it’s probably the one you’re already using:

Wax Stamp Money Back (clipping path included)“If you don’t see the Amazing Result after using my product, you can have your money back.”

Makes sense, right? Now the next one is where you prove how generous and trustworthy you are:

“If you don’t feel good about my product after using it, you can have your money back.”

Notice how this condition technically still works even if your product does what it’s supposed to. It’s basically a loophole, right? Some unethical person could enjoy your product for free at this point.

But that’s not a problem, because 99% of people will read that condition and feel really touched that you trust them so much. And because you trust THEM, they will trust YOU.

Finally, the third condition is where you make yourself look even more generous:

“If you don’t like the sound of my voice, you can have your money back.”

You can come up with your own version of this one, but the basic idea is that you want something silly that has nothing to do with your product. This keeps your prospect paying attention and show them that you don’t take yourself too seriously. That way, they see you as a trustworthy, real person instead of a sleazy salesman.

Trick #4 – Imply Your Prospect Has Already Decided to Buy


This trick is so incredibly simple, but you have to keep it in mind all throughout the writing process.

And if the spoken part of your video is different from the text, you need to use it there as well.

This trick has to do with frame of mind – both yours and your prospect’s.

Here’s how it works:

Whenever you describe what your product includes or how to works, always use words that make it sound your prospect has already bought it.

For example, if you’re listing off some of the topics of an info product, you say “You will discover this, this, and that.”

Or if you’re reminding your prospect of the benefits, you say “Your waistline will shrink by 3 inches or more once you use my product!”

If you want to see a full demonstration of this idea in action, check out the mini VSL I have included on one of my sales pages.

Remember how I said this trick has to do with frame of mind? Here’s what I mean:

You prospect will think of your product as something they have already decided on, making them more likely to commit.

YOU will project an aura of confidence in your product, making your pitch more convincing.

Trick #5 – Highlight Subliminal Words


This last trick is also incredibly simple, but perhaps more difficult to master…

For this one, you want to pick your power words and put their font in red.

Now the really really important thing to remember here is that it doesn’t matter WHERE the words show up, only WHAT those words are.

You want to choose words that capture the overall feeling of your pitch – the primary emotion or action you want your prospect to associate with your product.Brain Euro 2015-04-21

Here are some example words: Yes, Buy, Fast, Easy, Great, Simple, Life-Changing, Best, Purchase.

When you make a point to have these words pop out, most of your prospects won’t even notice the difference – but the will FEEL the difference in a big way.

This trick may sound like a really tiny thing, but it’s not – picking out the right power words is one of the biggest topics of my live coaching event, Bedros Live.

Committed to your success,