7 Ways to Grow your Fitness Business to Massive Success

You, my friend, are incredibly lucky. You’re about to experience a guest blog from one of the most successful, most inspirational, and most energetic trainers I’ve ever met!

Samantha Taylor is a passionate personal trainer, incredible business owner, and hugely successful entrepreneur. So get ready because she’s about to teach you 7 secrets that helped her go from absolute and miserable failure to remarkable success.

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Check out her guest blog post below:

Samantha TaylorI have been in the personal training industry for over 20 years. I started training clients in their homes, then moved to a big box gym, and 14 years ago I started out on my own. 

After I left the gym, I struggled for the first 5 years on my own and was told by a financial advisor I should get rid of my business because I was losing about $5,000 a month! And although I was a great trainer, I obviously didn’t know what I was doing with the business side. 

I was actually making a lot more money being a trainer in someone else’s gym then on my own. But then I found Bedros and I have been a coaching client for over 6 years. Now I have two locations which include personal training and two Fit Body Boot Camp’s.

My first location is my own building and my 2nd location I paid cash for all of the build-out and investment it took to get things up and running (which was great not having to take a loan!). I also stopped personal training about 4 years ago to focus solely on running my business.

I tell you these things so you know the information in this post is coming from many years of experience of making the wrong decisions before making the right ones. I am going to ask you some thought provoking questions but if you will take the time to grab a piece of paper and answer these questions, this will help you in your business tremendously.  Let’s do this!

1) Embrace the reality of what can really happen when you get focused.

Sitting down with a piece of paper and crunching some numbers about what can happen in your business can be a motivating experience.  If you could wrap your head around what kind of growth you could truly have if you got really focused in a 90-day period, it would fire you up. 

We get used to the same status quo and when we get out of our own way and start to believe we can have more, we can do more and we can be more, then we will be!  Dare to dream a little and write down what would happen in your life if you actually doubled your business in the next 90 days.

Where could you travel?  What debt could you pay off? What could you buy? Who could you help financially?  Dream big, set big numbers and get out of the box in your mind of what you think is possible.

Samantha Taylor 12) Track your progress and make adjustments if you are not hitting your numbers.

You cannot expect what you don’t inspect. If you set a plan of what you want to accomplish but you are not tracking it and making sure that you are hitting your numbers, then a month will go by and it will be too late to do anything about it for that month.

You need to set a plan and track your progress weekly, not at the end of the month. That is one big mistake I have made, I wasn’t looking at my numbers until the month was over, then I would realize I didn’t hit my goal when I couldn’t do anything about it for that month.  So at least start looking at your numbers every week, no less then every 2 weeks so you can do something if you are not on track.

3) Be clear on what your weaknesses are and do something about it

Looking at our weaknesses is one of the hardest things to do in life however if you don’t get clear on what these are, they can affect your success.  I am all about focusing on the positive however you can’t ignore areas that you are struggling with and act like they aren’t there. Having weaknesses we have not dealt with is like keeping your money in a bag full of holes.

Be honest with yourself and ask yourself, “What are the 3 main things that I really struggle with or that I am NOT good at?”  Once you get clear on what those are, than either study up on how to get better or get someone else to do it. 

So if one of your “weaknesses” is not following up with inquiries for your services, you better put a system in place to help you organize this or get someone else to follow up with them because that is costing you money. Stop allowing these things to silently sabotage your success because they will continue to do so. 

I have made this mistake far too long and it cost me A LOT of money and stopped me from working with clients that I could have helped. You can’t keep sweeping it under the carpet like your weaknesses are not really there. That is living in denial and it will eventually trip you up.  

4) Stop making excuses for why you are not where you want to be.

We all have excuses for not trying, being, or doing our best. Often, we’ll return to the same ones and use them over and over to explain why we’re not succeeding at the level we want to. 

So what are yours?  “I don’t have enough time to get it all done.” Or “I just can’t get focused.” Or “I don’t know how to do it.”  Those are excuses, even though you may think they are just reasons why you are not getting done what you need to.

Look at just the first one that I used to tell myself and still do sometimes, “I don’t have enough time.” This is probably because you spend too much time doing things you should not be doing. 

To free up 10 hours a week of your time, think of and write down what tasks you do in those 10 hours that you can give to someone else to do? I asked myself this very question before the last 7 Figure Mastermind and MADE myself look at this. I also used accountability of the other members and told them I was going to accomplish this before the meeting.

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Samantha Taylor 2As embarrassing as this is for me to admit, the big ones for me were: 1) I was still doing the schedule 2) I was doing payroll 3) dealing with customer service issues and 4) answering the phones from ads.  These 4 things cost me over 30 hours a week.  Since I have outsourced these to my new admin assistant, I now have 30 more hours a week to work on the other things I need to work on to grow my business more and help more people. 

5) Have MANY funnels for marketing.

Sure, you will have a couple of core sources that bring you most of your business (and you need to be clear on what those are so you can focus mostly on those) however it can be very effective to make sure you have many different “poles in the water.” 

If you go fishing and you have a lot of poles in the water, you have a better chance of catching more fish.  You need more sources bringing you clients, especially if for any reason, one of those sources dries up. The top 2 places personal trainers can be getting business from are: 1) Facebook and 2) Referrals.  I have 10 other places I get about 40% of my business from but the main two are Facebook and referrals.

6) Outsource as MANY things as you can.

To be truly successful you must learn to delegate.  Sometimes we entrepreneurs are control freaks, which can be a good thing if directed in the right areas of our lives.  However if you “think” that no one can do it better then you and you refuse to pay someone else to do it, then you will slow down your growth.  Period.

Bedros taught me a very valuable lesson over these last 6 years (among the many), that part of delegating is realizing that even if your staff only does it to 70% of the capacity you would have, that is worth freeing up your time. 

Take a few minutes right now and make a list of the 10 main things you spend your time on in a weekly basis.  Highlight in yellow, what are the things you could (if you would let go of control) pay someone else $10 to $30 an hour to do. Be real with yourself because most of the things we spend our time on while running a personal training business are things WE should NOT be doing.

And if we continue to do those things, then we will not be truly as successful as we could be.  Bedros calls it “doing your 5%”.  You must get clear on the things that YOU should be doing that grow your business, that only YOU can do. 

I can’t even tell you how much time and energy mentally it has freed up from me now that I am not doing the schedule, payroll, customer service or answering the phones. I will grow my business five times faster this year because of delegating this.

7) Stop wasting your time trying to figure it out on your own.

It’s a valiant effort to try to make it happen on our own… it’s something we naturally do as business owners. However the really smart ones realize other people have figured it out already.  So learning how they did it will expediate your success exponentially. 

I would NOT be where I am today in my business had I not learned from Bedros these last 6 years, honestly I don’t even want to think about how different my life would be.  And even though because of the success I’ve had, I am now a Coach with his Mastermind program, I too still get coaching and will always continue to. 

Even the best athletes have coaches and many stories tell of professional athletes that thought they were too good for a coach and they got rid of them but their success suffered.    

Invest in other people that can help you succeed faster and can give you the answers to faster success instead of you taking 10 times longer to figure it out. 

Think about it….your clients pay you money to help them get results faster and more efficiently then on their own.  Shouldn’t you find a professional in the business side of personal training, so you can get better results too?

Samantha Taylor 3Just like I would tell my clients, “I can help you get better results than you will on your own. Working with me is an investment in yourself and you are worth it. If you don’t do this now, you are going to regret it later. You are better off with me, then without me.”  I dare you to apply the same advice you give your clients to invest in themselves and you get started in this program to help YOU get faster results.

Trust me, you will look back on your life like I did and say it’s one of the best investments you have ever made in yourself!  And with an investment in business knowledge, you are going to make your monthly investment back 10 fold. I can’t wait to work with you!

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