You Are Already Manipulating Your Prospects (So Do It Right!)

Way too often, I see fitness business owners fail at selling their training because they have this dangerous, self-limiting belief about what it means to sell.

They think that “selling” is manipulative…and in their mind, that means it’s a slimy thing that bad people do. They picture sales people almost like these evil sorcerers that command people to do what they don’t actually want to do.hand prints

Today I’m going to explain to you why this belief is WRONG, dangerous, and self-limiting…and to start, I want to break down that word “manipulate”.

Now if you look in the big fancy dictionaries, you’ll see that the earliest meaning of “manipulate” is “to handle or control with your hands.” Or, to put that in a figurative way, it means “to influence.”

What’s so wrong with those? Nothing! In fact, those are both extremely important activities. Society wouldn’t function without those. When you get an injury, a surgeon or a doctor needs to “handle” it to make sure it doesn’t get worse.

And when parents do a good job, they “influence” their children to work hard and treat others with respect.

And when you do your work right, you “influence” prospects to become your clients, then you “handle” their nutrition and workouts to repair and empower their bodies.


And not only should you do it, you should maximize it. You should sell and influence as hard as you can so that you can help even more people (and earn even greater rewards for yourself!)

You should sell shamelessly, sell hard, be proud of your business, and help as many people as you can…because the alternative is not good.

Manipulation Happens Always


See, it’s actually impossible NOT to manipulate people…in the sense of “influencing” them like I said before.

Because even if you aren’t consciously trying to manipulate the prospect in front of you, you are still going to affect them. Your energy, your values, and your thoughts in the moment will seep into the conversation and have a powerful influence on your prospect.

This is why you can’t be wishy-washy or uncertain about your selling or about yourself. First off, if you don’t believe in yourself and your business, then your prospects NEVER will and they will NEVER become your clients. No sale.

But on a deeper level…

Think of it this way: if someone is coming to you for personal training, they’re looking for a role model. They’re looking for someone with a fit, healthy body who can show them the path to the better life they desire because they’ve already taken that path personally.


And let’s be clear here: you become that role model from the second you first contact them. Whether they read an email from you, see your ads or content online, or hop on the phone with you, the role model relationship is established IMMEDIATELY.

So if you’re supposed to lead them to that better life…what happens if you bring a bunch of self-doubt and hesitation to the table? What happens if you treat fitness as a kinda-sorta priority instead of a top priority? What happens if your energy is low?

I’ll tell you what happens: that prospect doesn’t have a chance. Even if they do sign up with you, they won’t get the results they want, and they’re going to take that out on you by throwing a fit or just leaving.

Don’t believe me? Think those are just cases of “bad clients”? Maybe, but even then it’s the business owner that attracted the bad client and let them into the program.

If you don’t take deliberate control of how you manipulate AKA sell, then you’re inviting chaos and failure into your business.

The Right Way to Manipulate


The point of all this isn’t to say that you need to be a perfect selling machine that never has a moment of self-doubt.

Heck, I am personally a successful salesman and a role model to many people, and I still struggle with a certain amount of self-doubt and uncertainty.


The difference between a floundering business owner and a true closer is that the closer figures out a way to put themselves in the correct selling state every time they interact with prospects.

Every. Single. Time.

So how do you do that?

First off: get over your hang-ups about manipulating others. You don’t have to do this overnight, but this is CRUCIAL.

Remember: if you don’t influence your prospects in a conscious way with a specific goal in mind (to sell) then you’re going to influence them in unconscious way, which leads to chaos and disappointment. 

MeditationSecond…think about developing a ritual to get yourself in a selling state before every sales presentation.

It can be as simple as doing your favorite workout (with a shower, of course) or you can even go and start meditating. You can do it immediately before selling or early in the morning so you can stay in state all day.

The important part is not to take your personal state for granted and leave it up to random chance. When you control your state, you control your destiny. All the most successful people know this.

Third, remember that EVERYTHING is about the client. Yes, you get paid when you make a sale, but the outcomes you offer, the story you tell, the benefits, the brand, the power words – all of that has to come from the client.

Know your client. Do your research. Talk to them. Figure out what REALLY drives them.

Fourth, believe 100% in what you have to offer. If you think you already offer the best training in town, then PROVE IT by selling hard and flooding your facility with clients. Don’t let all those potential clients out there fall into the trap of mediocre training.

And if you don’t think your training is up to snuff…get to work on that.

Fifth, remember that you deserve to succeed because of the service you do for others. As long as you keep providing amazing results, you have the right to demand the rewards and the lifestyle you want.

Committed to your success,