Are You Throwing Away the Fitness Boot Camp Marketing Potential of Facebook?

Fitness boot camp marketing is all about extending your reach beyond your facility and your current members and then creating excitement about your boot camp so that people who’ve never checked you out can come in and get blown away by what you’re doing.

The absolute fastest, most efficient and completely free way to do that is through Facebook. If you’re not making your best effort to increase your Facebook visibility and then making the most out of the people you reach, you are literally throwing away a ton of potential money.

Screen Shot 2014-07-25 at 1.53.44 PMEven if you have a Facebook page that you’ve created, or as a Fit Body Boot Camp owner have the one we’ve created for you, it’s not enough to just let it sit there and hope someone accidentally finds it and then decides to pop into your boot camp. If you’re with FBBC, you can’t just skate along sharing the monthly blog posts we send you, either.

Doing little or nothing with your Facebook page is like getting a free billboard on the busiest intersection in town and leaving it blank. You would never do that, so why would you waste the fitness boot camp marketing potential of the busiest social marketing intersection on the internet?

Here are some really effective, fast and simple things you can do to make the most of Facebook for your boot camp marketing.

Get your clients to extend your Facebook reach for you.

Hold a contest. Tell your clients (frequently) that the person who posts the most mentions of your boot camp, photos of their workouts or of their progress, will win a great prize. It might be a gift card for a great restaurant, a free month of training, or a makeover at a cool salon (which you trade for by giving them a week of free training for the owner or to give to their highest earning employee, etc). Or, you can let them know you’ll donate a dollar to their choice of A or B local non-profit for every post. Make sure your clients know that they need to tag you or your Facebook fan page and that they have to Like your page if they haven’t already done it. This way you’ll get notified when they post and when people comment on that post.

When their friends do comment, engage with them. Congratulate your client on their progress when they post. Tell the friends to come down with their buddy and work out with you. Post a link to your email sign-up page. Whatever is appropriate to the particular post/comment.

Screen Shot 2014-07-25 at 1.59.24 PMOnce you engage these people, ask them to sign up for your email list, then start sending them emails with killer subject lines so that you can build a relationship with them, warm them up for your next offer and so on.

Post often on your blog and then share each post on your Facebook page.

You want people who don’t know, trust and like you to start knowing, trusting and liking you so you can get them through your door. The only way to do that online is to share what you know. Try to post a value-packed blog post on your website at least once per week, then share the link on your Facebook page. Tag some of your members while you’re at it.

Post truly valuable/shareable content directly to Facebook.

Getting shared by lots of people on Facebook is like throwing a TV commercial on the air, only it doesn’t cost five or six figures. People share things that are funny, beautiful or valuable in some way. Post sharable content often, if not daily. Some days, it can be something like a great smoothie recipe, the four best ab moves you know, or a short piece on how to go organic on a budget. Other days, take the easy way out and post a funny or inspiring comment about fitness or a really great motivational saying with a beautiful pic. Whatever you post, always focus on things that you think your clients and their friends and their friends would share.

Try one of these strategies or try all of these fitness boot camp marketing strategies, but whatever you do, don’t just let your Facebook page sit there. If you do, I guarantee you that you are leaving money on the table.

Do you want to post your next transformation challenge or low barrier offer to 100 people or 1,000?

Committed to Your Success,