Best Personal Trainer Marketing Strategies

I assume that you’re a great trainer.Screen Shot 2014-05-28 at 10.27.56 PM

I assume that you know your stuff, that you keep your education updated and know how to deliver great results to your clients.

I assume that you once you get a client you can help them with their fat loss goals and create a plan to get them there.

But what you need most is a consistent flow of new clients. And that means you’ve gotta get better personal training marketing strategies in place.

I’m going to help with with that right now because that’s one thing that I’m really, really good at doing.

So then, let me use all of my online tech skills to draw out a very fancy client getting funnel for you…

Get Leads > Convert to Prospects > Make the Sale > Deliver the Results > Ask for Referrals (often) > Retain Clients.

There it is… so let me break each of these down for you so you get a better understanding of how your fitness business should work.

Screen Shot 2014-05-28 at 10.34.34 PM

Getting the Leads – everyone in your community is a suspect and NOT a lead. Your job is to figure out who might be a good fit to be a training client. You do this by figuring out who your ideal client is and that becomes your target lead market.

For example, for Fit Body Boot Camp locations our ideal clients are women 28-58 who live or work within 3-5 miles of a FBBC location.

So the first thing we do is ask ourselves where in the community are our ideal clients hanging out… businesses, events, online social media sites, ect.

Then we get in front of them with a free offer such as a free fat loss report to identify our potential leads and add them to your email contact list.

For example, you can get in front of your community through Facebook by doing something clever like this…

…create a Facebook group called ” moms club”. So if I lived in Cincinnati and my ideal clients were moms then I’d create a “Cincinnati Moms Club” group on Facebook and I’d be administrator of the group.

I’d post really cool mom related stuff on there a couple times a day and from time to time give fitness and nutrition tips on there too.

See where I’m going with this? Talk about getting in front of your ideal clients in a big way.

You can get in front of them at the stores and businesses they frequent by setting up a body fat table in front of it on a random Saturday.

Or by dropping postcards in the mail and targeting the right neighborhoods and homes using demographic from sites like

Once on your email list, it’s just a matter of getting your personal training leads to know, like and trust you and that happens when you send them content based emails that educate, entertain and indoctrinate.

When you do that you position yourself as an expert and local fitness authority. And that makes it a LOT easier to convert leads into paying prospects by making them low barrier offers such as the 21 day rapid fat loss program or 14 day fat furnace program.

See, folks like low barrier offers because they get to try out your program without having to risk a lot of time or money. And that gives you the opportunity to WOW them, deliver a killer client experience and make the sale and convert them into long term clients.Screen Shot 2014-05-28 at 10.47.26 PM

Yes, selling is required. SHOCKING.

But it’s easy when you sell like this.

Then do what you’re best at and deliver the results. Be an awesome coach, motivator, and pumper upper so that they stick to the program, put the work in, and get the results.

Only when you deliver the results have you won the right to ask for referrals.

You can ask for referrals in person. Or by putting on a referral generation contest like we do at our Fit Body Boot Camp locations.

Or send out hand written thank you cards and include a gift card or two in it for your clients to pass out to their friends.

There are a multitude of ways to ask for referrals and each month you should have a systematized way to stimulating client referrals.

If you follow this simple model you’ll never have to worry about where your next client is going to come from. And that’s a really good thing to not have to worry about 😉