Your Boot Camp Marketing Funnel Made Easy

Over the years I’ve helped thousands of trainers (actually, over 65 hundred trainers) grow their businesses all over the world.Screen Shot 2014-08-14 at 1.44.08 PM

Of course, I had tremendous success myself, thankfully, in growing my five personal training facilities, gosh, over twelve years ago now.

Then I sold them all, which is something rare that most personal trainers strive to do but find challenging.

I hope that I can help you do the same when you’re ready to build and grow your personal training business, whether you want to retire, move away, or find a new passion as I did.

My new passion, obviously, for over a decade now has been helping, coaching, and consulting other fitness professionals like yourself.

Today I want to talk to you about the funnel that is fitness marketing.

People always ask me, “What is fitness marketing or boot camp marketing? How do I get more clients into my boot camp or personal training business?”

Quite frankly, the formula is the same either way and I want to explain to you how that works. Let’s say that you’re growing a boot camp business and you want to get more clients into your boot camp business.

Now, what you first must realize is that everybody in your community is a suspect.

For example, I live in the community of Chino Hills, California. There’s about 76,000 people in our community. Now, all those people are suspects.

I want you to imagine a funnel. At the very top of the funnel are people who are suspects in your community.

Now, what I’m looking for are prospects. What I have to do is get the people in my community, the suspects, to somehow raise their hand and identify themselves as people interested in fitness and fat loss. Then I’ll know they are prospects.

The best way for me to do that is by sending out lead generation ads on Facebook.

Another good method is reaching out to local business who have my ideal clients and asking them to tell their clients and their customers about me and my business.

Maybe I could even give a free e-book, or a report, or even a free week of training. Everybody in the community has to somehow be exposed to my marketing message so that they can go from suspects to prospects.

So here’s an example: in Chino Hills, there is a total population 76,000 people.

In a normal boot camp, we typically know that our clients are women. They’re typically women who own or live in a single-family house and not so much an apartment. It might be a house or a condo.

NicheI might go to, which is a pretty cool site. You should check it out. It’s a site where you can siphon out and sift, sort, and screen your ideal prospect.

I might say show me all the people in Chino Hills. Now I might say show me all the women and it might go down from 76,000, to I don’t know, gosh, 36,000 let’s say.

I might say show me all the women who are between the ages of 31 and 59, the ideal window for female clients in our fit body boot camp locations. Now it might drill it down to 15,000 people or even 10,000 people.

Now I might say show me these women who also live or own or are in a single-family home. It might drill it down to 6,000 people.

Now, show me these homes and families who are $80,000 a year or more in household income. It might drill it down to 4,000 people or 5,000 people.

Now, I went from all those people, 76,000 people in Chino Hills, down to about 5,000 women who meet my ideal criteria.

If I go on Facebook and advertise my 14 Day Fat Burners program that I’m running for $67 to those 5,000 women and, oh gosh, I don’t know, 30 or 50 reply, that’s a good start.

That’s just a front end offer, a lead generator, if you will. I might even run a free report or audiobook offer called Weight Loss Secrets Revealed, where they can go to my website to download it instantly.

Of course, by virtue of either calling me for my 14 Fat Burners program or going to my website to download the audio program and a report, all those suspects have now raised their hands and said, “Hey, I’m a prospect.”

Now I’ve got 30 to 50 prospects on my list, on my contact list database, that I can reach out to. We went from suspects to prospects.

Now what you want to do is build a relationship with your prospect list. These are people on your email list that you want to get to know, like, and trust you.

The way you would do this, and the most efficient way to do this, is through two to four emails a week where you deliver content, value, and case studies.

Over time, you’ll make them specific offers for 14 Day Fat Burners, 21 Day Rapid Fat Loss Solutions, 16 Day Sexy Slim Downs, etc.

All these different programs that are short term programs under $100 which are, again, lead generating front end offers.

Now that these people know, like, and trust you, they’re going to go from your prospect list to your client list. They’re going to give you your $67 or $97 and get on your short-term programs. Even then, they’re still prospects. They’re kind of testing out the waters.

The next thing you want to do is you want to deliver the most amazing experience to them.

When you deliver the most amazing experience, give them the best results you can in those two or three weeks that they’re training with you, and giving them recognition, and having a lot of passion and enthusiasm, what you’ll find is that it’s going to be far easier for you to convert these people who into long-term programs.Trust

Now they become real true tribe members, AKA your clients. These are the core client base.

So let’s just draw the funnel again in your head. Picture it with me.

You’ve got your suspects. Below that you’ve got your prospects. Below that you’ve got your short-term clients who are on a promotional program. Then you’ve got your tribe members, or your long-term clients.

Once you’ve got your tribe members, what you want to do is make it a condition of doing business with you for them to refer their friends, family, and co-workers to you. The best way you’re going to do that is to let them know right off the bat.

When they become a client say, “Hey Mrs. Jones, thank you for joining fit body boot camp (or whatever your boot camp is called). As I help you over the next few months get the most amazing results ever, can I count on you to tell your friends, family and coworkers about me?”

Of course they’re going to say, “Yeah, sure, absolutely,” and now you’ve made it a condition of doing business with you.

Now all you have to do is give them the results and build the passion and the enthusiasm. Give them the experience that they can’t get anywhere else. Make sure your boot camps have a community feel and, of course, ask them for referrals.

They will tell their friends, family, and coworkers about you. They will give you their friends, family, and coworkers’ contact info.

That’s what makes this awesome funnel: suspects, prospects, short-term clients, long-term clients, tribe members, and then referrals.

Then it repeats again, but we no longer go to the suspect. When it repeats, it goes right into the prospect funnel, where it’s going to be easier to convert them, keep them on a short-term program, convert them to a long-term program, and get more referrals.

That’s the cycle that you want for your boot camp business when you’re learning to market it and take it to a whole new level.

Committed to Your Success,