Becoming an Established Authority, Part 2 – Boot Camp Marketing on YouTube

Last week, I explained why establishing yourself as a local fitness authority can help you to grow your business beyond your dreams. Facebook is the new billboard and YouTube is the new TV – if you establish a reputation and following there, you’ll reap rewards beyond any other boot camp marketing results.

If you haven’t read Part 1 of this blog post on establishing yourself as an authority, you need to go do that before you take any of the steps I’m going to outline today. You may already be fairly active in marketing on Facebook, but you need to make sure that you’re set up and taking the steps I outlined in Part 1 before you move on to making yourself a local fitness authority on YouTube.

Screen Shot 2014-08-21 at 7.32.03 PMOnce you’ve followed the five simple steps in Part 1, here’s what you need to do.

If you’re following the steps I laid out for you in Part 1, you should be posting 3-5 times per week on the separate Facebook page you’ve set up for these purposes. Those 3-5 posts are all about the “what” of your business and your training:

-What awesome results your client is getting.

– What you eat for breakfast.

-What your motivational or inspirational message of the week is.

-What kind of workout you did this morning.

In other words, in your Facebook posts, you’re marketing to your email list, your prospects, your clients’ friends and everyone else by sharing what you’re doing to stay fit and what you’re doing to get your clients fit.

Screen Shot 2014-08-21 at 7.44.27 PMNow on YouTube you’re going to show them how and why.

-How your client lost 60 pounds this year with your training.

-How you manage to get such a healthy breakfast every day and WHY.

-Why those ab moves you guys did in your session are so much better than crunches.

The reason you’re doing this is to show people you know your stuff and are willing to share it and also because nothing, and I mean nothing, gets liked and shared as much as usable, valuable, actionable information.

Now, while you’re posting 3-5 times per week on Facebook, you only need to post one new YouTube video per week, lasting maybe 3-5 minutes. So you might post before and after pics of a client on Monday, congratulating him on his awesome progress, and then on Friday upload a video that shows his before and after pics and then explains the three KEY ways he got those results.

Some other ideas for YouTube videos are:

Exercise demonstration videos.

Your protein-packed breakfast smoothie recipe.

A simple video of you at your desk explaining how to calculate optimal macros.

Your YouTube videos can also present a great offer, like a free fitness info product you’ve created. Direct the viewer to your web site to sign up for it by email. Now you have a new prospect on your email list who already knows that he/she likes your information.

Once you’ve got your video up, you want to mention that more great info can be found in your other videos, on your web page and on your Facebook page. Provide links. Ask people to Like and Follow and Share.

Then post on your Facebook page that you’ve uploaded this value-packed new video, including the link as well.

Screen Shot 2014-08-21 at 7.50.23 PMWhen you post your video, be sure to give it a great title. YouTube can help you come up with one that will get plenty of search engine traffic. Let’s say you’re uploading a video on ab moves. Try typing something like “best ab moves” into the search bar and the drop down menu will populate with popular search terms. Use some of these terms to title your video so that IT pops up when people search. You can also use Google AdWords keyword research tool to come up with good titles in the same way.

These videos don’t have to be fancy or slick. They just have to have great value. You or someone you know can film the video with your iPhone, honestly. Just check to make sure that the volume and focus are good before you upload, and be sure to look the part by wearing a T-shirt with your logo or at least some a decent casual outfit. It’s always good to film in your fitness boot camp, too.

All of these steps, both for Facebook and YouTube, are laid out in more detail on a one-hour webinar that I’ve uploaded to guide you step by step.

Once you’ve been posting on Facebook for a couple of weeks and have a few videos up, as long as you’re cross-promoting them, you’ll start to see some serious results and you will become known in your community as the local fitness expert that everyone wants training them.

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