Build Your Email List Before YouTube Blocks You

Is email marketing too old school to work anymore?

It’s not, especially when you use some new age strategies to grow your email list.

Back in 2006, we wrote the content in the email and then we had a pitch for the product, right? We wrote great content. So our information that we’re now delivering via podcast, or via live stream on Instagram, or via Facebook, or via a YouTube video was all done via email back then.

Now the game’s changed. The platform we deliver our content on is different, but the end goal is still the same: build that email list.


Why Social Media Is Your New TV Platform

The way I look at it, YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram are like the new ABC, NBC, CBS. If I asked you, “Hey, if I put you on the top three networks on the planet, would you want to be on there?” Well, yeah, duh.

YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram are the big platforms now, but what’s so great about them? Once you have a certain number of followers — I’m talking like 100, 150 followers — these platforms start to catch on to who your audience is. They go, “Oh. I see. You like male followers who are personal trainers. Let me get you more.” So it sends you your targeted demographic.

It baffles me that someone’s willing to be on ABC, NBC, CBS, on the morning show, when it could be Mrs. Jones watching, it could be Mr. Jones, it could be an eight-year-old kid, but yet you’re probably not in front of much of your target audience.

But don’t forget one thing: that audience you get in front of you online is NOT yours. What does that mean?


Why Your Audience Really Isn’t Your Audience

Who does your online audience belong to? It belongs to YouTube, Facebook, Instagram.

Some people think, “Hey, this is my YouTube channel.” No it’s not. Watch what happens when, just like my friend Vince Del Monte, you know they fucking shut down your YouTube channel.

When that happened to him, he was like, “B, what the fuck do I do?” “Well, Vince, did you extract email addresses when you had the chance?” “No, I didn’t.” Well he should’ve been, right?

So that’s not your audience. That audience can be taken away from you at any second. What you can do is extract that audience onto your email list.


How to Build an Email List Before They Block Your Videos

How do you move your audience from a platform like YouTube over to your email list? It’s easier than you think.

All you have to do is send out a short email saying, “Hey look, I just put up a good content piece on YouTube. Go watch it.” In that video, I might give them the top three ways to build their personal training business. Then I’ll say, “Click the link in my description to go to my blog and get my System 9 course for free; it teaches you the nine marketing strategies you need to build your personal training business.”

So now, all these people from YouTube go to your blog, give you their email address, and then end up on your email list. So if YouTube, Facebook, Instagram shut down your account — and trust me, I’ve had all three of them shut my accounts down because I’m an aggressive marketer — you can still send them solid content; get them to know, like, and trust you; and earn the right to pitch them on your big-money products and services.


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