Are You Building Your Business to Last? (The Romans Did!)

What is it that allows one group to dominate most of the known world when there are so many other tribes trying to do it?

Angry legionary soldier in the fireThat’s the thing you have to remember about the ancient world: people weren’t shy about empire-building back then.

Even if you didn’t want your enemy to beat you to the punch, everyone understood the rules of the game: you slaughter your enemies, seize all of their treasures, and burn everything you don’t take home with you.

And whoever can do that fastest, wins.

Whoever can be scariest, wins.

People were TOUGH back then. They weren’t civilized like we are now. You drop a hundred or so modern people back there with a time machine and it would be seriously impressive if they could survive more than six months, much less build one of the most famous empires in history.

So what made the dang Romans so special?

I’m going to tell you…because I think you can use this information to turn your own business into an empire that will last for many years and make you WEALTHY, not just rich.

Can You Create a Roman?


As we all know, Rome had the most organized, disciplined, and ruthlessly effective army in the ancient world, and that’s how they built their massive empire.

So it shouldn’t really surprise you to learn that there were many (attempted) copycats.

The enemies of Rome tried all kinds of things to try to recreate Roman legions. They hoped that if they could do that, they’d be able to push back against the expanse of Rome, or at the very least defend their own little territories and let the Roman tide seep somewhere else.

For instance, some of the nations surrounding Rome would buy all the same armor and weapons that the Romans used and basically dress up their soldiers to look like them.elvis impersonator

That could obviously never work, right? You couldn’t put me in a sparkly white jumpsuit and have me turn into Elvis, right? (Although that would be funny!)

Some of Rome’s enemies were cleverer than that. They would actually go and recruit Roman army officials who were disgraced or disgruntled and pay them to train their own soldiers in the techniques and discipline of Rome.

Certainly, this strategy created far better soldiers than those nations could create on their own…but they never quite reached the fighting power of a Roman legion. Sometimes, they would even go out of their way to equip these fake legions with the finest of Roman equipment.

But Roman equipment and Roman training alone could not transform a man into a Roman. There was still something missing. 

In the rarest and most fascinating examples, some non-Roman nations would manage to seize an entire Roman legion (or the legion would desert to them) and then they would have real Romans fighting for them.

Now these legions were totally badass, and they usually had long and glorious careers fighting for their new hosts.

Of course, one Roman legion was never enough to truly withstand the might of the Roman empire, but at least they didn’t fizzle out like all the fake legions.

What Made the Romans Different?


If you went back in time and asked the Romans what allowed them to build such a unique and powerful military, they would all give you the same answer: that Rome was chosen by the gods to succeed.

With all due respect to the Romans, that’s not the real reason. Sure, maybe telling themselves that story filled them with determination, but ultimately their success came down to the ACTIONS that they took from the very beginning.

And these are actions we can still use to succeed today.

The technical term that military historians like to use is “institutional knowledge.”

Basically, it means that the institution of the Roman military was a lot smarter than any single one of its soldiers, because it contained the accrued knowledge of many generations of elite legions refining their tactics and passing them on to new recruits.

icebergBut even that is just the tip of the iceberg.

Rome truly succeeded by creating a culture of dominance and ambition that burned bright in every single thing they did.

Sure, other cultures had ambitious people and fierce warriors, but Rome was the only one that elevated ambition to an art form, that structured their entire society to drive people to greater ambition and greater service to their national mission.

Their military is the most memorable example of this, because Rome LOVED its military and wrote a huge amount about its history and operations.

In Roman society, the number 1 way to obtain glory, political power, and money was through outstanding military service.

If a young Roman man wanted his life to mean anything at all, he knew he had to serve in the military and capture some serious territory for Rome, and preferably earn some impressive battle scars in the process.

In other words, Rome had the incentives just right: you couldn’t weasel your way into power and influence without directly fighting for Rome’s glory.

(That fell apart in the later empire, but that’s a story for another time.)

Yet, the process started even earlier than that.

Every Roman household of any significance had a special room of honor for the family’s legacy, which would include busts of each ancestor and writings or art detailing their glorious conquests.

And every Roman boy, from the time he could walk, was encouraged to spend time in that room and soak in the examples of his ancestors.

Now imagine what that must do to a young mind: seeing examples of such discipline and achievement on a daily basis and having them burned into memory. Imagine what those Roman boys were like as men.

Do you think, by the time they grew up, they had any room in their heads for indecision, weakness, or laziness?

Do you think they had any excuses left not to chase glory and increase the prosperity of their families?

Do you think they had any uncertainty about what they should do in life and which examples they should follow?

Of course not! They were hyper-driven, unstoppable machines!

Because Rome built a culture that put every single one of them in a success mindset.

How About You?

 Roman columns

Look at your business.

Are you building a culture of success in your business?

Are you living as an example of the physical beauty and power that every client (and trainer!) should strive for?

Are you pushing your staff to turn out greater results than they ever thought they could?

Are you clearing out the weaklings in your business and giving the remaining elites the rewards and glory to want to stay?

Are you creating a dominant business that does one thing better than anyone else, instead of trying copy the latest fads and trends?

Are you building a culture that will survive and thrive when all the systems and tactics stop working and everyone has to rely on sheer willpower to push through?

Are you building a business that will continue growing for many years and give you WEALTH, not just riches?

Hopefully you can answer “Yes” to each of these questions.

Otherwise, you need to start thinking like a Roman, and build a culture that promotes dominance and relentless focus on success.

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Committed to your success,