What Chimpanzees Can Teach You About Your Fitness Business

Chimpanzees and successful fitness business owners both have the same reputation problem… We’re both seen as mean, aggressive, and unsophisticated.Chimpanzee portrait

This stereotype drives me crazy for two reasons:

One, it’s simply not true (which I’ll explain below).

Two, it holds people back from reaching their full potential because they don’t want to “look like one of those guys.”

Have you ever hidden your true potential from the world because you didn’t want to hurt anyone else’s feelings or get in anyone’s way?

I’m sure for most you the answer yes. Yes, you have hidden your true potential.

Which means you’ve been lied to. You’ve been duped. You’ve been cheated of the wonderful, abundant life you deserve. 

I want you to get what you deserve, which is why I want you to learn from chimpanzees.

You see, scientists have studied chimpanzees and found out that they are actually very wise, calculating, sophisticated creatures…

And the truth is, this is also true of successful fitness business owners…

So forget about the stereotype and learn why you can AND SHOULD dominate your market.

Here’s why…

The Truth About Chimpanzees


Chimpanzees want the same thing you and I want: they want their tribe to live in safety and abundance.

It actually took a while for scientists to figure this out. For a long time they thought that chimps were simply cruel – that they attacked other chimps because they thought it was fun and they were full of violent urges.

But upon closer inspection, they realized that chimps actually have a very specific, and very smart, reason for their so-called “aggression” …

Their goal is to dominate their environment. They don’t just want to do “good enough,” and they don’t just want a little bit of space, they want to COMPLETELY DOMINATE their environment. 


Because when they dominate their environment, their tribe gets to enjoy maximum safety and abundance. If there are any other chimp tribes left in their territory, that means fewer available resources and the constant threat of attack.

resources word in wood type

In other words, they understand that competition isn’t healthy.

So really, it’s not that chimp tribes have anything against each other. It’s not that they enjoy going on the attack (research suggests that they actually dislike it).

It’s that they want what is best for their tribe and will do whatever it takes to get it.

Chimpanzees are actually caring, intelligent creatures that know what needs to be done and do it.

So how can you learn from them? How can you apply their secret to your own fitness business?

The Truth About Fitness Business Owners


Luckily, you and I are people, so we don’t have to literally behave like chimpanzees.

We do, however, have tribes that we need to look out for.

Your tribe starts with your friends and family, naturally, since these are the people you care about most. Then it expands out to your staff and affiliates, since these are the people who share a common set of goals with you.

And finally it reaches your clients, who allow you to use their resources in exchange for your guidance and protection (for example, the top quality content you send them using FitPro Newsletter).

Like the chimpanzees out in the wild, you want your tribe to experience maximum abundance and safety. You want your family, friends, staff and business partners to make good money, and you want your clients to get real fitness results and stay away from scam diets.

What’s the best way to do this?

You have to identify your market and DOMINATE IT! 

scam handBecause if you DON’T dominate your market, that means some second-rate trainer or diet scam artist is going to take your clients and lead them into financial and physical ruin.

AND it means your family will have to sit and wonder whether they’ll have enough money in the future.

Don’t they all deserve better?

Of course they do!

So don’t worry about people who think you’re “mean” or “aggressive” – they’re just scarcity minded people who don’t understand the reasoning behind what you do (and truthfully, they’re pretty mean and aggressive themselves).

You do what you do because you’re a caring, intelligent person who knows what needs to be done and does it.

Speaking of which…

How to Dominate Your Market


To start, you have to identify your market.

You do this by identifying what makes you special – what you have that no other fitness professional can offer. Then you find the market that wants that.

Then, once you’ve identified your market, you need to get them to Know, Like and Trust you.

You do that by setting up a low-barrier offer (LBO) with an email opt-in. This will get them to Know you and give you the all-important email list which will be the cornerstone of your marketing strategy.

Then, you take the email list and send them tons of helpful, relatable, genuine content (which you can find here). This builds your authority and helps them Like and Trust you.

Then, you bring them in for consultation meetings and close them faster than anyone else can.

When you follow this formula (and all the other formulas I give out on this blog) you’ll naturally come to dominate your market. You’ll offer a better service to more people than your competitors can, and they’ll fall by the wayside, leaving you with maximum safety and abundance.

Committed to your success,


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