How to Close More Sales with Progressive Agreements

You did it! You just closed a client on your training. And since you’re smart, I bet you set them up with a nice 12 or 18-month program with monthly payments on EFT. Great job!

But now it’s question time. You need to ask yourself a question about that new client, and you need to give it a lot of thought, and you need to write down your answer and hold on to it.

Facing big question

Seriously, taking the time to answer this question is the ONE THING that separates hugely successful fitness pros from those who burn out, go broke, or give up.

You ready for it?

Here’s the question…


Why did that person just agree to let you, of all people, train them? Why are they willing to give you their time, energy, and money?

“Aw come on Bedros,” you might be thinking, “I already got the sale! Why should I stop and overthink things now?”

So that you can make the next 100 sales and not have to rely on luck! That’s why!

Because the truth is, before anyone is going to train with you there is a big long chain of progressive agreements they have to make first.

They might make these agreements consciously or subconsciously. They might make these agreements right in front of you or long before you ever meet them. But you will never, ever, ever close a sale if these agreements aren’t already in place.

And the key to establishing a reliable, effective selling system is to figure out those agreements ahead of time and plan ways to check off each of them before you get to the close.

Working Backwards


The easiest way to figure out the chain of progressive agreements is to work backwards from a sale that worked out.

Let’s start with the biggest agreement: the agreement on value.

Notice that I didn’t say “price,” I said VALUE. The reason why is that people don’t ever really object to price. If someone ever does say they object to your price, what they really mean is that they don’t see the value in your offering.

Don’t believe me? Just take a look at all the “broke” people you know walking around with expensive purses, designer clothes, and flashy cars. Price is never the issue if the perceived value is high enough.Red Sport Car

Now the nice thing about this agreement is that if you take care of all the smaller agreements working up to it, it’s not tough to make your prospect agree on the value.

Still, if you’re ever uncertain about a sale and you’re getting near the close, think back to this agreement and ask yourself “how can I add more value?”

The Consultation Agreements


Let’s look at the agreements that happen during your sales consultation.

If your prospect agrees to sign up by the end, here are the things they must have thought through and agreed upon while talking with you in-person:

I agree that I feel safe with this trainer.

I agree that I like the atmosphere of this facility.

I agree that this trainer can help me reach my specific goals.

I agree that these workouts are going to be challenging but do-able.

I agree that this trainer understands my medical history and will give me appropriate training.

I agree that I feel good around the other clients in this facility.

I agree that this facility is in a pleasant, convenient, and safe location.

Again, this thought process might be conscious or subconscious, but one way or another your prospects will check off each of these things.

So what can you do?

First, keep your facility clean and welcoming. That might seem like a nit-picky thing, but the cleanliness of your facility translates directly into sales, so keep it tidy! (No need to do it yourself though. Have your staff take care of it or hire a cleaning service.)

Second, when you guide your prospect through the sample workout, don’t worry about giving them an exact replica of what they’ll be doing in your program. Instead, pay attention to their emotional state and adjust the workout as you go to keep them happy, but still feeling the challenge.

DumbellsRemember: the point of the sample workout is to help CLOSE THE SALE! You can ramp them up to a higher intensity once they’re actually IN your program.

Third, and most important, ask them what specific results they are looking for and constantly reinforce that your training will bring them those results.

A good way to start doing this is to include the question on your Par-Q form, or attach a separate sheet with more detailed questions.

Still, you should ALSO ask or confirm with your prospect in-person what their goals are.

Think of it this way: how often in life do people get to state their goals out loud, have someone listen and take them seriously, and then hear the words, “Yes, I can help you with that.”

That’s a wonderful and empowering experience…that is also quite rare. Give that experience to your prospects and you’ll build enormous rapport with them just in that instant. 

The Outside Agreements


Ah, but before your prospects will even show up for a consultation they have to make a whole different set of agreements about your business.

What do those agreements look like?

I agree that this fitness business is not a scam.

I agree that this business has produced real results for real people.

I agree that this business owner is a trusted member of the community.

I agree that this business is made for people like me.

I agree that this business owner is a real authority on fitness.

Now remember, these agreements are all happening before you even meet the prospect, so your marketing plan needs to address each one of them.

First off, you need a MASSIVE amount of referrals and testimonials out there to prove that your business is not a scam and that the results are real. Ask your existing clients for these early and often and put them up on your social media, blogs, emails, and websites (even on sales pages!)Retro TV

You should also talk to local magazines, newspapers, TV and radio stations to see if they’ll run segments about your clients’ success stories. 

Also, as far as generating testimonials and referrals, make sure you tell incoming prospects that giving referrals is a condition of doing business with you. If they ask about it, you can tell them this:

“I’ve got a mission to help this community get healthy, and to make that happen I want to spend as much of my revenue as possible on keeping my training cutting edge. That’s why I want you to help me make this a people powered program instead of me going through expensive advertisers.”

Second, you need to reach out to local businesses and charities and see how you can collaborate.

It can be as simple as dropping off posters for them to hang up or as advanced as setting up cross promotions, but doing this will allow you to borrow other people’s established audiences AND prove that you are part of the community and not some stranger.

Third, you need to put out content demonstrating your expertise as a fitness professional. Again, put this out over social media, blogs, email, and work on setting up segments with local media outlets.

What makes good content? Anything that is fun, interesting, and useful to your prospects, so long as it’s also relevant to your business.

Recipes, grocery shopping guides, at-home workouts, lifestyle advice, fun workout ideas – get creative!



So, once you’ve addressed each of these agreements in a systematic way, you’ll have something that looks like this:

Online Content > Local Business Connections > Local Media Segments > Testimonials on EVERYTHING You Own > Setting up Consultations > Confirming Goals/Medical History with PAR-Q > Clean, Safe Facility > Engaging Sample Workout > Personal Connection > CLOSE 

Man…doesn’t that look a lot like a marketing and sales funnel?

Guess what: it is!

See, the thing about marketing and sales is that it all just comes down to figuring out and systematizing the progressive chain of agreements you need to close the sale 9 out of 10 times.

Do you have to master this overnight? Of course not! Start by identifying which parts of that chain are missing or weak, then work on refining just one part at a time until you’ve got the whole thing running like clockwork.

And if you ever really get confused or don’t know what to do next, don’t worry. I’ve got you covered. Sign up for my fitness business coaching program and you’ll have access to tons of in-depth research and the focused guidance of high-performing peers and coaches.

Hope to see you there!

Committed to your success,