This Conspiracy (Story) Means Life or Death for Your Business

There’s a conspiracy happening right now which will determine the future of your business.

Business Piktogramm 05Take the right actions now, and you can not only survive – you can seize the opportunity to grow your business to amazing new heights.

Take the wrong actions…well, let’s just say it won’t be pretty.

Now maybe you’re picturing a secret boardroom somewhere full of shadowy figures, sitting in the darkness and peering at the glow of their laptop screens. These are powerful people, and they’ve got a sinister plan to suck every last dollar out of your small business.

That image is pretty close to the truth, except for one crucial detail…

Those shadowy figures aren’t targeting you.

They’re targeting your prospect.

And they have a plan to leech all the health, money and happiness out of your prospect so they can keep it for themselves.

Sounds grim…

Remember, though, there’s an opportunity here to grow your business to amazing new heights.

To do that, you need to point out this conspiracy to your prospects, then show them you’re gonna team up with them to become the Good Guys in this story.

And I do mean Good Guys complete with the money, the love interest, and the happy ending…

Let me show you can tell the Conspiracy Story to your prospects so that you can boost sales and help more people.

Part #1 – Break the News


Obviously, you need to let your prospects know about the conspiracy before you can help them out.

However, you need to make sure they Know, Like and Trust you before you give them the full story – otherwise you might scare them off.

Now I talk about the Know, Like and Trust factor all the time, so I won’t go too deeply into it here. Honestly, building the Know, Like and Trust factor is really a lifelong project for any fitness business owner – it takes a long time and there’s always room for improvement.

Still, if you want a quick introduction to the Know, Like and Trust factor you can find it here.

Once you’ve established rapport, you can and should tell your prospects about the conspiracy, starting with the bad guy…

Part #2 – Establish the Villain


I should mention here that this is a story that you can include in any medium you like. You can put in a VSL, an email, a blog post – anywhere.


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And in fact, you should use the medium you are most comfortable with, because this step can get a little tricky.Thief stealing a wallet

It’s time to establish your villain.

Your villain is a large, powerful group of people who make their money by selling phony products or bad information to millions of people like your prospects, keeping them fat, unhealthy and sad. And they’ve been doing this for years!

Let’s break that down point-by-point:

Who: your villain is a large human entity, like the “news media” or the “scam diet industry.” They are NOT something abstract or environmental, like “genetics” or “popular culture.”

What: your villain is selling something that targets people like your prospect who are hurting, but never delivers any results. Scam diets and big box gym memberships are both great examples.

Where: your villain is EVERYWHERE. That’s how powerful they are.

When: your villain has been working their scheme for a long time, probably your prospect’s entire life. That’s why they shouldn’t blame themselves.

Why: your villain is selfish and lazy. They want to take value from others without putting in the effort to give back.

So now that we know what the Bad Guys look like, let’s take a look at your side.

Part #3 – Establish the Heroes


You may be wondering now why we’re going out of our way to make the villains of this story look so scary. You may even think that we run the risk of scaring off prospects with such a negative image.

Hang on, though, because this step will only work when the villain is large and intimidating.

In this step, you’re going to establish your side as the heroes of the story, and to do that you need to establish three crucial facts with your prospect:

1. Your prospect doesn’t need to blame themselves for falling for the villain’s scheme (after all, the villain is so large and powerful!)

2. You have the one secret piece of knowledge that will undo the villain’s damage.

3. Now that your prospect knows the truth, they have a responsibility to follow through by taking action.

As you’ve probably noticed by now, this whole story is very formulaic. However, like the formula for any great story, it’s packed with subtleties that make it memorable and effective.

For example, notice that your prospect doesn’t need to feel bad about falling for the villain’s scheme in the first place. This seemingly minor detail is crucially important. If instead your prospect ends up feeling stupid, that will provoke feelings of shame, and those feelings of shame will paradoxically shut down any effort they make to better themselves.

In other words, if your prospect feels stupid they’ll give up hope and they won’t buy your product or service.


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To be super woman takes strengthOn top of that, establishing your prospect as one of the heroes of the story will overcome frequent objection that “taking care of myself is selfish.”

I happen to think that objection is nonsense, but a lot of people do think that way. Attaching their personal improvement to larger cause can help them take action, and that’s exactly what this story does.

The rest of the story…well that part is simple. That’s when your prospects become your clients and you all work towards greater health, wealth, and happiness than ever before.

Committed to your success,