How to Create Your First Fitness Information Product

The days of only helping people in your community are long gone. The world is your oyster, as they saying goes.

If you’re a great trainer with a unique program that helps people lose fat, get fit, eat right, get faster, stronger or jump higher then you can make much more of an impact globally today, than any other time in history.

And your vehicle for doing that is through an online fitness information product that can literally reach anyone, anywhere. Pretty powerful, when you think about it… and a great way to make a lot more money for yourself.infoprod

So what makes a great online fitness information product and how do you sell it to the masses? 

Step 1. What problem will your product solve? This is the first things you’ve got to figure out.

People are looking for solutions to problems – that’s what makes a great info product. The better and more specific your solution, the faster and bigger your success will be.

Step 2. What’s your “hook”? The hook is the thing that makes your product unique and different than other product that claims to offer the same solution.Your hook, or your BIG IDEA, as my pal Craig Ballantyne like to call it is going to be 90% of the foundation for your sales copy, so it’s kinda important that you nail it.

Step 3. How will you deliver the information (Ebook, physical book, online videos, DVDs, membership site or software)?

If you’re creating a workout program, then you’re better off making it follow along videos. The ebook is dead (for workouts). However, if you’re creating a diet program, recipes, or nutrition product then ebooks work just fine.

How you deliver your program has a LOT to do with whether or not it will get used… if you’ll get a lot of refunds… and if you’ll have repeat buyers of your future products.

Step 4. Traffic. Where should you buy online traffic from? Facebook, Google, Bing and YouTube are great sources of traffic, but ONLY if your ads and sales page convert – otherwise you’re going to lose your shirt with a quickness.

Of course buying traffic isn’t the ONLY way to get leads and customers…trafficlight

There are already people who have your customers on their email lists… affiliates and joint venture partners are probably the fastest way to go from zero to hero. But finding the right affiliates, making them the right offer and making sure your product converts for them is critical if you want them to support you in launching your product.

Step 5. Up-sells. Create your three up-sell offers. The best up-sells compliment your product by making it easier to use, they deliver better/faster results, they make your product done-for-you (if possible), and they give your customers more variety.

Like I said, if you’re good at what you do (workouts, nutrition, recipes) and have an idea for an online information product then these are the steps for you to follow to turn your idea into an online info product.

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