How to CRUSH IT on Yelp (Tips from 7 Figure Mastermind)

I always love moments like this: watching someone make bank by seizing an opportunity everyone else has ignored.

See, I had one of the coaches in my 7 Figure Mastermind program interview Nray Lavitrungsima. He’s a member of the program and owner of DNJ Fitness.

12310710_10153678772015498_33815556924612824_nAnd man, he is CRUSHING IT on Yelp. He actually gets most of his leads through Yelp! And he’s not paying them anything – yet his location is the top fitness search result in his area.

Now here’s the funny part…most of the 7 Figure Mastermind members don’t really bother with Yelp. They’re out there doing great with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and email, but they’re pretty much ignoring Yelp.

And that’s one of my favorite things about the program: we all keep each other on our toes. We’re constantly discovering awesome new tricks to grow our businesses, even tricks that go against conventional wisdom.

Since I do like to spread good knowledge as much as possible, I’ve decided to share Nray’s Yelp tips with you here. If you’ve been struggling to make Yelp work for you or you’re curious about giving it a shot for the first time, this is your perfect place to start.

Play Favorites with Platforms


Before I get into the specifics of Yelp, I want to take a moment here to give you an important reminder about social media platforms.

As I’ve said before, you always want to get yourself out there on as many platforms as possible…but that doesn’t mean you can’t play favorites.

In fact, you SHOULD pick 1-2 platforms that work best for you and devote the majority of your marketing time to them. Master the tools of those platforms. Dominate those platforms in your community.

Because while it’s a good idea to keep many poles in the water, you don’t want to sacrifice depth of focus. The people who make the biggest splash on any given platform are the people who learn to operate on it better than anyone else.

This is especially important for Nray’s Yelp strategy. As you’ll see in a second, he doesn’t have Yelp at the very top of his marketing funnel, so he still needs other platforms to help drive engagement on his Yelp profiles.

The Key to Yelp Marketing


The key to Yelp marketing lies in their reviews.

Golden key

Now obviously, good reviews on any platform are gonna be good for your business, but there’s a special psychology to the way people use Yelp.

Because, as Nray explains, the people who really like and follow Yelp have discerning personalities. Whenever they discover something through the usual methods (Facebook, TV, word of mouth, etc.) they immediately hop on Yelp to get a second opinion.

And THAT is where the genius of Nray’s strategy really comes in: each of his three Yelp profiles have giant lists of glowing reviews for people to read.

BOOM! Instant Know, Like and Trust.

And the great part is, Nray only has to give people a little nudge from other platforms to get them onto his Yelp. He runs the usual LBOs and Groupon deals over Facebook and Instagram, and whichever prospects don’t opt in then go right to Yelp and get warmed up by those reviews.

Of course, there are people who discover him through Yelp directly. After all, he is the top search result in his community for fitness keywords…but even still, those people check the reviews before they come in.

So, how do you get those reviews in the first place?

Getting Reviews on Yelp


Now, the process for asking for Yelp reviews is pretty much the same as asking for testimonials or referrals: you find your most passionate clients and you go ahead and ask.

However, the process for getting those reviews active on your page can be tricky…luckily, Nray has a reliable system for this.

See, the blessing and curse of Yelp is that each page has what they call “Recommended Reviews” which are basically reviews that pass through an automated filter designed to catch “unreliable” reviews (spam, angry rants, etc.) Blessing, Curse Green Road Sign Over Dramatic Blue Sky and Clouds.

The blessing is that this is why people trust Yelp so much. It doesn’t just aggregate reviews; it also carefully curates them.

The curse is, that filter hides one quarter of ALL the reviews written on Yelp – and if you aren’t careful, that number could be much higher for your page.

So take Nray’s advice to ensure that your clients’ reviews actually make it on to the page:

–       Don’t have everyone submit their reviews at once. Yelp might see this as spam.

–       Encourage clients to check in at your location and take pictures on site.

–       Have clients new to Yelp create profiles and start by reviewing 2 other businesses.

That last point is especially important because it reassures Yelp’s system that your clients are real people. If, say, 10 people all suddenly create new Yelp profiles and go review the same business, Yelp is going to assume they aren’t “organic” users and it’s going to hide their reviews.

And in general, you only want people to submit reviews once every few days. Anything faster than that might alert Yelp’s filter.

Also, that point about having people check in and take pictures? You can also use that to turn a hidden review into a Recommended Review, even though it got hidden the first time.

Getting the Most Out of Yelp


A few last things about Yelp…

First off, don’t get scared away from it by the thought of negative reviews. Yes, people can leave nasty reviews on Yelp, but if you’re really fulfilling your responsibility and offering the best service possible then you’ll end up with more than enough positive reviews to drown out the negative ones.

Besides, people can be nasty on any platform. Welcome to the Internet, folks.

Second, have your trainers set up individual Yelp pages for themselves and request reviews from their clients. This is good for them, since it helps them build personal brand, and it’s good for you because it creates more and more Yelp pages that lead back to your main page. It’s a win-win.

And lastly, make sure you use Yelp’s feature that lets you sync your Facebook friends to your Yelp friends list (assuming they’re on Yelp). You really want to build out a Yelp profile, since it is ultimately a social media platform and not just a review aggregator.

Oh by the way, make sure you check out the 7 Figure Mastermind program. Nray can tell you it’s been hugely beneficial for his business, and we are constantly discovering great new marketing tricks like the ones you just learned. Check it out today!

Committed to your success,