Why Your Direct Response Marketing Needs Awesome Content

Do your Direct Response Marketing the right way, and you will completely dominate your path. Do it the wrong way, and you’ll go out of business.

People can get very confused by Direct Response Marketing…and as much as I’m tempted to give them the benefit of the doubt, I think it comes down to laziness.

They hear the short version – set up a Direct Response mechanism so you can measure and improve your prospects’ response to your marketing – and then they use it as an excuse to cut corners.

“Great!” they say, “Now I don’t have to worry about all that complicated branding stuff. I can just set up a handful of offers and pour all my energy into refining those.”

Nope, sorry, doesn’t work that way.

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Direct Response Marketing is incredibly powerful, but it’s only one step in the process. 

You see, Direct Response Marketing only works when it’s backed up by the Know, Like and Trust factor.

You can have the most finely tuned offer in the world, but if your overall marketing strategy still amounts to a total stranger asking for a sale – forget it! You’re out of business!

So let’s take a look at why content is so important to your marketing – and how you can do it right.

The Power of Content


I’ve talked about Direct Response Marketing before but today I want to focus specifically on content.

Content is how you build your know, like, and trust factor.

Let me explain the how and why…

First and foremost, your content needs to be useful and it needs to target the needs and wants of your audience.

But you can’t stop there. It’s funny when you think about it: we have more information available today than at any other point in human history, yet people are barely using it.


Because most people value their own emotional response more than the potential benefits of good information.

And the sad truth is that a lot of the best information is written by boring people.

The good news is that those boring people are leaving open a huge opportunity for you. Because you have personality and you’re going to use it to stand out and dominate your market.

Your content should be so packed with personality that your clients feel like they know you personally!

So how do you get your personality into your content?

Easy: you write in your own voice.

A lot of people find this weirdly difficult, but it’s not. In fact, I can sum it up with one equation:

Your writing voice = the way you speak + a keyboard

Seriously, that’s it. If you’re ever struggling with a piece of content, just start speaking your ideas out loud and then type whatever comes out of your mouth.

But hey, I get it, you might be too busy to write all your own content. That’s why I’ve created FitPro Newsletter so you can automatically send awesome content out to your list every week.

Here’s the thing though: even if you’ve already automated your content, I still recommend you write your own once in a while. Maybe you’ve got a big promotion coming up or maybe you just want to share an important personal moment.

Whatever the reason, these are great opportunities to ask your audience for their extra focus and really build your authority and personality.

Getting Your Content Out There


So now that you have all this awesome content, how do you get it out there?

This is where you get the “Direct” in Direct Response Marketing – you need to get that content DIRECTLY to your target demographic.

The most important way to do this is your email list of all past, current, and potential clients.

But how do you get that email list?

There are a lot of ways to do it: Low Barrier Offers, Referrals, Facebook ads…


All of those things begin with great content.

Let’s use my own brand as an example:

Think about the very time you discovered me. I don’t even mean the first time you decided to start listening to me, I mean the first time you ever heard or saw my name.

Maybe you overheard someone talking about their newfound success and how they earned it by applying my advice…

But far more likely, you came across something like this blog – a webpage somewhere with a picture of me and a big chunk of my words AKA my content. Found me on YouTube? That’s my video content – same idea.

Now I hate to brag, but for the sake of this example I have to say that a lot of you have gone on to sign up for my coaching programs, purchase my info products, and sign up for my services like FitPro Newsletter (which in addition to newsletters, also has great content for blogs and magazines).

And I know you wouldn’t have done so if you didn’t know, like and trust me (thanks to my content).

How do I know this?

Let’s use me again, but this time as a counter example…

Way back when I was still struggling to make ends meet, I bought myself hundreds of jars of protein powder with the idea that I was going to make my millions as a supplement salesman.

So I went around town and around the internet asking people to buy my protein powder…

…approaching people as a total stranger…

…awkwardly butting into other people’s space…

…without building any authority first…

…and I earned just about NOTHING.

So if you’re ever in doubt about whether great content is worth your time, just consider MY story.

Speaking of which…

The Power of Telling Your Own Story


Tell your own story. I do this a lot. I just did it again. I do it all the time. There’s a reason: people’s brains are wired to remember stories better than anything else.

How did you first get into fitness, anyway?

“Oh come on, B, my story’s not that interesting. Nobody wants to hear it.”

What, were you a fat kid who one day decided to turn things around? Discovered your lifelong passion while getting in shape for prom? I hear some version of that story every day, and you know what? I never get tired of hearing it. Why? Because that story is inspiring and relatable.

And it’s exactly the kind of story that will make your clients love you.

It also happens to be my story.

Thanks for reading, as always.

Committed to your success,


PS. I get that for a lot of you, sitting down to write content isn’t in your top 5% of things you love doing. That’s why I created FitPro Newsletter, service that comes packed with great pre-written content for blogs, emails, magazines and more. Sign up today so you can focus on your 5% and dominate your path!