How to Dominate Facebook Live and Attract More Clients

I’ve been experimenting like a madman and I FINALLY found it!

I found the perfect formula for getting training clients through Facebook Live! 

facebooklive copyAnd I want to share it with you, but I need you to make me a promise first…

See, the thing about Facebook Live is that it’s a new feature. That means Facebook is doing everything possible to persuade people to start using it.

They want as many people creating and watching Live videos as they can get, so what are they doing?

It’s quite simple – they are plugging the heck out of ANYONE who starts running a Live video!

You run a Live video right now and Facebook will not only send out a notification to everyone even remotely interested in your page…they’ll also keep pushing your video to the top of their feeds!


Like any true tech company, we can expect Facebook to roll out some other fancy new toy a few months from now and completely forget about the last thing they put out.

So what promise do I need from you?

I need you to promise that you’ll take this super easy formula I made for you and USE IT as fast as you possibly can! Do it now while Facebook Live is still hot!

Preparation and Set-Up


Before we get into the meat of the formula, here’s a few best practices for setting up the video.

Let people know a few days ahead of time that you’re going to do a live video and give them all the critical info.

Here’s what I mean by critical info:

WHAT you are going to teach them.

WHEN you will go live.

WHERE they can find the video (they just need to like your page and be there when it’s time).

WHY you want to help them (and WHY they need it). alarm clock

Post all that a few days ahead of time, then make sure you send out a reminder email and post the morning of your live broadcast.

For the video itself, simply put the title of your presentation in the description box WITHOUT ANY EXTERNAL LINKS!

If you put external links in the description, Facebook will punish you by taking away all that free exposure they usually give to Live videos.

Remember, Facebook wants people to be ON FACEBOOK LIVE. If you start driving people to another site before or during your livecast, Facebook will get mad.

Now I’m sure you’re wondering, “How am I supposed to get more clients if I can’t link to my opt-in page or LBO?”

Don’t sweat it. You can still mention your website in the video and flash the link on screen. (You’ll see the right place to do that as part of the formula below.)

Also, when you finish your livecast, Facebook will automatically generate a recorded version for you and add it to your video list.

Once that is ready, the video will work just like any other post, so you can safely boost it and add your links to the description. I highly recommend you do this.

Onward to my 5 Step Formula!

Step 1: The Intro


This part is easy!

Tell them who you are.

Tell them what you’re about to teach and why you are teaching it.

Tell them who this video is for.

Now, one thing that’s kind of funny about Facebook Live videos – you actually WANT to kill some time before you dive into the really meaty, important stuff.

That will give your audience time to actually show up, since even with the reminders a lot of people won’t know about your Live video until you’re already on the air.

Step 2: The Topic


Here, you’re just going to introduce the topic. The teaching will come later.

Explain what you’re talking about and how it’s going to help them, then tell them the story of someone you worked with before who found success with your technique.

LoveYou don’t need to go into full-blown testimonial mode here, just casually mention someone who used your technique and lost weight, got in better shape, found their confidence again, etc.

ALSO, make sure here you ask for loves, likes, and shares. This will help Facebook prioritize your video and direct more people to watch it.

Step 3: The Proof


HERE is where you want to give full-blown testimonials.

Prepare a list of people who are already out there using your secret and getting serious results.

For each one, show serious proof of how they’re winning. Flash your before-and-afters, performance pics, and thank you letters here.

By the time you finish these up, your full audience should be there ready to hear your lesson, and anyone who hopped on at the beginning will be thoroughly sold on your expertise.

Step 4: The Lesson


Now it’s time for you to educate.


If you truly want this process to work, you need to make this section as simple as possible.

You want to create “aha” moments for your viewer. Give them easy, unexpected tweaks that they can make to their workout, nutrition, or lifestyle that will have an immediate impact.

Don’t worry about completely transforming their life and fitness right this moment. Your goal here is just to get them hooked on the process of improving so they’ll come back to you for more in-depth training and knowledge.

And, of course, ask for loves, likes, and shares after you’ve delivered the goods.

Step 5: The Pitch


Let them know you’d like to help them achieve their outcome and that you’ve created your in-depth training program, product, etc. specifically to help them get that outcome.

Then, tell them that you’re offering a special discount ONLY during your livecast and put the link for it on screen (how’s that for creating urgency?)

Ask them to click the link and check out your offer, then thank them for watching.

Before you sign off, ask them to leave any questions they have in the comment section. photodune-7285653-questions-xs

You might be tempted to start answering their questions live, but don’t do that!

If you start reading questions now, you’ll lose control of your pitch, since people can ask all kinds of weird questions over Facebook and distract you.

If you want to try doing a live Q and A session that’s fine! I love doing those. But schedule that as a separate video that will just focus on community and authority building.

BAM! There you go! A simple formula for how to DOMINATE Facebook Live while it’s hot and drive a ton of new leads into your business.

One last thing…remember to find the recording of your Live video (it’ll disappear for a bit, then reappear as a new post), add your links to the description, and boost it.

Committed to your success,