Explode Your Personal Training Income Using Groupon

You can take your boot camp business from zero to hero within 30-40 days.

Impossible? I think not.

You do it by using deal of the day sites like Groupon. You’ve probably heard of Groupon, and quite honestly, Groupon has gotten a bad rep.

While I don’t think it’s the end all, be all, I do think it’s one of the best ways to get a lot of local suspects into your business. I say suspects because you’re going to use a weeding out process to separate your prospects from your suspects. Then, of course, you convert those prospects into paying clients.

Now how do you make the most of your Groupon promotions? Let me walk you through this so you can get a bunch of new leads through your doors ASAP.


Don’t Be Afraid to Charge High

Thing number one you want to remember: the higher you can charge for a Groupon promotion, the better.

Groupon, or any deal of the day site, is always going to want you to give away the farm for a small amount of money.

You’re going to do the opposite.

Instead, give away 14 days, 16 days, 21 days, maybe 30 days of boot camp for as much money as you can get—$59, $69, $79 for the program.

Now how do you do this? You can actually add free reports, meal plans, or even one of those customizable wristbands that you can get for like $1.50 that you can print your logo on. But you want to increase the value of whatever you’re giving away on Groupon so that Groupon will allow you to charge the most for it.

Once again, the best way you’re going to get the most qualified clients from Groupon, or any deal of the day site for that matter, is by raising your rates and offering a small program. That way, people can test out your program, and then, of course, you can sit them down one at a time and close them on an ongoing membership.


Do Group Closes Only When You’re Ready

Thing number two is to avoid closing people in a big group until you’re ready to do so.

When you’ve got a big group of people in front of you, odds are there’s always a person, or two, or three, in the group who end up being “bad seeds” and affect everybody else.

If that one person says, “I don’t think this is right for me. I don’t want to buy,” everyone else isn’t going to buy either.

Instead, schedule people for one-on-one sit downs and close them during the period that they’re on your Groupon promotion. When you do it this way, you can address all their questions and concerns, and they’re not thrown off by any of those “bad seeds” I mentioned earlier.

Once you get your one-on-one closing rate to about 80%-90%, then you’re ready to close in groups, which is a whole different beast to master. Fortunately, I have a step-by-step game plan to help you close in groups with ease (once you’re ready). Click here to learn more. 


Remember: They’re Deal Seekers!


Number three: remember that these people came to you looking for a deal, so you want to offer them a deal to move forward.

So once you know what your regular programs are, say, “Hey, look. When you stay onboard past your 21-day Groupon promotion, I’ll give you a 20%-30% discount off your first month if you try out my regular program. Then, if it’s right for you, you can stay on board at that discounted price.”

That’s why the discount is so important—it catches their attention. They’re deal seekers, so continue to offer them a deal so they’ll jump on board.


Automatically Schedule Your Prospects

Finally, when people purchase from Groupon, they’re going to call you, email you, and barge in on your boot camps left and right. That can really leave a bad taste in your clients’ mouths.

Make sure that they go into a scheduling system once they purchase from the deal of the day site. You could use something like Schedulicity.com, for example, for only $20 a month. Just get Schedulicity and hook it up to your website.

Here’s how it works: they go from the deal of the day site to Schedulicity and book themselves. You can even limit booking to five people per day from a deal of the day promotion, so once those five spots are filled, they fill out the next day, then the next day, etc. This way, you can control the flow of people coming into your business, and it won’t disrupt what your boot camps are all about: service, value, fun, and excitement.

Those are the four big pillars of running a successful deal of the day program for your boot camp. Remember those and your Groupon promotion is sure to take off, with leads knocking down your doors to try out your boot camp.


Committed to your success,