Your First Fitness Info Product Launch Checklist

Guest Post by Mike Whitfield

If you’re considering helping people all over the world with your info product idea, you might be overwhelmed with all that has to be done.

Seriously, think about it for a second…

You have to set up a merchant account, an email marketing account, a way for affiliates to get paid, graphics, a download page… the list goes on and on.checklist

That’s why this handy fitness info product launch checklist will help you out.

Hey, I’ve been doing product promos and launches for over 2 years and I still use this list.

You’ll see exactly what you need to get done from A to Z so you don’t end up in the fetal position before your launch or promo.

First, here are some resources for you:

Website Design and Graphics

I currently use an in-house website designer (Adam) and he’s amazing and talented. But sorry… he’s got a full plate. Here are some other resources… – These are the people I was using before I connected with Adam (only if you’re on a tight budget)

Tell these people exactly what you’re looking for. Having a sample website/look that you like is always helpful, too.

Shopping Cart/Affiliate Payout Systems Resources – This is the easiest and what most people use. Clickbank does everything for you from paying out affiliates on your behalf to helping you track sales and more.

It’s VERY simple to set up as well… but you can always get someone on, etc. etc. to set your product up as well to integrate clickbank with your site.

Customer Service Resources

You can get someone from or, but your better choice is using someone you know and trust.

However, don’t forget your own list and community! People who follow you and believe in what you’re doing make the best customer service reps.

Until you get someone, document everything you do using screen recording software or putting the step-by-step instructions in a Word Doc. Soon, you’ll have a procedures manual that people can pick up and run with it.

Email Marketing Resources

Pick one and go with it. Some people get so caught up in this detail and end up wasting time and energy.

Selling is your #1 priority – who you use won’t make or break your success.

Here are a few options:

FitProNewsletter (this includes done-for-you content!)

Alright, now that your resources are out of the way, here is a checklist when putting together your promotion or launch…

Product Launch Checklist:Screen Shot 2014-04-21 at 9.38.47 AM

Sales Copy and Offer

1. Do you have a big hook with your program? Is it unique? In other words, “These Fat Loss Workouts Are Like… Awesome and Stuff” is not a good hook.

2. Did you get feedback from your peers on your sales page?


1. Website header

2. Ebook covers

3. Group shot of all bonuses, etc.

Clickbank Approval

1. Main product approved?

2. Upsell flow approved (if applicable)?

3. Test a sale to ensure everything is working smoothly

Website Preparation

1. Are the affiliate links working correctly? Do they go to the right page?

2. Server prepared for more traffic during the promo?

Customer Service

1. Customer support in place? – Be sure your customer support team has all the download pages for the main product as well as the upsells (if applicable) so they can respond quickly to anyone that didn’t get the download link for some reason.

2. Most FAQ sent to customer support? – Your most common questions should be sent to customer support with the answers so that the customer support team can respond quickly to customer questions.

Email Marketing Preparation

1. Do you have an autoresponder sequence set up for your customers? Does their confirmation link take them to the download page to cut down on customer service issues?

2. Are you set up to collect a customer list? Here’s a sample:










3. Bonus tip from Rick Kaselj – import the email addresses from your clickbank account into your customer list in your email marketing account. Sometimes, the customer puts in the wrong email address or they never confirm and they miss out on getting the link to your program, etc.

Note – Your autoresponders should start like this:

1. Your first confirmation message should have the link to the download page.

2. Your first welcome message should have your support email address and encourage your customer to email them with any questions. Also welcome them to the program, telling them where to start as well as a link to your social media page(s).

Download Page Set Correctly?

1. Are the instructions clear on how to download the product?

2. Add a welcome video on the download page thanking the customer for their investment and encourage them to email you or your support team with any questions (another “gem” from Rick Kaselj)

3. Add a tour of the product on the download page as well if necessary (Rick K strikes again!).

Affiliate Preparation

1. Do you have your swipes (also known as done-for-you emails) that your affiliates can send their readers to get them to buy?

Note – In your swipes, explain why your program is different and how it solves a problem with great content. Also, strategize your promotion. Here’s a good strategy:

Day 1 – How your program is different with a fast action bonus (optional)

Day 2 – The problem and how YOUR program is the solution

Day 3 – Deadline urgency (or more content if doing a 4-day promo)

Whether you’re selling your first product or your 100th, you’ll find this this product launch checklist handy and hopefully, this takes some of the stress away from having to remember everything.

To your success!

Mike Whitfield

Mike Whitfield is a Master Certified Turbulence Trainer and his work has been seen on the blogs of Men’s Health, Turbulence Training, the AJC and more. He is also a contributor to the Men’s Health Big Book of Getting Abs.  His weight loss of 115 pounds propelled him into the fitness industry and he is known for his Workout Finishers. You can get finishers sent to your inbox every day at