Where to Get Fitness Business Ideas

All the time I’ll get young fitness professionals coming up to me and asking “Bedros, where do you get all your awesome fitness business ideas?”

My honest answer…

fitness business ideas“Dude, EVERYWHERE!”

Because frankly, coming up with ideas isn’t the hard part.

The hard part is putting those ideas into action and testing them to see which ones actually work.

Still, I can understand where that question comes from.

Sometimes you want a little boost of creative inspiration, or you’re looking for that one quick hack that will make your business or life go even smoother.

In other words, you’re really looking for “Aha!” moments.

I’m happy to provide those, so today I’m going to let you “pick my brain” so to speak and just spill out some of the best ideas I’ve ever had in my career.

And just to be totally transparent: I didn’t always come up with these on my own. I’ll try to give credit where credit is due, but honestly, a lot of these ideas just came from me noticing good ideas in other industries or topics and just applying them to fitness.

(That’s something you can do too, by the way, and you should.)

Fitness Business Idea #1: EFT


This idea is so simple and so crucial to your success as a fitness business owner that when I first found out about it I had to smack myself in the head for not realizing it sooner.

Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) is a MUST if you are in ANY kind of fitness business.

See, here’s how I got paid as a personal trainer when I first started out: I charged my clients for each month by check.

By check.

Each month. 

Meaning every single month, I had to chase down every client individually and plead with them to sign a little slip of paper (which either one of us could easily misplace) that said I could put food on my table, AKA a check.

And wouldn’t you know it? When my clients had to stop and look at the number they were writing down, they’d start asking uncomfortable questions.

Things like, “Do I really need to be paying this much for training?” fitness business ideas

Or, “I think I’m good with my results so far. Do I really need to keep going?”

Or, “Could I maybe get a better deal on this?”

That, or they would flat-out not pay me! They’d either get confrontational or just disappear!

Man, it’s a miracle I didn’t burn out…Of course, when I finally got slapped in the face with the solution to all this, I did feel pretty silly.

See, I had this one client, Jim Franco, who understood how business works. He took me aside and explained that if I signed on my clients for 8 or 12 month commitments, and I had them agree to send me the money via EFT each month, I would have way more stable income and I wouldn’t have to waste time chasing anyone down.

“Dude, that’s genius!” I told him.

“No it’s not,” he told me, “That’s what all the box gyms do with their personal trainers. It’s just common sense.”

Well…it wasn’t common sense to me at least, but it taught me a much bigger, more important lesson:

Success leaves clues, so pay attention to who is winning in your industry and any other industry.

Odds are, if you pay attention you’ll discover simple and easy to implement tricks from them that make a world of difference.

Sometimes success is just a matter of making a few smart changes where it counts, so pay attention!

Fitness Business Idea #2: Thank You Cards


Want to bring more clients into your business and increase your income?

Give Thank You cards to your current clients.


Whenever. You could do it after X months of working with you, or for giving you referrals, or for having a positive attitude.

fitness business ideasBasically, any excuse you can find to hand out Thank You cards (or better yet, Thank You gifts) to your clients, DO IT!

This such a simple, low-cost, and easy thing to do, but most fitness business owners never do it.

And frankly, it’s their loss.

Thank You cards help you build a “home away from home” culture in your boot camp or gym that will make your clients RAVE about you, never want to quit, and pretty much DEMAND that their friends and family come train with you.

For the cards themselves, hire a freelance graphic designer on Fiverr or Upwork to design something fancy for you that includes your logo, then go print them out on high-quality card stock. Then hand-write a quick personal message in the card (or have your assistant do this).

Fitness Business Idea #3: Email List Building


You need to have an email list will all your current, past, and prospective future clients.

AND, you need to make sure this list is constantly growing so that you can dip into it and scoop up new clients whenever you need them.

So how do you keep building that email list and keep people interested in your program?

You build that email list by creating LBOs (Low Barrier Offers) that you promote on Facebook.

A Low Barrier Offer is basically a way for clients to “sample” your training at a great discount or for free so that you can close them on signing up once they know you’re the real deal.

An LBO can be something like a 21 Day Belly Burn for $40, or a week of free training, or a Bring a Friend, Both Get in Free promo.

Whatever LBO you decide on, you want to design it so that people interested MUST give you their email before they get the invite.

Then you add all those emails to your list, and you keep them interested by sending them fun and useful content emails that educate them on health and fitness.

You want to basically keep that content running all the time – weekly or even daily – so that people on that list develop more trust and familiarity with you.

Finally, whenever you need to get more clients from that list, just email out a special offer for your training. You can either send them another LBO, or give them an exclusive discount, or even just remind them how your program works and that you have room for them.

Now if that all sounds complicated or sounds like a lot of work, don’t worry.

With FitPro Newsletter, you can automate that entire process. And if you sign up today, you can start a 30 day trial period for just $1!

Committed to Your Success,