31 Ways to Build a Better Personal Training Business

Holy freaking crap, this weekend was INCREDIBLE!

Fitness Business Summit Day 2 #FBS15

To all those who shared that incredible experience with me, wow, thank you so much for coming and being a part of such a powerful event.

I can say with absolute certainty that this was the best FBS we’ve had yet.

With nearly 700 trainers and coaches from 12 different countries in attendance this was like putting on a three day long wedding where your guests have paid to attend and therefore have expectations…. lol.

I’m happy to say that after speaking to hundreds of attendees Fitness Business Summit 15 surpassed all expectations!

Fitness Business Summit Day 3 #FBS15Ian Weinberg was the lucky winner of the brand new Land Rover— damn that thing was beautiful… Then there were all the folks who got a piece of the $3,000 we gave away each day throughout the event.

And we can’t forget to congratulate the incredible Nisan Trotter, winner of this year’s Personal Trainer of the Year Award. My man Nisan!

Speaking of the speakers, they were the best we’ve ever had by far. Captivating, inspiring, motivating— they did wonderfully. We learned so much from the stories they shared and the business secrets and systems they offered; I know all of you who had a chance to hear them will probably be doubling  and redoubling your business in the next year.

If you didn’t get a change to hear all of their incredible information, I’ve got you covered, don’t worry. In a couple weeks the video footage from FBS15 will go on sale for a very short time. That will be your ONLY chance to get it before we pull it off the market.

Until then, this post has 31 tips, straight from our speakers, that will help you build a bigger personal training business. (And even at 31 this is still just a very small taste of what they shared with us.)

Let’s start with our first speaker… Me! Lucky me, I took the stage first and opened up with my annual State of the Industry Address. Here’s some of what I taught:

Fitness Business Summit Day 2 #FBS15#1

You need your own Immigrant Edge. Learn how to make Chicken Salad out of Chicken Shit and you’ll have what it takes to operate a successful fitness business. In other words, be an optimist.


Be the one signing the front of the check, instead of the back. How? The 5% Rule. Being the boss. And taking control of all aspects of your life.


Take action! You won’t have anything except nothing if you don’t learn how to get up, get out, and start taking action.

I spoke again on Saturday so let’s check out a few of my lessons on marketing, referrals, and how to triple your word of mouth traffic.


Marketing isn’t what you think it is. Brand building? Cards? Flyers? Forget it. You need to learn Direct Response Marketing if you want to get anywhere in this business. All of my coaching clients who went from losing money each month to making multiple six and even seven figures did so after they implemented direct response marketing.


I showed everyone exactly how to get people to buy from you, keep buying from you, and finally, refer for you. Results + Know, Like, Trust = life time clients and referrals.

Fitness Business Summit Day 1 #FBS15Alright, so after I finished my presentation on Friday, Stephen Jepson came on stage and, I have to tell you, none of us could have ever anticipated what we were in for. Here’s a bit of what he showed us (in his underwear):


Proven training methods that improve body and brain health for your aging clients.


Never leave the playground! Just because you’re not a kid doesn’t mean you can’t play like one. In fact, if you want your brain to stay healthy as you age, you definitely should play like a child.

When Stephen was finished, one of the best Fit Body Boot Camp owners on the planet took the stage. Matt Wilber gave us his proprietary formula for packing your new Boot Camp with members before the doors even open.


Email marketing sequences that convert like you wouldn’t believe. You’ll see actual examples of this in the FBS15 videos when they come out in two weeks.


Copywriting tips and tricks to get people excited and ready for the launch of your new boot camp business.


How to set up a Boot Camp business that grosses six figures from day one.

After Matt was done, the lovely Megan Kruger graced the stage and she shared her experiences using the incredible power of referrals.

Fitness Business Summit Day 1 #FBS15#11

How you can establish a referral generation system that accounts for 60% of your new clientele.


How to turn a single client into $30,000 of revenue.

Cabel McElderry, COO here at the Fit Body Boot Camp HQ and a great friend of mine, gave his presentation after Megan. He showed how important it can be, when building your team, to find employees who feel the right kinds of emotions.


You can teach anyone skills. Hire those who share your vision, then build them into a qualified candidate.


Everything it takes to set up a team that genuinely shares your passion for the success of your business.

Saturday morning started off with one of the most inspiring messages I’ve heard at any FBS. Runner up for the best speaker award, winner of the Personal Trainer of the Year Award, and one of the most successful Fit Body Boot Camp owners in the States, Nisan Trotter absolutely blew me away.

Fitness Business Summit Day 1 #FBS15#15

Creating your own client culture and family that ensures results, grows your business, and helps as many lives as possible.


How to be a fearless leader who trains, sells, and motivates without being crippled by the fear of failure.


Strategies for making your clients feel happy, accepted and welcome so they get results, bring referrals, and grow your business.

We shifted gears and pulled out our notepads as Craig Ballantyne jumped on stage with invaluable advice for starting your own online information business.


How to make real money from your big ideas.


All the secrets to creating and launching your own product within just 30 days.

We all ran out for a quick lunch break and then came right back to hear from the wonderful Denise Harty.


How to push past your crippling self-imposed limitations, how to teach yourself that you are worthy of success, and how to love life as well as love yourself.

After Denise we had Ben Pakulski lumber on stage. Man that guy was huge— I mean knowledgeable… he was really knowledgeable when it came to brand building and online marketing (and being a beast!).

Fitness Business Summit Day 2 #FBS15#21

How a professional body builder can transform into an online executive in just 3 three years, without ending his bodybuilding career.


How to manage your time so ruthlessly that you can finish everything you need to get done. Batch process. Make lists. And avoid distractions.


How to stand out from the crowd and get your product noticed by those who will pay for it.

Bryce Henson is the owner of three THREE Fit Body Boot Camp locations here in Southern California. He showed all of us how to successfully systematize the opening of multiple fitness businesses, one after another.


All the professional help you’re going to need if you want to operate your business the right way.


How to consistently make sales, keep clients happy, and make more sales.

Fitness Business Summit Day 2 #FBS15We closed of the night with a special three part presentation about Online Information Marketing. I helped with this one, but luckily I was backed up by two industry giants, Jason Ferruggia and Rick Kaselj, who made this one of the most informative presentations of the weekend.

Fitness Business Summit Day 2 #FBS15#26

What it really takes to build a massive blog that gets readers, builds your brand, and, as J put it, is “Fu**ing Awesome.”

Fitness Business Summit Day 2 #FBS15#27

How you can make money just by making friends and introductions. Affiliates are king in information marketing.

Sunday began with Derek Wahler, an incredible inspiration and death-cheater, as he proved to us over and over again.


What is, truly, above everything else, the Number One key to success in anything, including the fitness business?

I don’t think any of us knew what we were in for when Todd Durkin walked up onto that stage. Well, lets just say, he was overwhelmingly voted the Best Speaker of the entire event. He was Mr. X and I kept him as a surprise for a reason 🙂


Where you can get the passion to work hard, the purpose to keep fighting, and the impact to make a real difference in the world.


It doesn’t matter what you do, it’s who you are. Figure out who you are.

Fitness Business Summit Day 2 #FBS15And, finally, the moment we were all waiting for, Josh Carter got up and demonstrated the newest Facebook hacks that can make you a better marketer.


What the heck is Pixel Tracking? How do you use it? How does Facebook use it? And how can we make more money from it?

Now, as I think you can tell, this has been a crazy Summit. This was a weekend for the history books. It was one incredible, informative, amazingly inspiring, and exhausting weekend – But more than worth it.

With all of the lessons shared over the weekend there are attendees who will be doubling, even tripling their businesses in the 6 to 12 months. Honestly, if you missed this Summit, you’ve let an incredible opportunity to grow your business pass you by.

Do yourself a favor and make sure you’re at Fitness Business Summit 16 next March. It will be the tenth FBS and for that big anniversary I’ve got some really AWESOME stuff planned that’s going to change our industry for ever.

And if you missed this one, then be sure to get the videos when they come out in two weeks.

Fitness Business Summit Day 2 #FBS15See, every year I record this entire event, package it into a complete video set, and put it up for sale. Now, this sale only lasts for a couple days and will go live on April 14th.

If you’re wondering what you can get out of this, just scroll up for a second and look at the dozens of nuggets I’ve pulled out from each performance. And that’s only what I could fit into this little post; imagine what you can learn if you actually watched the presentations!

Fitness Business Summit Day 2 #FBS15There’s no reason why you should have to miss this opportunity to do better, to be a better fitness entrepreneur, trainer, and marketer.

Committed to Your Success,

Bedros Keuilian