When Fitness Marketing Meets Mindset

Sometimes we have to have the hardest conversations with the people who we care about the most.

This is a story about a hard conversation I had with a personal trainer.

During one of my coaching calls, I found myself connected to my iPhone earbuds aimlessly wondering around the HQ parking lot lost in a trance of ideas, solutions, shortcuts and action steps for my clients on the other side of the phone.

Waiting for important call.Earlier in the afternoon I spoke with a new coaching client who has only been to one mastermind meeting so far.

At that mastermind meeting, during his “hot seat” session, the biggest issues he needed solutions for were…

1) How to get more reliable and higher quality leads

2) How to overcome objections that kill the sale

3) How to stop doing it all and start hiring and delegating

At the mastermind he got the answers he needed and was given proven examples to model.

But here, on our second follow up call since the mastermind, I noticed that he had yet to really get any of his marching orders done and put into action.

He went on to tell me how he started creating a help wanted post to hire a part time admin and trainer but never got around to finishing it and getting it up on Craigslist.

Then he went on to tell me how he got through the first three modules of Close Clients but hasn’t gotten to the final module where I teach how to overcome the big three (time, money, and spouse) objections.

Ironically, overcoming buyer’s objections was one of the three things that he needed to improve to unlock the success that’s been eluding him for the last two years.

And then he went on to tell me how he started setting up his landing page and Facebook ads for his lead generation promo but hasn’t quite finished the copy and offer – but he’s *almost there*.

For the most part I was silent on the first half of the call… but in my head I was screaming at him at the top of my lungs as if I had my hands wrapped around his throat!

I mean here’s a guy who is a very competent trainer, who’s in great shape, is sharp as a tack, and owns a fitness business in a community where people need his services and can afford his training programs. Yet he’s giving me one excuse after another as to why he hasn’t been able to deploy his marching orders from two months ago. Drowning hand in stormy sea

He ended his dissertation with: “And if I don’t do something about this now I’m going to need to take out a loan to get though the first part of the year.” 

I broke my silence and asked: So how can I help you, Bob? 

He replied with: What do I do to get better leads and to increase my sales? 


I’ve experienced this before… he was baiting me into giving him the same solutions I did 30 days prior and then 60 days prior at the mastermind in an attempt to avoid the REAL issue that was holding him back from doing what he needed to get done.

But I didn’t fall for it – I’ve been doing this far too long and I know a smoke screen when I see it.

So I said: “Bob, I need you to please decide how you want your business to look in 2016. Do you want it to look a lot like it has in 2015 where some months were profitable but most months you just eked by… where you did all the work yourself and are now straddling the fence of burnout and questioning your abilities as a business owner? 

Can you handle another mediocre year like that? 

Or are you ready to have the real discussion that we need to have which is why you continue to procrastinate, put off, delay and postpone the things that will lead you to success, higher profitability and happiness in your business?” 

And so the real conversation started and we talked about the self-limiting beliefs that he had, the fear of doing things that were so far out of his comfort zone, and the mindset required to deal with and overcome adversity and the negative people and thoughts around him.

Listen, I’m no stranger to this stuff. I’ve had more self doubt, limiting beliefs and self sabotage in my life than I care to admit. So for me, it’s easy to spot it when I see someone else going down that path of avoidance.

Sometimes, we need more than the actual information, action steps and resources to hit our goals.

You may have noticed this with some of your clients who you train and give nutritional coaching to only to see that they’re not achieving the results you expected, and in fact, and in some cases, they actually get fatter.

Sliced bulb onionThis is the reality of being human.

We’re complex and the layers go deep.

While often times most people just need the information, the action steps, and the accountability to follow though – from time to time you’ll come across a client who simply seems to get in their own way by self-sabotage, though negative self talk, and limiting beliefs.

For those clients you’ll need to have the hard conversations and you’ll want to wrap those conversations in love, compassion, and empathy.

And that’s why I’m sharing this story with you today. Maybe you can relate to my coaching client from yesterday.

If you’re a subscriber to my daily newsletter, then you probably need help in your business on some level…

Maybe you need more clients, better lead generation and smart marketing ideas that work.

Or maybe you want to create a stronger community and culture in your gym or boot camp so that your clients can get better results, stay around longer and refer often.

Or maybe you’re seeing the competition around you increase and you want to know how to stand out in a crowded market place without having to drop your prices and devalue yourself.

Or maybe your business is going good, really good but you know that it can do a LOT better and you just need that extra push, idea, and tipping point to happen so that you can have the big breakthrough and take it to the next level.

Or maybe… just maybe you need the change to start in your head and heart. Maybe you’re burning out, need a break, are surrounded by negativity and you’re losing your drive, creativity and passion.

Whatever it is that you need help with, I need you to please decide to take action and do something about it – otherwise you’ll have a business that continues to struggle, suffer and stall while the competition takes the lion’s share of your clients.bedros stage

I want to help you.

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