Getting out of the Zone: Forsaking Comfort for Success

You will never discover legitimate success in life, in work, or in love, you will never feel accomplished, satisfied or complete, you will never consider yourself a happy person or a joyful individual, and you will never make large amounts of money, if you never get out of comfort zoneyour zone— your comfort zone.

Nothing is ever going to happen inside your zone. Nothing exciting, nothing groundbreaking, and nothing life changing will ever come to be if you remain within the zone. If you hope to do well in life, to succeed as a father or mother, as a member of the workforce or a business owner, or to be a successful fitness professional and entrepreneur, you absolutely must pull, tug, bite, rip, tear, fight your way out of your comfort zone.

There is no other method for learning new things, no alternative for developing unfamiliar skills, and no other way to set yourself up for success.

Get out of the zone. It’s how millionaires make their money, it’s how leaders inspire followers, and it’s the only way to bring change into your life. If you ever want to transform the person you are today into the individual you wish to become then you must, without a doubt, without compromise, and without hesitation, break free from the lockbox that is your comfort zone.

The reason I am pushing you so forcefully and encouraging your change so vehemently is that most people will never break out of their zone. There may be a few moments throughout their lives where they try something new or begin an unfamiliar project, but an overwhelming majority of these people quit. Maybe it happens right away, sometimes they keep it up for weeks or a few months, but most individuals will quit anything new, challenging, or unfamiliar.

I QuitAnd I’ll bet there have been times, maybe even multiple instances, when you were one of those people. You probably started off real gung-ho, you were so excited to learn something new and take on a new challenge, but before long you realized how difficult your new task truly was and how uncomfortable that challenge made you, and you quit.

I know I’ve done it.

But I have also become one of the very few people that ever learn how to stop being a quitter.

Do you think I could ever have completed all the incredibly difficult and ‘out-of-my-zone’ challenges that have brought me so much success today if I never learned how to stop quitting? I never would have become someone who speaks in front of hundreds, someone who thrives in large complex social situations, or even someone who can teach others.

But all of these extremely challenging and uncomfortable activities are some of my proudest accomplishments. I have dedicated my life to helping people— it’s what defines me, what makes me proud to be me, but can be incredibly uncomfortable for me!

I am miles and miles away from my comfort zone whenever I get up in front of a crowd and teach. Sure, I am practiced, I’m rehearsed and I am skilled, but that doesn’t mean I’m not scared to death.

But I’ve learned to be someone who never quits.

Now, I’m not bragging here, in fact I am admitted many of my biggest faults, but I want you to realize that I would literally be nothing today, a poor and destitute nobody, if I had never learned how important it is to constantly be breaking out of my zone.

And the same goes for you.

You aren’t going to find that success you’ve been dreaming about and you’re never going to become who you wish you could be if you don’t learn how to get out of your comfort zone, stay out of your comfort zone, and don’t quit even when you wish you could.

It isn’t easy. (But how many easy things are really worthwhile, anyway?)

It sure wasn’t easy for me. True, it has gotten much easier over the years and yes, its pretty much habit now, but it is a forced and trained habit that had me suffering through horribly uncomfortable settings.

Did you know that I consider myself to be socially awkward?

I grew up in a poor family, I came to the United States as a kid who spoke no English, and I was different from all of my friends and everyone I knew growing up.

I had to overcome all of that. I had to learn to stop worrying about my speech or my appearance, I had to learn to get over my hang-ups with money, and I had to convince myself that I had no reason to feel awkward and uncomfortable. (In fact, it was my decision as a young man to get in shape and transform myself physically into the person I wanted to become that originally inspired me to work as a personal trainer. Do you see now how I truly would not be the person I am today if I had never broken out of my zone?)

But even later in life I always preferred small, intimate social situations as opposed to big, formidable settings.  But how could I be a teacher and a coach, how could I host conventions and give lectures if I stayed away from those situations that I hated?

So I got over it. And you need to do the same.

Maybe you don’t have any problem with social situations but you’re worried about learning how to motivate others to work hard and get in shape. Maybe you feel that you are already a master trainer but worry about your ability to learn about and be able to teach nutrition? Are you someone who does great with one-on-one personal training, would love to make more money, but you don’t feel comfortable with your ability to teach larger Boot Camp classes?

Think of all the accomplishments, improvements, and income form which these fears are holding you back!

You’ll never be a great trainer if you can’t motivate others or teach them proper nutrition and you will never make very much money until you get rid of the broken one-on-one business model and exchange it for a Boot Camp. In other words, unless you address these fears and venture outside of your comfort zone, you simply aren’t going to make it.

You will never try and so you will never succeed.

I know it sounds harsh but it’s absolutely true.

Be on the lookout, then, for moments and decisions that will push you out of your zone. TryingThese are the times when you will create change within yourself and accomplish goals you never thought possible. It is within moments like these that you discover success.

But you have to actively seek them out. Decide what it is you want to do, discover all the out-of-the-zone activates and learning you must first power through, and make them happen.

There really is no other option.

Committed to your success,