How to Make Your Dreams a Reality

Have you ever had a dream? Who am I kidding, of course you have!


People dream about starting a family, buying a new sports car, becoming a professional athlete, or starting up a personal business.


So if everyone has dreams, why don’t they all come true?


Well, you could say that some people are just luckier than others…


I don’t.


I don’t care if you were born with a silver spoon in your mouth or with no food on the table—everyone has the power to make something of themselves.


You can’t control your circumstances…but you can control your life. You can .


I know a lot of people who are motivated to succeed, but there’s always one pesky little issue that breathes down their necks…

A lack of clear vision.


I ask aspiring personal trainers why they want to start their own businesses all the time. They usually give me a ginormous list of reasons. It’s when I ask them to tell me how they plan on starting their business when things get awkward…


Here’s my simplest of solutions: dial in.


When I start any business, I always outline the specifics of what I need to do. It doesn’t matter whether I have the greatest idea since sliced bread or an idea that would make your ears bleed—what matters is that I tried something specific.


No one – and I mean no one – starts out their business as a professional. There’s always a learning curve.


I didn’t learn the ropes by sitting around, thinking of clever marketing schemes all day long. I made it a priority to jump right in and learn from my mistakes.


I went out there and tried some pretty outrageous marketing campaigns. Now I coach others on marketing the right way because I’ve learned so much from trial and error over the years…


The more dialed in your business plan is, the more likely you are to dominate your area’s fitness market.Screen-Shot-2014-10-16-at-2.02.18-PM-300x204-GCDGny.png


That means I prepare Plans A through Z before I ever close a client. I rehearse my pitch over and over again. I anticipate any doubts or questions a prospect might have.


I could just tell them how much they’d love to join my gym. You know, just like every other gym down the road…


OR I could give them the full scope of my programs, be upfront about my prices, and shoot it straight with them if they’re fitness goals aren’t aligned with my training style.


Your goal shouldn’t be to sell your training to everyone on Earth. I’d rather have a handful of loyal, devoted clients who will gush about me to their friends than a packed house of people who barely even want to come work out with me.


Trust me, these specific plans are the “cash printing” machine of your business. All you do is put them into place and watch your profits soar.


The name of the game is specificity, ladies and gents. Keep asking yourself, “How…?”


How will I stay in contact with a prospect after their expression of interest? Email? Snail mail? Facebook? Phone calls? All of the above?


How much money do I estimate spending to outfit my business with resources and equipment? How much do I anticipate making monthly? Weekly?


How do I market to the general public? Lead boxes? Billboards? Commercials? Online ads? How much of this should I outsource?


If all of my energy is spent on getting clients through the door, how do I know they won’t get up and leave in a couple months? Am I as confident in my training methods as I am in my closing skills?


Again, you don’t need the right answers to all of these questions. That’s the beauty of business, man—you live, you learn, then you live and learn some more.


All you need right now are answers. Period!


My wife, Diana, has been passionate about cooking ever since her family taught her how to cook as a little girl.


So you know what she did? She structured a business around her passion. She put a bunch of her favorite healthy recipes into writing and had a quality photographer take pictures of each dish. Then, she compiled these recipes together, and whipped up a highly successful cookbook. We’ve even had the fortune of watching her do live demonstrations on TV.


Of course, that success came after years of experimenting with recipe after recipe, and ingredient after ingredient—and of course, experimenting with different marketing techniques.


I want you to leave no stone unturned.


There’s no one better to survey than the people you’ve successfully convinced to sign up with you.


What was that “light bulb moment” that got them in your gym? Take a second to ask them that…


bulb-rows-mfKLLk.jpgIf a Facebook ad you ran brought in most of your current clients, wouldn’t you try and run more Facebook ads?


On the flip side, if none of your current clients came in through Facebook ads, you’d want to try a different method. That’s pretty unlikely these days, since Facebook is still the best source of clients, but who knows, man? One day it could dry up—but even then there will be fitness business owners who adapt and succeed anyway.


I’m telling you—if you just narrow down your business plan, if you have a plan of action, you’re gonna see more leads as long as you do the work.


I can motivate you, but I can’t do the nitty gritty work for you.


Businesses are only as strong as the systems that run them. Each little piece of structure you add to your business is a massive step towards reaching your goals—and your dreams.


Committed to your success,