How to Become a Fitness Expert

What’s the wisest way to spend the first dollars your fitness business makes?

That’s a question I hear over and over again. Everyone’s looking for that sexy solution, the one investment that will instantly triple the size of their bank account.

Cashing in big-time on one investment, however, is practically a one-in-a-billion shot.

You don’t need to think sexy. Think smart. Pour your early dollars back into your marketing. If you do, you’ll stand to grow your empire well beyond triple its current size, deliver better service to your clients, and become the fitness expert your community looks to for health and wellness advice.

Here’s how to do that.


Invest in Your Marketing!

You heard me right. Spend your money on marketing.

You’re at the point right now, because you’re just starting out, that you need to invest all your money into marketing,┬ábecause you’re also doing all the training, right? You’re the one man show right now. All I want you to do is grow your income so you can use your money to buy back your time.

You need to get leads through your doors, because they’re your direct source of income once you close them. Get on Facebook and advertise to your ideal clients, to Mr. and Mrs. Jones who live in your area and who would absolutely benefit from your boot camp. Get lead boxes into the local stores your ideal clients like to shop at. If you have existing clients, reward them whenever they bring you a referral.

That’s called having multiple poles in the water, and it’s the best way to generate leads from multiple sources. That way, you don’t put all your marketing dollars into one funnel and lose everything if it doesn’t pan out.


Deliver the “Wow” Factor

Once you spend the money that you have now on marketing, close more clients, and grow your business, use some of that money to buy back your time by hiring a part-time trainer that can eventually hire on full-time.

As soon as you hire a part-time trainer, you get to work on your business, do more marketing and team development, and focus on delivering the “wow” factor.

The “wow” factor comes once you have some breathing room and you’re off the floor. You should be able to give the “wow” factor now, just by virtue of enthusiasm, passion, high fives, texting your clients right after a workout, taking a picture while they’re working out and then tagging them on Facebook and saying, “Hey look at my client. She’s so awesome. I love her to pieces.”

That costs you nothing and delivers the “wow” factor, right? Then later on the “wow” factor becomes a mug with a Starbucks gift card and a protein bar, right? Something you spend money on, edible arrangements, a handwritten thank you card. But that comes later; right now it’s just about marketing and pulling yourself off the floor and into running your business.

Eventually your marketing will take off and the number of satisfied clients you’ve trained will continue to increase. At that point


Become Your Area’s Fitness Expert


Once you begin to deliver results on a consistent basis, you’re gonna be the talk of the town. That’s when you should establish yourself as THE fitness expert in your area.

Here’s what happens: when you become a celebrity, when you’re on the local TV and news channels, all of a sudden you’re educating people. Don’t try and sell your boot camp if they’re not used to boot camp. Just say, “Hey I do personal training.”

They might ask you, “Oh I thought personal training was one-on-one.” You reply, “Nah, no way. One-on-one, that’s silly, I do personal training that we do in a group, which gets you better results and makes you feel like you’re part of a community. It’s amazing and you save some money doing it.”

And, now you’re the number one person because you were on the news, you were in the newspaper, you were in publications. You’re now a fitness authority.

When you do, all of a sudden prospects want to train with you because they value you. But none of that can happen unless you market and effectively get leads through your doors, and if you deliver awesome results and go above and beyond for your clients.

Only then will the people in your area know you as THE fitness guy or gal.



Committed to your success,