How I Do It All

Some might say that I’m a lucky guy…

…but I just think that our community has been really awesome to me over the years, and so I wanted to help everyone back.

To say THANK YOU, I’m answering a question I get quite often by those who have been following me for a while.

How do you do it all? 



I sincerely hope that what I share with you here will give you the confidence and action steps you need to make your dreams come true, too.

My business isn’t that complicated, even though it’s quite large these days, it’s not that complicated.

In fact, that’s the first lesson I can share with you…

With several businesses under my belt and many of them making multiple 7 figures a year, I’ve always preferred businesses that are not complicated but rather simple in design and easy to deploy and operate.

If I can’t clearly explain my business model to you in a 30 second conversation then it’s likely not one I’m willing to start. 

Fitness Business Summit Day 2 #FBS15= = My Business Model = = 

At the 30,000 foot level, I help folks in the fitness industry become better and more profitable entrepreneurs.

For me it’s that simple… since I’ve been very successful with my own personal training gyms, and since I built and sold them for a nice chunk of change, I figured I should teach what I’ve done and what I’m best at.

enchillada2013So it just made sense to me to serve the industry that I come from and that I’m most passionate about.

Sometimes that means helping fitness pros with their own gyms, studios, or boot camps through my information products and fitness business software or by creating a global brand like the Fit Body Boot Camp franchise, a done-for-you boot camp business model.

Other times I’m helping fitness pros on a more personal level through live events such as Fitness Business Summit (which just took place in Southern California) or though my mastermind and private coaching programs for those looking for even more personalized advice, direction, and accountability.

11083839_10152631195651612_984878982362241650_nOf course when it comes to selling services or products I follow the golden rule: I don’t promise a unicorn and deliver a donkey. My reputation is all I have and that means a lot to me.

= = My Marketing = = 

The core of my business has always been built on the foundation of delivering content and adding value several times per week using everything that the world wide web has to offer.

Whether it’s though my blogs,, or my popular YouTube Channel, my Facebook Fan Page, through my email subscriber list, or through my monthly column in Personal Fitness Professional Magazine – I love creating content, adding value, teaching success, mindset, and marketing tips and giving everyone who reads my stuff and watches my videos hope to take themselves and their business to the next level.

I believe that only after adding value am I allowed to market and sell to you.

So lets talk about that… 

I don’t know anything about technology. I don’t know how to make a website, set up a fan page or an instagram account. I don’t know how hosting works or how to set up an online shopping cart. I don’t know how to shoot, edit, or post videos online for that matter.

In fact, I don’t know how to put up a blog post or how to convert a word doc into a PDF.

224187_10150230832221535_3563731_nAnd don’t bother trying to show me how to do any of that stuff anyway, because I don’t care to know that it. That stuff is not in my 5% and so I rely on others to do it for me.

That’s what my team is for, and I’m very grateful for them.

For me, I like to do the things that are “factory installed” for me and that are within my 5%. That includes creating the content, marketing and selling my products and services, and servicing my clients.

My main source of marketing looks like this…

Create tons of free content that adds value and delivers an outcome >> Offer more free content in exchange for an email address >> And then sell more in-depth and step-by-step info.

I use the “funnel” above on Google, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and on my blogs.

= = My Team = = 

The Team

When I first started out it was just me, my wife Diana and my brother in law Pete Shilling. Between the three of us we did it all. Today we’ve got a team of about 30 plus people that includes support, sales, coaching, coding, web design, videography, accounting, and even two legal dudes.

Two-thirds of the team works out of HQ in beautiful Chino Hills, California. The rest work from remote places all over the country – mostly their home offices.

10382849_10203175610044984_3333997752188827453_nOf course I also have amazing business partners who I consider some of my closest friends and we get to do what Craig Ballantyne calls: Friends making money with friends. My partners include Sassy Craig himself, Cabel McElderry, Jeff Sherman, Josh Carter, Dan Ritchie, Cody Sipe, Pete Shilling, and Alex Maroko.

I’m very fortunate to have such a great team and hard working partners like I do, because with their help I’m able to do what I’m most passionate about, which is to help more people in our community become financially free. 

If I had to do it over again… 

…and start from scratch what would I do different and what lessons have I learned?

1) I’d start by creating my blog, YouTube Channel, and email list sooner. All of this you can do for free or dirt cheap. Content and community is how business is done today.

2) I’d start creating free content and adding more value for free, sooner. There’s something magical about it… the more you give, the more you get. It’s just how it is.

Fitness Business Summit Day 2 #FBS153) I’d become a better writer, speaker, and story teller sooner. What I’ve learned is that the better you can communicate your message, the faster you can align others with your vision. And that means you’ll help more people sooner and you’ll achieve success faster. Two very cool things if you ask me.

4) People change. Times change. Technologies change. And needs change. So if you plan on being relevant now and a decade or two or three into the future then you’ve gotta to embrace, and in fact, drive change.

5) Create faster than they can copy. That’s the secret to staying ahead of the competition.

6) People will give you more money, more often for done-for-you over do-it-yourself. 

Two things that I’d like to leave you with… 

Fitness Business Summit Day 1 #FBS151) Never doubt yourself. Never think that you can’t do it. Because I’m that immigrant kid who escaped communism and came to the United States and achieved the America Dream. And if I can do it, anyone can.

2) There’s no antidote for hard work. If you want something bad enough – work for it.

That’s it! That’s how I do it. It may seem simple or even generic but that’s how I’ve gotten from there to here.

I hope this helped you in some way. I hope I was able to give you some clarity and hope on how to build your dream life.

Committed to your success,

Bedros Keuilian