How Strong Leadership Raises the Bar for Your Fitness Business

People always ask me, “Hey B, what’s the one accomplishment in your career you’re most proud of?”

They expect me to answer with something like “getting Fit Body Boot Camp on the Inc. 5000 list” or “helping a handful of my clients reach the 7-figure mark”.

Don’t get me wrong: I take great pride in each of those moments…

But if you ask me to talk about my greatest achievement, I can’t help but think of one word…


When I took control of my business—and my life—and became the frontman our operation needed, our team success and morale reached new heights.

Listen, ANYONE can tell a fitness pro what’s wrong with their business. A lot of times, the real obstacle stopping people from becoming 7-figure earners is…

…coming up in a second. 🙂

I’m a big proponent of changing your business degree by degree. Blasting upbeat music in your gym, selling new t-shirts and gear to your clients to create human billboards, setting up a nice a-frame outside to grab the attention of passersby—those small changes add up to become the massive changes that move the needle for you.

And if you keep stacking up those one degree changes, month after month, year after year, you end up with a business that is a lot more powerful and profitable than what you started with.

There ARE times, though, when your fitness business needs far more than a tweak or two .

What I’m about to tell you shouldn’t be mind-shattering information. In fact, this is something I know you know deep down but might not have come to grips with yet…

Your fitness business—the way it runs, how successful it is, etc.—is an expression of yourself and your life.

You’re the start of your business. You’re the capable, strong-willed, mature leader and fitness owner steering the ship, the ship that YOU helped build.

How happy you are, the habits you build, the way you treat the relationships around you—all of that shows up in your business. THAT, my friends, is the key to becoming a 7-figure superstar.

Before you can grow your fitness business, you need to become the best leader your business needs, and before you become that leader for your business, you need to first lead yourself.  


Leading Others Starts with Leading Yourself

Most people would rather learn how to lead others into doing their job or how to delegate tasks to those around them. But if you’re serious about becoming a strong leader then you need to start by leading yourself first.

That was the tipping point for myself.

I knew I had to model the best. That was how I would sharpen my skills as a leader and take my businesses to the next level.

My goal was to find out what traits all great leaders share. I came across two that stuck out…

Leaders have their attitude and emotions in check AT ALL TIMES.

The first thing I had to do was commit to sporting a great attitude all the time. I knew my team would feed off of positive energy, so I wanted to keep the mood joyful and upbeat.

Some of you out there might wonder, “Well, what if you’re having a REALLY bad day, B? What if I couldn’t close a couple of leads on memberships? What is one of my trainers quits on me out of nowhere?”

I love to frame it like this: We only have good days and great days.

Yes, there will be those days where the ball doesn’t roll our way, and it’s easy to get caught up in frustration and doubt…

The way I get through that, how I put my best face on everyday, is I reflect on on how fortunate I really am.

I live in America. I live in a country where I’m free, where I don’t need to worry about war or hunger.

Most of all, me and you—we’re alive. We’re breathing. That’s enough reason to celebrate to me.

Now the second half of leading yourself is about taming your emotions. To phrase it another way, it’s about responding, not reacting, to whatever life throws at you…

It’s so easy to get your emotions tangled up with your decision-making. That’s when people are most prone to make those choices that aren’t the best for business, the ones that affect the bottom line, the ones that affect how many clients they close.

That’s called reacting, and it ain’t good for ya.

How did I stop reacting? I made the effort to respond instead.

If something throws me, or my business, for a loop, I first take a step back from the situation…

I keep cool, then respond quickly and decisively.

Now read that last sentence again. I don’t sacrifice speed of implementation at all. I’m still making fast decisions…

…I’m just making sure to separate them from my emotions. THAT’S how a leader keeps his business’s objectives the priority no matter what.

If I need to have a tough talk with one of my trainers that’s underperforming, I have to get the truth out to them. Even if I love the guy or gal, I need them to know that they’re not operating at fighter jet levels of service.

Interestingly, the more I show up with a great attitude and in control of my emotions, the more others want to be around me, do business with me, and help me reach my goals.

Stay positive and never let your emotions interfere with your decision-making.


Your Business Is Who You Are

This takes me back to a point I made earlier in this post: your business is an expression of yourself and your life.

This really is common sense, guys.

As a leader, I hold enormous weight with my teammates. They look to follow the example I set…

So if I come to work late everyday, am lazy, and barely speak with my team members, Screen-Shot-2014-09-17-at-10.27.15-PM-300x296-7zrpre.pngwhat do you think they’ll think of me?

They’ll resent me, that’s what. They won’t respect me.

YOU set the standard. Never forget that!

I’ll give you this example. It’s about how I reward my team members.

Many fitness pros will treat their employees really well, THEN expect excellence from them. The problem is that a rewards system like that breeds a lack of ambition—each employee feels like they’re already doing enough for the business, even when they don’t meet your expectations.

Here’s what I do: I first set clear expectations for each of my team members. I’m transparent with them, and I set the bar that I expect them to clear.

Once they meet—or even exceed—those expectations, THEN I treat them out to a nice lunch or gift cards to Starbucks. Once our team members see this in action, all of the sudden they’re chomping at the bit to perform well, knowing fully-well that they’ll be rewarded if they do so.

See what I did there? Transparency, goal-setting , drive—they’re all traits that I make an effort to embody in myself and therefore in my business.

The same should go for your fitness business. Communicate how many leads you expect your team to bring in per month. Set a target number of merchandise sales you want to reach by the end of the month.

Then when your team hits those marks, let them know how much you appreciate them.

Who you are and the character of your business go together hand in hand. If you see an area of your business that’s not doing so hot, first ask yourself, “Is this happening because of how I’m portraying myself to my team?”

It’s time to be the leader I know you can become. It’s time to take control of your fitness business.

Committed to your success,